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Bitcoin Crash Fears Rise: Will Bitcoin (BTC) Crash in 2018?

Is Bitcoin Going to Crash in 2018?
It’s that time of the year when we put our heads together to draft our game plan for next year. For now, however, we are not burdened by our New Year’s resolutions, but rather our new year predictions. The next year is just around the corner and our readers want to know where their investments could be heading in 2018. Cryptocurrencies are on our priority list and we, the analysts at Profit Confidential, are currently debating: “is Bitcoin going to crash in 2018?”

It is certainly a legitimate concern within the investor quarters, especially as fear-mongering of a Bitcoin bubble comes to a head. But since I’m no.

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Is Litecoin (LTC) Going to Crash?

Litecoin Crash in 2018

Amid the euphoria surrounding the launch of Bitcoin Futures, the market has shifted its attention to another promising crypto—Litecoin, also called digital silver as it forked from Bitcoin—the quintessential digital gold way back in 2011. Litecoin touched record highs this Tuesday following in the footsteps of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are also trading near all-time highs.

With prices at stratospheric levels, the next question that pops up is: How long will the rally last? The speculation surrounding the Bitcoin and Ethereum price crash has had its impact on Litecoin, with everyone asking: Is Litecoin going to crash? Is.

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AppCoins Token Sale is Live, Promises a New App Economy


December 13, 2017AppCoins supported by Aptoide, one of the world’s most popular App Stores with more than 200+ million users has opened its public token sale offering APPC tokens. AppCoins are offering participants APPC tokens in exchange for ETH, AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App Stores using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Serving over 200 million users, AppCoin (APPC) tokens are the new native currency of the app economy that ensures trust without intermediaries.

AppCoins are offering early participants a 20% bonus for the first 7 days or until 30% of the token sale supply is allocated.


AppCoins aims to reinvent the app economy using blockchain technology, by identifying and combating three major problems within the current ecosystem;

  • The inefficiency of mobile advertising. There are several intermediaries between the developer and the user, reducing transparency and the potential return for developers.
  • The inaccessibility of In-App Purchases. Currently there are 5% of smartphone users are making in-app purchases and payment intermediaries increase overall costs.
  • The App Approval process is not transparent. It is still difficult to confirm the identity of the developers and there is no universal approach used by App Stores.

The solution is a blockchain protocol for the app economy using a new cryptocurrency, the APPC token will benefit all stakeholders of the app economy:

  • For Users, a trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities.
  • For Developers, a transparent and efficient way to monetize their apps and build a reputation
  • For App Stores, a new universal language that ensures trust without intermediaries.

To participate in the token sale visit the AppCoins website.

Read their whitepaper here

View AppCoins on TokenMarket

Is Another Ethereum Hard Fork Needed with Current All Time High?

With Bitcoin Futures grabbing all the limelight, the number two cryptocurrency is not far behind. Ethereum is trading near all-time high, and ETH prices are hovering around $550.00. With more banks opting for the platform to meet stricter regulations, the currency shall keep grabbing headlines in future.

At present, ethereum hard fork news has surfaced again with Parity Technologies, the company that offers one of the fastest and most secure ways of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Parity comes with an extensive and easy to use, in-built Ethereum Wallet, which can be accessed by the users via web browser of their choice. However, there was an ethereum code bug which brought.

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Ethereum Coin Prices Are All Set to Steal the Show

Ethereum Coin: This Is Why ETH Is Likely to Outperform BTC
Bitcoin is making headlines at the moment, and it has become the talk of the town. A milestone event occurred on December 10 and this cryptocurrency gained some level of legitimacy as it began trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). All this buzz is overshadowing the fact that Ethereum Coin, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is all set to make a substantial move toward higher prices. The kicker is that I believe ETH coin prices are going to considerably.

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Litecoin Applications: Places to Spend Your LTC

What Is Litecoin?
When people still ask me, “What is Litecoin?” I’m surprised because the growth of Litecoin applications has been so spectacular this year, one would assume it’s a household name by now.

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency—an Internet currency that enables a person to conduct an almost-instant and almost-free financial transaction with another person, anywhere in the world. In fact, with the Litecoin market cap at near $5.36 billion, it is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market. (Source: “.

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Top 5 Best Litecoin Wallets for Storing Litecoin (2017-2018)

Litecoin Wiki
If Bitcoin had a younger brother, it’d be a lot like Litecoin (LTC). However, considering Litecoin was developed to address some of Bitcoin’s shortcomings, in many ways the younger sibling is better than the older brother. For one, it is well within the reach of ordinary investors, and two, it is four times as abundant as Bitcoin.  This year, Litecoin has appreciated by 5,000% and investors are keen to know more, typing the likes of “what is an LTC wallet?,” “how to store Litecoin,” and “the best Litecoin wallets” into their search engine of.

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How to Buy Litecoin – Top 5 Litecoin Exchanges for 2017-2018 

How to Buy Litecoin (LTC) Currency?
In January of 2017, the price of Litecoin was just $3.75 and things were not looking good for the cryptocurrency once touted to be the rival to Bitcoin. A few months later, Litecoin upgraded to the Segregated Witness system (SegWit) to boost its speed and capacity. Since then, there has been no looking back; Litecoin has hit record highs, currently trading near $90.61 and rallying more than 5,200% since the start of the year. With the Litecoin market cap at around $4.89 billion, it’s not surprising.

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Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Outlook Soars as 55 Billion Goes into Escrow

Ripple News Update
Earlier in the year, as a nod to concerns that XRP supply was too vast and alterable, Ripple promised to put 55 billion XRP coins into lockup. It has now done that.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse announced the move on Twitter, saying it was “good for supply predictability.” What he means is that investors shouldn’t be afraid of Ripple dumping its massive holdings of XRP..

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STK Delays Public Sale To Coincide with Public Beta Testing


December 7, 2017, GibraltarSTK is delaying its Token Generation Event to coincide with STACK’s public beta launch in January, 2018. The public token sale will run from January 31 to February 14, 2018. The STK pre-sale is currently running and will end as scheduled on December 10, 2017 at 16:59 UTC.

STK is the first mass market instant cryptocurrency payment solution, providing access to more than 33 million merchants around the world.

“There is a growing demand for improved liquidity of cryptocurrency,” said Miro Pavletic, Director of STK. “Having a beta product in the market during our token sale will provide the first public proof-of-concept in the cryptocurrency payments space and solidify our position as the premiere mass market solution for instant crypto payments at point of sale.”

STK is also reducing its hard cap to $17MM USD, projecting early traction to support funding for future deliverables.

“Based on the response from our community and investment network, we’re anticipating fast growth in our initial markets,” said Pavletic. “This will allow us to replace a higher hard cap with early revenue, fuelling international expansion and supporting a larger user base.”

The STK token supply will remain the same at 500,000,000, of which 55% will be available for sale for a total public supply of 275,000,000. The token price has been updated to $0.10 USD. Token distribution will be based on the conversion rates from Ether to USD 24 hours before the close of the public sale or when the sale hard cap is reached, whichever comes first.

For full sale information, visit www.stktoken.com.

About STK Global Payments

STK Global Payments is the cryptocurrency technology solution which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale, and the issuer of the STK token. The STK token was designed to provide a method that can allow cryptocurrency to be used instantly at retail for seamless integration into everyday transactions and financial services. The STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions through a smart contract which facilitates a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat at the POS.

Visit the STK website for more details.

Read their whitepaper here

View STK on TokenMarket