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Selfllery turns your camera action into cash with its cryptocurrency-powered photo-sharing social platform

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Selfllery launches the social media platform for monetizing photos and videos, which offers a gamified visual content marketplace for individuals and advertisers, where every “like” is worth money and where charitable donation is a built-in feature

SINGAPORE — December 2017 — Selfllery is announcing the launch of its multifunctional photo-sharing social platform that rewards users in cryptocurrency for their contributions and activities. Every user who is active on Selfllery brings value to the platform and gets rewarded with Selfllery’s token, the YOU token. Selfllery is currently in the process of a presale, and users who sign up now will be eligible for a large token multiply factor when the project goes live. Selfllery combines blockchain technology with an social platform, so that every “like” a user gets is converted into cryptocurrency with Selfllery’s YOU token. Anyone can post pictures to Selfllery, and no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or photography is needed. The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security of the users’ transactions and rewards.

As smartphones rise in popularity and their cameras’ quality increases, many people use their smartphones to take pictures of the world around them, and the visual content they create has potential artistic value for news outlets and companies. Usually, making money from visual content is a complicated and lengthy process, with legal complications and a waiting time of 30-60 days until the revenues actually come in. With Selfllery’s Stock Photos, users get their reward immediately, with a visual content monetization platform based on smart contracts. The platform supports every kind of photo or image, and will in future support videos and live streams.

Selfllery’s top feature is the monetization of visual content, so every user who contributes content and gets likes is rewarded for their efforts. Selfllery’s YOU token is used as the platform’s virtual economy, with which users can make purchases from the Selfllery marketplace, sell their photos as stock photos, donate to charity, and pool money for competitions and photo quests. Using the YOU token, companies and advertisers can advertise content on the platform, or create smart contracts with bloggers or influencers in order to advertise on their profiles. This helps develop and drive the Selflery token economy.

Users are given a profile rating which is calculated according to the number of likes, comments, and views they receive. The token amount each user receives is calculated automatically based on their individual token multiplier, which is based on several indicators such as the number of likes received, the number of comments the user posted, participation in photo contests, positions in top ratings, and more.

With Selfllery, users take part in a multi-feature gamified social platform, where they:

  • Turn likes into money: Selfllery monetizes every like through a decentralized blockchain technology, so that each user gets tokens automatically after the likes appear under their photo.
  • Sell their photos and videos: Selfllery provides a multipurpose photo bank where users upload and sell their digital photos.
  • Spread goodness: Selfllery enables users to easily donate 5% or more of their token revenues to a charity or individual of their choice, and users who donate 100% of their revenues get a special badge to display. Selfllery donates 10% of its own revenues to various charities.
  • Advertise and promote content: Selfllery offers an AdTech platform based on smart contracts, that turns photoquests and photo contests into marketing tools.
  • Compete and win prizes: Participating in photoquest and photo contests increases users’ potential to get likes and receive rewards in YOU, and the more participants enter the contest, the larger the reward.
  • Buy and sell in a virtual marketplace: The Selfllery marketplace is where companies and e-sellers sell related products and services, which users buy using the YOU token.

1 YOU is equivalent to 0.001 ETH, and there is a minimum purchase amount of 0.1 ETH. Selfllery’s minimum goal is 10,000 ETH (soft cap), and its maximum goal is 55,000 ETH (hard cap).

“People like to look at pictures again and again, and we believe that has value,” says Vadim Onishchenko, founder and CEO of Selfllery. “From the rock art to modern ads, humans have placed value on art. Today’s social networks have mechanisms in place for users to make money from their online activity, but these mechanisms take time and skill to operate, and in the meantime, the corporations behind these networks are the ones making money from the users’ content. At Selfllery, we want to break this. We are introducing blockchain into the mechanism, and allowing anyone to be rewarded for their visual content, quickly and automatically.”


Founded in 2016, Selfllery is a social platform that allows users to post photos and other visual content, and receive rewards in cryptocurrency for their contributions to the platform. Selfllery was founded by Vadim Onishchenko, a professional photographer with experience in over 200 successful for-profit and non-profit photo projects.

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