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The Next Generation Banking Platform, Cashaa Opens It’s Presale 17:00 UTC Today


Cashaa are scheduled to launch it’s token sale today at 17:00 UTC, October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017Cashaa is a gateway to consumer-centric and affordable financial products aimed at consumer adoption of Blockchain without having to understand the technical details of Blockchain technology. Cashaa’s wallet system, integrated with the peer to peer exchange with full spectrum of fully digital financial services, enables its community to save, spend, borrow and get insured, with a simplified user experience in a legally compliant way.

CAS Token Presale

Cashaa will launch its token sale at 17:00 UTC today. The CAS token will possess multiple functions including; Membership Access to premium services such as higher FX transfer limit, ATM withdrawals, transfer and exchange an unlimited amount of money. Micro Finance, token holders can give loans and have access instant loans at low interest rates compared to non token holders. Credit Score, the accumulation of CAS tokens improves credit scores of low credit rated individuals and small businesses. Trading, only traders with enough CAS can participate in the trading network and are entitled to create smart contracts for trading. Governance, governing voting system is another objective of the CAS token, Stake holder will able to govern the smart contract updates etc.

To participate in the presale visit here

To learn more, visit their website

Read their whitepaper here.

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STK Global Payments Announces Alex Tapscott as Newest Advisor

STK Token

October 19, 2017, SwitzerlandSTK Global Payments announced that Alex Tapscott will join the STK Advisory Board, providing strategic direction on the development and implementation of the STK token. STK is holding a Token Generation Event from November 13-24, 2017. A pre-sale will run from October 30-November 13, 2017.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable instant cryptocurrency payments at point of sale — the first such solution to bridge cryptocurrency with retail transactions in real-time.

Tapscott is a globally recognized thought-leader, investor and writer focused on the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and government. Alex is the Founder and CEO of NextBlock Global, an investment company actively managing a diversified portfolio of digital assets. Alex is also the co-author (with Don Tapscott) of the bestselling book Blockchain Revolution. Alex is a co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, a founding member of the IMF High Level Advisory Group on Fintech, a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Blockchain, and a special advisor to Elections Canada.

“STK represents a great leap forward in how we spend, store and move money by making it easy for anyone anywhere to use cryptocurrencies and participate fully in the blockchain revolution.”

Tapscott will join an international group of industry experts and thought leaders serving as STK’s Advisory Board. Other Board members include Ethan Wilding, a founding member of Ethereum, Professor David LEE Kuo Chuen, a Stanford University Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Richard Kastelein, an award-winning publisher and entrepreneur and Chami Akmeemana, a Blockchain Specialist with multiple successful exits.

“Alex is a globally respected blockchain advocate with a deep understanding of the industry and its potential impact on the future of finance,” said Miro Pavletic, Director of STK. “Having Alex join the STK Advisory Board is a testament to the incredible potential of our STK token and its utility. We’re grateful to have him on board.”

About STK Global Payments

STK Global Payments is the cryptocurrency technology solution which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale, and the issuer of the STK token. The STK token was designed to provide a method that can allow cryptocurrency to be used instantly at retail for seamless integration into everyday transactions and financial services. The STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions through a smart contract which facilitates a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat at the POS.

For more information on the STK token, visit website.

Read their whitepaper here

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Globitex: Commission-Free Bitcoin Cash Trading and Token Sale


The institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange, co-founded by an early Bitcoin adopter Jon Matonis, has announced their token sale project to facilitate a step-change in trading volumes and liquidity.

17th October, 2017, London, UKGlobitex, a Bitcoin exchange with advanced API functionality, is scaling to accelerate Bitcoin development into a truly global currency, and will accept Bitcoin (XBT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for its forthcoming token sale.

Free trade for BCH and XBT

Following the hardfork of the Bitcoin Blockchain at 12:20:00 UTC on 1 August 2017, a new Bitcoin-based Blockchain known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created. Balances on the existing Bitcoin (XBT) Blockchain were duplicated on the BCH chain. In the following weeks, Bitcoin Cash has gained significant miner support and user interest, and is therefore also being supported by cryptocurrency exchanges.

