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ccMiner 2.0 RC2 by Tpruvot for Nvidia GPUs Now Available

The development of some of the ccMiner forks for Nvidia GPU miners didn’t seem very active visually in the last couple of months, especially with coins such as ZCash (ZEC) that came with their own miner releases, but it hasn’t been stopped. A few days ago tpruvot has made a pre-release version of his new ccMiner 2.0 available (source) for people interested in checking it out with probably a few small things left to be ironed out before the final 2.0 release is made available. So if you are using Nvidia GPUs to mine crypto coins then you might want to give it a try and don’t forget to send a tip to your local friendly ccMiner developer for a beer or two to show your support.

ccMiner 2.0 RC2 changelog:
– Handle cryptonight, wildkeccak and cryptonight-lite
– Add a series of new algorithms: timetravel, bastion, hmq1725, sha256t
– Import lyra2z from djm34 work…
– Rework the common skein512 (used in most algos except skein 😉
– Upgrade whirlpool algo with alexis version (2x faster)
– Store the share diff of second nonce(s) in most algos
– Hardware monitoring thread to get more accurate power readings
– Small changes for the quiet mode & max-log-rate to reduce logs noise
– Blake2s fix, variant built with CUDA 6.5 (not usable for lbry)

Do note that this release may not contain the best optimizations and fastest performance on all of the supported algorithms, so depending on what you are currently mining you may need to stick to another faster fork of ccMiner or not. Also the CUDA 6.5 binary release does not work for LBRY mining as noted in the changelog, so either use the 8.0 release or compile with 7.5 for mining that coin.

To download the latest official ccMiner 2.0 RC2 Windows binaries (32/64-bit)…

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Mining Performance of GTX 1080 Ti with ccMiner 2.0 RC2

Time for an additional group of examinations of the newly launched GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Version video clip card by Nvidia. This moment we have used the most up to date launched of the ccMiner 2.0 RC2 fork by Tpruvot in order to test just how every one of the sustained formulas do on the new GPU. Do note that not every one of the supported crypto formulas by this miner could be carrying out the fastest, so you ought to utilize the results as a reference if contrasting arise from 2.0 RC2 launch only. We have taken care of to successfully test the hashrate on many of the supported formulas by this miner, though we still did have problem making several of them work, however that is to be anticipated with a brand-new GPU release…

… We have used ccMiner 2.0 RC2 by tpruvot in benchmark mode with all of the default setups for strength on all formulas supported by the miner. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU was performing at the default 100% TDP or with various other words a Power Limiter at 250W, though on the Founders Edition GPUs you can raise it by as much as 20% all the way to 300W (mind the cooling though). The tests were performed on stock operating frequencies of the video card with the fan evaluated 100% in order to keep the GPU cool and also stop thermal throttling (going down of the increase regularity) as a result of high temperature that could be gotten to with auto followers.

As you could see in the table with efficiency outcomes over we have uploaded the hashrate and the power usage for each algorithm checked (if the examination has efficiently passed). The power use values are the ones reported by the video clip card itself just and are based upon its TDP limitation, not the actual values measured at the wall (these will certainly be greater). The algorithms pushing the 250W TDP limit may be able to take advantage of a power limit rise, though you may wish to beware with that in terms of having the ability to appropriately cool off the card. On the other hand requiring the TDP restricted down may bring substantial power reduction with a little sacrifice in terms of hashrate thus providing you far better performance per Watt compared to the supply setups.

With the BMW formula we got an error at the default intensity of 21, as well as we’ve needed to lower it to 15 in order to make it work, resulting in really reduced hashrate. With Cryptonight we got a mistake at the default intensity of 10.75, yet to 10.25 it worked and you could see the lead to the table. With the Prize algorithm we likewise got a mistake at the default intensity of 20, nonetheless lowering it did not appear in order to help in all as well as the same thing also relates to the Quark algorithm. With the Wildkeccak formula we had difficulty making it function correctly in benchmark setting because of the specifics of the algorithm requiring a scratchpad data.

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You Should Use ccMiner Alexis-1.0 for Better X11-Ghost Hashrate

The recent addition of the X11-Ghost algorithm on NiceHash that is being used by SIBCoin(SIB)has actually raised the individual interest in the coin and the formula as expected. NiceHash has recommended the usage of the most recent release of ccMiner by tpruvot for X11-Ghost support on their web servers, but it seems that this is not the fastest service available to Nvidia miners as was aimed out to us. While ccminer v1.8.4 from tpruvot does about 8 MHs on a supply GTX 1070 GPU, but you can get faster rates on the exact same equipment by utilizing the newest ccMiner fork from alexis 78 ( resource). We have actually assembled a 64-bit Windows binary with Compute 5.x support as well as CUDA 7.5 for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs from the most recent resource for mining X11-Ghost (SIBCoin) as well as with it you could get regarding 10-11 MHs on a supply GTX 1070 GPU.

