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Jamie Dimon Bitcoin: Responses out of the Crypto Space to Demon’s Bitcoin FUD

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Here are some video responses out of the crypto space to Jamie Dimon’s recent Bitcoin FUD. For those of you not familiar with Dimon, he is the “chairman, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase, largest of the Big Four American banks” (Wikipedia).

For a bit of background in terms of whom and what we’re dealing with here – and what is at stake, someone summed it up perfectly:

“The greatest theft, scam, attack on humanity in all of history and the sheeple just take it in the ass and like it. The banking institutions have made slaves out of all of us they are directly responsible for keeping the third world nations poor and corrupt through their stealth corporate colonialism. The western world were made to be comfortable debt slaves like cattle getting fattened for the slaughter. If people where made to understand that because of our banking institutions we have been robbed and denied our true wealth and prosperity which would be 300% to 400% greater then what it is now. How mad would you be that your worth more the $12 an hour that you’re true value of labor as an American in the 21st century under a debt free, interest free, steady supply currency system, protected manufactory industries (tariffs to protect American made goods from slave wage foreign labor) is suppose to be something like $40 an hour in today’s dollar value and prices. One man can work a blue collar job and earn enough to support his entire family, that’s what we had in the 50’s and 60’s but it was robbed from us when the banking machine kicked in stealing our currency value and shipping our high paying manufacturing jobs oversees. They stole this from you they stole more from you then any house thief, mugger or robber ever could. They stole your prosperity. No one seems to be upset about this I guess they figure it’s better to be a comfortable debt slave distracted with meaningless sports, tv programming, social media and porn.”

With the above in mind, onto the video responses of some people in the crypto space to Jamie Dimon’s recent Bitcoin FUD…


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