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The Cryptoverse: Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork – My Last Minute Comments, What I Intend To Do And Why (The Cryptoverse)

The Cryptoverse: Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork – My Last Minute Comments, What I Intend To Do And Why (The Cryptoverse)

Source: The Cryptoverse

Veritaseum Update: Q&A/FAQ 10/22/17

Veritaseum Update: Q&A/FAQ 10/22/17

Source: Reggie Middleton

The Dollar Vigilante: Dan Larimer on the Future of EOS and Decentralized Applications

The Dollar Vigilante: Dan Larimer on the Future of EOS and Decentralized Applications

Source: The Dollar Vigilante

Daily: Bitcoin passes $6000!! / Altcoins Drop / Bitcoin Gold Forked?

Daily: Bitcoin passes $6000!! / Altcoins Drop / Bitcoin Gold Forked?

Source: Boxmining

Decentralized Exchange – As Fast As Possible – Chris Coney At Cryptofinance 2017 Oslo, Norway

Decentralized Exchange – As Fast As Possible – Chris Coney At Cryptofinance 2017 Oslo, Norway

Source: The Cryptoverse

Zap is going to make Smart Contracts useful

We believe that we live in a transparent and democratic world. We use Google to stay informed. Twitter and Facebook to voice our opinions. We book our vacations through Airbnb. We think that we are part of the “sharing economy,” that we are in control of our lives, that we set our own rules.

In reality, we live in a system controlled by monopolies. Governments can shut down our access to social media servers. “Peer to peer” apps like Uber and Airbnb charge us up to 40% in fees.

The era of blockchain heralds an open, transparent and democratic world A world where Twitter and Facebook are overtaken by user-owned platforms. Where Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are disrupted by a true sharing economy without middlemen. Where streaming platforms pay artists their fair share.

Large corporations own all the data. Today data is the world’s most valuable resource. Or as stated by The Economist, “Data is the oil of the digital era.” Data is captured from user behavior and used to improve corporate efficiency or sold for incredible profits. But so far, there is no easy way for blockchain based applications to make use of or profit from this data.

While the world is ready to transition to the decentralized internet, the wide range of potential Decentralized Applications (ÐApps) has remained at the conceptual stage. The main roadblock is Data Access. When a ÐApp needs to know who won a football game or what the price of corn in Iowa is, it needs something off-chain to deliver it that data: a source of data that is referred to as an “oracle”.

But oracles are difficult to find, and difficult to trust. They are a tempting attack vector for anyone trying to manipulate the outcome of a smart contract. We don’t have trusted oracles yet because it’s a hard problem: how do you trust centralized data in a decentralized world?

The Zap Store is building a novel, market based solution to the oracle problem, empowering anyone with data to create an oracle and immediately profit from delivering their data to the blockchain. The Zap Store also makes it easy for ÐApp developers to find the data their smart contracts need, and trust it on their terms.

The Zap Store achieves this by offering a user-friendly suite of consensus models, so users choose who to trust and when. A user could choose to follow one trusted data feed or take the average of any number of different data feeds. By leaving trust up to the users, while allowing data providers to compete in an open marketplace, the Zap Store is providing a deft, market-based solution to the oracle problem.

The Zap Store also enables users to trustlessly invest in oracles they predict will be useful in the future, and share in the profits when those oracles are used. This dynamic price discovery assists in curating similar data feeds, as investors will be drawn to seek those out who provide consistently true data.

By laying the groundwork for standardized oracle solution, the Zap Store is opening up a world of opportunity, where anyone can bridge the gap between blockchain mediated contracts and off-chain data. A world where every transaction is transparent and all the profits of the sharing economy go to those who actually share. Where creativity and hard work get fairly rewarded. Where you own your own data and profit from it.

The Zap Store is a huge leap towards the launch of the new decentralized internet, an engine for a whole new generation of entrepreneurs who want to bring their ideas to life in a fair and transparent way. It is a tool for anyone who doesn’t want to be dominated by monopolies. Who wants to be in control of their data. Who wants to live in a society based on trust, respect and equality – the society of the future. The Zap Store has raised 10,000 ether in presale, and the ZAP token sale is now live.

Rialto.AI Update: Dashboard Introduction

RIALTO.AI has started trading on October 1st, 2017 when also Second Generation website along with the anticipated RIALTO.AI Trading Dashboard have been presented to the public. 