Do note that on mining gears with numerous GPUs you could require to boost the amount of virtual memory (SWAP documents) if you have much less system memory in order to have the ability to run the miner with the default high intensity. On a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs mining rig with 8GB RAM we have actually had to boost the virtual memory to 24GB in order to be able to run the miner correctly at the default intensity of 22 set for the X11-Ghost formula in the miner, otherwise the miner simply collapses… … 8GB RAM as well as 20GB SWAP data was not enough obviously.

– To download and install the most recent ccMiner Alexis 1.0 fork by alexis78 for Windows OS (64-bit)…

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Updated ccMiner 1.8.3-git fork by tpruvot With Improved LBRY Support

Official ccMiner 1.8.1 fork by tpruvot With SiaCoin (SC) Support


Tpruvot has manufactured an official release of his up to date ccMiner fork (source) edition one.eight.1 along with Windows x86 and x64 binaries offered for download. The x86 Windows binary is compiled with VS2013 and CUDA 8. RC and the x64 binary is compiled with CUDA seven.five, it is ideal to use the most current video drivers to have help for CUDA eight..

The new ccMiner one.eight.1 adds help for mining Siacoin (SC) on Nvidia GPUs employing CUDA, SIA employs Blake2-B algorithm, although at the second different pools even now seem to be to depend on distinct protocols for mining and not all of them are nevertheless supported by ccMiner. The miner supports the SIA Nanopool RPC (getwork above http) as well as the getwork over Stratum implementation of Suprnova, but not but the Siaminingpool stratum protocol (you need to still be able to mine there by way of getwork). The hashrate looks to be somewhat far better than that Sia Go Miner that uses OpenCL and also works on Nvidia GPUs.

The new version one.8.one also comes with small improvement in the LBRY hashrate improvements (by alexis78) in excess of the preceding release 1.8 that launched Library Credits mining. So if you are mining LBC with Nvidia GPUs, then you may well wan to update to the new release in purchase to get somewhat far better hashrate. The Lyra2RE assistance has also been updated with the with the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin improvements, so it need to be faster than just before.

&#8211 To download the newest official ccMiner version 1.8.one by tpruvot for Windows&#8230

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Updated ccMiner 1.8 fork by tpruvot With LBRY Support


While LBRY is still in Beta and also you have to ask for an invite in order to have the ability to get very early accessibility to the platform (presently only offered for Mac OSX and Linux), people have actually been mining the LBRY Credit histories( LBC)for a while currently on AMD using the dedicated sgminer fork or on CPU, but today tpruvot has updated his ccMiner fork ( source) with the final 1.8 launch that adds support for LBRY Credits mining on Nvidia GPUs as well. We have assembled a Windows binary of the most recent ccMiner 1.8 resource code from github and you can download and install and also attempt it for mining LBC from the link below. It is a 32-bit Windows binary put together with VS2013 making use of CUDA 7.5 for Compute 2.0 to Compute 5.2 Nvidia GPUs, though it likewise deals with Nvidia Pascal GPUs. We are going to be checking the miner with various CUDA versions to see if there is a nicer working mix and also if we locate such we are visiting upgrade the binary. If you remain in a hurry to obtain to mining LBRY Credits however you must be all established to begin with this release and also appreciate the good efficiency that Nvidia GPUs offer for this algorithm. Below is a quick standard with a couple of Nvidia GPUs utilizing this Windows binary as a concept to what you can expect in terms of hashrate for mining LBRY Credits.

Mining hashrate for LBRY Credits:
– – GTX 970 – 127 MHS – – GTX 980 Ti – 156 MHS
– – GTX 1070 –

242 MHS – GTX 1080 – 313 MHS – To download and install the most up to date ccMiner variation 1.8 by tpruvot with LBRY support for Windows…

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Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.7.6-r10 fork With Fixed Neoscrypt Performance on Pascal


Here is an updated ccMiner 1.7.six-r10 Widows binary of the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin fork (source) with optimized Lyra2RE and Lyra2REv2 efficiency. The latest r10 update fixes the hashrate concerns that have been present with other versions of ccMiner on the most recent Nvidia Pascal GPUs such as GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. You can see a quick test of the overall performance of the new 32-bit Windows binary of the miner compiled with VS2013 and CUDA eight. under.

