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47 Banks Complete DLT Cloud Pilot With Ripple Tech

A consortium of 47 banks has completed a distributed journal technology pilot pioneered by SBI Surge Asia.


Asian Banks to Showcase Blockchain Use Cases in Fintech Hub Singapore

Bitcoin’s Growth in the U.K. Continues to Be Stifled by Banks

FinTech Firms: Big Banks Are Lobbying to Block Change

Report: China’s Banks are Turning to Blockchain Technology

Report: Digitization Threatens Global Banks with Low Profits

7 Major European Banks Form Blockchain Platform ‘Digital Trade Chain’

Report: Hong Kong Banks Should Explore Blockchain Tech Despite Regulatory Hurdles

Global Banks Pilot Blockchain-based Gold Settlement Platform

A team of global banks and banks has finished the first pilot of a brand-new blockchain-based gold trading platform.

Source CoinDesk

International Banks are Threatening Britain to Slow Down Brexit