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Update received from RIALTO.AI

Dear Supporters,

RIALTO.AI would like to thank everyone for participating in the November 2017 AMA Session on Reddit. With a help of our community, we are creating quality RIALTO.AI content, therefore we cordially invite you to take part in December AMA Session.

Q1: In order to receive a dividend payout you need to register your holdings at the Rialto website (If I correctly understand). So what happens to dividend payouts that belong to unregistered XRL tokens? Will these “unclaimed” dividends be added to the pool?

With the introduction of upgraded trading dashboard platform in Q1 2018, all XRL holders will have the ability to manage their proportionate share of the Digital Asset Pool by themselves. Moreover, every XRL holder will be able to verify XRL holding address and withdraw proportionate share of their assets at any time. The potential remaining funds will not be added back to the pool as they are a property of respective token holders and cannot be allocated to a third party as suggested in the question. Registration is, however, a necessary part of the trading dashboard for monitoring access and maximizing the safety of its users.

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