Be sure to continue to read at the source for more information: RIALTO.AI Medium

CrowdWiz successfully raises over $5 million in its pre sale to bring democracy to investing by cutting out the middleman

TALLINN, ESTONIA, October 20, 2017 — CrowdWiz, a fully decentralized crowd wisdom powered investment platform, has successfully raised $5,389,945 in its public pre sale for the WIZ token. CrowdWiz has also released a demo of an alpha, that shows how the platform will operate. The public presale for the WIZ token will be followed by an ICO on November 20. CrowdWiz democratizes the investment industry, giving the power back to the people, and reducing the power of financial institutions like banks, funds, and exchanges. These institutions work as a monopoly, burdening users with high fees under a protective umbrella provided by the regulatory system. CrowdWiz plans to change all this by adding democratic features to the investment process.

CrowdWiz is powered by Krypton Software, a division of leading fintech software company, TRADOLOGIC. The fintech software giant recently launched this cryptocurrency division, with a team of over 60 dedicated personnel and an existing backbone that transacted over 3 million items/actions.

CrowdWiz is an entire ecosystem that shifts the power away from intermediaries, who may have conflicting or undisclosed personal interests, and puts it back where it should be – with the investors themselves. The platform uses the wisdom of the crowd to make investment decisions, as under the right circumstances large enough groups tend to make remarkably good decisions and are often smarter than the smartest people in them. Thus, the wisdom of the crowd produces the best and most promising company to invest in.

The platform solves the problems associated with traditional investment funds, which often include high entrance costs, large fees, and little to no transparency. The ethereum based platform offers its users:

  • Little to no fees
  • Complete transparency
  • Self governance on a democratic investment platform
  • The ability to vote and join smarter investments
  • A safe place to invest, as the crowd can protect itself from fraud
  • The ability to profit from financial services
  • Multiple uses for the WIZ token – investment, trading, insurance, lending, etc.

Trade on the platform will be processed via the WIZ token, which will enable token holders to fund, invest, vote, propose, open their own investment funds, decide the nature of the tradable goods within the ecosystem, and more. For simplicity of use, the platform offers several easy to use tools and apps with a robust set of functions: WizFund Platform, WizVote, WizExchange, WizTrader, WizInvestment, and WizStore

CrowdWiz’s public pre sale lasted for 72 hours, giving participants to the pre-sale the option to get an exclusive 20% bonus of the token. The demo alpha shows how WIZ holders will be able to create IFOs, invest in funds, participate in investment crowds, and more using the token. Additionally, CrowdWiz has partnership with TaaS Fund, a fund that specializes in ICO investments, as well as the first ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets.

“We are thrilled to announce that CrowdWiz has already raised over $5 million in its presale,” said Slavena Savcheva, Co-Founder and and Head of Business Development & Marketing for CrowdWiz. “The proceeds raised in the presale will go towards the development of the WizFund Platform, the first of many steps in democratizing the investment process.”


Founded in 2017, CrowdWiz uses a crowdsourced decision making process as an alternative to traditional investment funding. Using the wisdom of the crowd, rather than fund managers, banks or middlemen, CrowdWiz is a decentralized and completely transparent crypto investment platform based on the ethereum protocol. The platform is powered by Krypton software, a division of leading fintech software company, TRADOLOGIC. Users of CrowdWiz will use the company’s WIZ token, to vote on specific assets they want funded . The platform then distributes the funds based on the majority opinion of the crowd. CrowdWiz solves some of the issues associated with traditional funds today, such as high entrance costs and large fees. CrowdWiz hopes to make the trading process not only fun and easy, but also efficient, profitable, and completely transparent.

Millionaire Challenges JP Morgan CEO To Boxing Match / Bitcoin Developer Hostage? / Much More News!

Millionaire Challenges JP Morgan CEO To Boxing Match / Bitcoin Developer Hostage? / Much More News!

Source: Crypt0

Putin Greenlights Launch of the CryptoRuble

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the issue of a national cryptocurrency, according to Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov, after a closed-door meeting. The minister said once the digital currency or CryptoRuble is issued other cryptocurrency mining will be banned and it will be entirely regulated by the government. “I am so confident to declare that we will run CryptoRuble just for one simple reason: if we don’t, our neighbors in the Eurasian Economic Community will do it in a couple of months,” said Nikiforov.

Be sure to continue to read at the source: Russia Insider