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Why Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin at this Stage: Different Systems (Bitcoin vs SegWit vs Lightning)

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What are the differences between Bitcoin system, SegWit system and Lightning system and which one is true P2P, decentralised and which one is real Bitcoin system?

Which system should be called Bitcoin?

Please note that coin of every system is called by the system name, and note that Bitcoin coin name has been hi-jacked by Core & Blockstream as they count on exploiting lack of higher knowledge of users and the users not knowing how system works. Most users know the brand name only, as this is how mentality of consumers works, and Core & Blockstream count on this to trick you thinking you hold Bitcoin but you are not.

Answer is inside…

To all the Core advocates: You can bite me… I will keep calling you out

To all the Core shills: Stop being a moron and allow these liars to brainwash you. Temporal price of the coin is not determining factor of what Bitcoin is… THE WORKING PRINCIPLES is that what determines this. So stop being sheeple.

In addition, “I meant to say, with small block size, miners need higher fees , with large block size they can have lower fees as there is much more space for more transactions in the block, to get equal amount of reward from fees.

I also forgot to mention that user sending coins signs his transaction and this signature goes into the Bitcoin block also (but in SegWit system signature is not included in the Bitcoin block).

Opening a payment channel is equivalent to opening an account with a bank.

Oh and how could I forget this… ask Wikileaks what happens when government want to lock you out… all banks lock you out, Lighting hubs will act the same way, but miners don’t.”

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One Response to Why Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin at this Stage: Different Systems (Bitcoin vs SegWit vs Lightning)

  1. Bastien says:

    A simple fact is that Bitcoin (BTC or XBT) is an opensource product that has always been developped by the Core Team. It has never been otherwise and is what it is today (strong brand, huge market capitalisation, bigger and bigger adoption, no security flaws found to date since 8 years) in a vast part thanks to them (fact). Any evolution of their code, and therefore any evolution of Bitcoin has been a result of a strong consensus between users, miners and mostly this team responsible for it’s implementation (fact).

    Since their code is opensource, and since the implementation of new features can’t please everyone or is not fast enough for some, makes it so anyone can “fork” it and build an altcoin with different properties is easy and encouraged (fact). And that’s a very good thing, competition is always welcome. It already happened quite a lot for bitcoin since it’s inception (Bitcoin XT, Classic, Unlimited, Gold, Cash, and soon to be 2X), but none of those altcoin has received enough consensus with the core team so that their principles and features would be directly implemented into the main branch (fact).

    What I believe is unacceptable is to claim, no matter where, that an altcoin that’s never received this kind consensus and that was introduced AS an altcoin can pretend to use the original Bitcoin name. It’s misleading, and there is nothing wether in adoption, market cap, longevity that could support this allegation in any way so far. Bitcoin (BTC, XBT) has always been developped by the Core Team and require consensus. Bitcoin Cash can be as good as it gets, and if it is, it shouldn’t need to try to hijack the Bitcoin legacy and original brand that’s already used for good reasons by the vast majority or cryptocurrencies but would succeed with it’s own vertus.

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