ccMiner one.7.six-r10 Neoscrypt efficiency:
&#8211 GTX 1080 &#8211 985 KHS
&#8211 GTX 1070 &#8211 889 KHS
&#8211 GTX 980 Ti &#8211 840 KHS

Just as a reference the latest ccMiner fork by SP has managed to provide just about 365 KHS on GTX 1080 and 668 KHS on GTX 1070, so now you can entirely make use of the functionality of the new Nvidia Pascal GPUs for mining NeoScrypt-based mostly crypto coins. Do note that the final results quoted above are with

&#8211 To download the most current ccMiner 1.seven.six-r10 with fixed Neoscrypt on Pascal for Windows OS&#8230

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Updated ccMiner 1.8-dev fork by tpruvot With Faster Lyra2REv2 and Decred


Right here is one more quick upgrade of the ccMiner fork by tpruvot with a new Windows binary we have actually compiled from the most up to date ccMiner 1.8-dev ( source) that has boosted hashrate for Lyra2REv2 many thanks to the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin improvements in addition to faster Decred hashrate thanks to Alexis Provos improvements obtaining integrated. There are other repairs and also some brand-new features utilizing nvapi, this release likewise includes support for the X11 Evo formula, so you could desire to give it a try if you are presently utilizing various forks of ccMiner for various formulas. The Windows binary is a 32-bit one assembled with CUDA 6.5 and also with support for Compute 2.0 to Calculate 5.2 Nvidia GPUs and will certainly also deal with the newer Pascal Nvidia GPUs despite the fact that it is not CUDA 8.0 binary. So do offer it a try if you are GPU mining anything aside from Ethereum on your Nvidia GPUs right now…

… – To download and install the most recent ccMiner variation 1.8-dev by tpruvot with far better hashrates for Lyra2REv2 as well as Decred…

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Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.7.6-r6 fork With Faster Lyra2RE


Right here comes a updated ccMiner one.seven.six-r6 Widows binary of the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin fork (source) with optimized Lyra2REv2 functionality. The newest r6 update might deliver a slight performance increase in Lyra2REv2, even so it drastically increases the overall performance of the Lyra2RE algorithm based on the handful of exams we ran, final results of which you can find below evaluating the r5 and r6 launched on various Maxwell GPUs and the new Pascal GTX 1080.

ccMiner 1.7.six-r5 Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin:

Nvidia GTX 970
&#8211 Lyra2RE 1.65 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 21.49 MHS

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti
&#8211 Lyra2RE 2.43 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 31.38 MHS

Nvidia GTX 1080
&#8211 Lyra2RE 2.61 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 47.68 MHS

ccMiner 1.seven.six-r6 Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin:

Nvidia GTX 970
&#8211 Lyra2RE 2.83 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 21.fifty five MHS

Nvidia GTX 980 Ti
&#8211 Lyra2RE 4.48 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 32.18 MHS

Nvidia GTX 1080
&#8211 Lyra2RE six.54 MHS
&#8211 Lyra2REv2 48.31 MHS

You can download a 32-bit Windows binary of the ccMiner 1.7.six-r6 fork from Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin compiled with VS2013 and CUDA 8. with a wider range of Nvidia GPUs supported &#8211 from Compute two. all the way up to Compute 5.two (we have only tested it with Maxwell and Pascal GPUs although). You can stick to the development of this fork on the official dev thread, although it is in Japanese and you may need to have to use an online translation services.

&#8211 To download the most recent ccMiner 1.seven.six-r6 with quicker Lyra2RE hashrate for Windows OS&#8230

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Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.5.80-git SP Nicehash fork With Faster Lyra2REv2


Nicehash has forked SP’s ccMiner 1.5.80 GPU miner for Nvidia MAxwell GPUs ( resource) as well as has actually added significantly improved support for the Lyra2REv2 formula that can apparently provide around ONE HUNDRED% increase in terms of efficiency. SO if you are mining a crypto currency that utilizes the Lyra2REv2 algorithm or are selling your hashrate on Nicehash, after that you might intend to choose the new miner. We have assembled a 32-bit Windows binary, making use of VS2013 with CUDA 7.5 that you could download and install and attempt. Do note that it is put together only for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs sustaining Compute 5.0 as well as Calculate 5.2 such as GTX 750, 750 Ti, GTX 950 GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and also GTX Titan X.

– To download and install the current Nicehash enhanced ccMiner SP variation 1.5.80 with faster Lyra2REv2 for Windows OS…

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