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Bowhead Health Update: Today’s Sold-out Event

Today’s Sold-out Event

Today, Bowhead Health will be demoing it’s technology and our CEO, Dr. Rhea Mehta will be on a panel at the SingularityU Canada Summit – University of Toronto and MaRS Special Stream Event.

Bowhead Health will be recording the panel and the demo of Bowhead’s unveil and be sharing the video at a later date. Bowhead will be showcasing its beta device and mobile app.

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Upcoming Events 

Week of Oct. 15

Video teaser of functional beta Mobile iOS app tracking healthy habits and ordering at-home test kits.

Week of Oct. 22- Technical Requirements Specifications

Under the leadership of Dr. Marek Laskowski  we have completed a first draft of Bowhead’s Functional Requirements Specification Document. We intend to release this document for community reading and feedback.

Nov. 15: Aidex Expo in Brussels

Bowhead Health has been invited to a panel discussion at Aidex. Aidex is the leading conference for international development. We intend to meet NGOs and governments that Bowhead’s technology.

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Final 24 hours in Bowhead Health ICO

Final 24 hours in Bowhead Health ICO

Source: Bowhead

Purchase Bowhead Tokens now: 1.7m tokens left in lot #2

Bowhead Tokensale ends in under 72 hours

Only 1.7M Tokens left @ $.50 USD

Purchase Bowhead Tokens now

Offer not available to citizens or residents of US or Canada

Bowhead tokens to be delivered via WAVES platform on Sept. 14, 2017. WAVES contains a built-in decentralized exchange.

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