STRAT Webwallet mystratis Adds Staking Feature

Actively trading cryptocurrencies gets a lot of attention these days. After all, it’s a high-risk, high-reward endeavour filled with the drama of rising value spikes and depressing price plummets.

However, there’s a calmer side of cryptocurrency investing. Passive income through staking makes it possible to earn simply by holding onto your coins. In place of mining, some coins use a “proof-of-stake”, or staking system to secure the network. Instead of dealing with the massive electricity costs and equipment necessary for mining, staking allows you to earn effortlessly for months on end just by putting your coins in a staking wallet.

One coin that allows staking is Stratis (STRAT). Now newly-launched webwallet mystratis has integrated a staking feature that allows investors to earn passive profit on their STRAT holdings. With all the convenience of a webwallet that also allows staking, mystratis is an exciting newcomer to the Stratis community.

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