All Globitex clients who held XBT in their Globitex wallets before the time of the fork, now have been credited with an equal amount of BCH. Now, the new currency can be deposited, withdrawn and traded against EUR on the Globitex exchange.

Since the platform is currently in open beta, no commission fees will be charged on BCH trading for the foreseeable future. XBT trading will also be commission-free.

Global currency

Globitex is set to be instrumental for Bitcoin to scale economically and to become a currency of international settlement. The exchange aims to increase Bitcoin’s liquidity to price goods in XBT and trade directly against it, across the full spectrum of the financial markets – starting with commodities and expanding throughout the money markets, all priced in Bitcoin.

Globitex is holding a token sale with the aim of accessing new markets and upgrading its infrastructure, providing powerful APIs and direct market access for algorithmic traders. The GBX token, which will take the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum platform, will be used to settle trades on the exchange and within loyalty programmes for Globitex clients.


The GBX token public sale will start on 8 November and last for one month, or until 72 hours after the soft cap of GBX 500 million tokens is reached. Tokens will be sold for the equivalent of EUR 0.10 in XBT, ETH and BCH, with early investors receiving discounts.

For more information, visit the Globitex website or to participate in the token sale visit their token sale website

Read their whitepaper here.

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STK Global Payments announces Global Advisory Board

STK Token

October 13, 2017, SwitzerlandSTK Global Payments, creators of the STK token, is announcing their Global Advisory Board, four weeks ahead of its public Token Generation Event beginning on November 13, 2017. Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable users to transact with cryptocurrency in global markets and at brick-and-mortar stores in real-time.

“STK will bridge the gap between the 22 trillion dollar retail marketplace and one of the fastest growing currencies in the world. We’ve simplified the blockchain process so that you can use cryptocurrency as easily as you would a debit card or cash.” said Miro Pavletic, co-founder and Director of STK Global Payments.

STK’s Global Advisory Board has decades of combined strategic experience spanning multiple industries, including finance, technology, political science and regulatory affairs. The Board includes a founding member of Ethereum, a Stanford University Visiting Fulbright Scholar, an award-winning publisher and entrepreneur and a Blockchain Specialist with multiple successful exits.

“This is an incredibly distinguished group of industry leaders, with a wealth of both practical and strategic experience,” said Pavletic. “We’re fortunate to benefit from their thought leadership as we move into the development and implementation phase ahead.”

STK Advisory Board

Ethan Wilding

Co-Founder of Ledger Labs, and a founding team member of Ethereum

Ethan Wilding is the former Chair of the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam, one of the first not-for-profit programs to establish a standard body of knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies. Ethan earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo and taught at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. He is globally recognized for his role as a founding team member of Ethereum.

“STK aims to break down the cryptocurrency usability barrier and make crypto as familiar to use as traditional payments, all with no fees and no confirmation delays. To do this they are leading the way by implementing a cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technique called State Channels; this technique will be become the standard for many types of cryptocurrency payments.” — Ethan Wilding

David LEE Kuo Chuen

Professor, Entrepreneur, Director and Advisor

Visiting Fulbright Scholar (2015) at Stanford University and Professor for Fintech and Blockchain at Singapore University of Social Science. Professor David LEE Kuo Chuen is the founder of several companies including California-based Left Coast and Singapore’s Ferrell Group. He is an investor in several successful Blockchain companies including Qtum and TenX. David has held several esteemed positions in the financial industry, including Director of the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at Singapore Management University and Group Managing Director of OUE and Auric Pacific. He graduated with BSc, MSc and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

“One of the areas of financial services and financial technology that I’m most passionate about is the idea of financial inclusion. People around the world face many barriers when it comes to accessing, spending or saving their money. A universally accessible solution like the STK token, that provides advanced financial services to people regardless of country or currency is something I am excited to be a part of.” — David LEE Kuo Chuen

Richard Kastelein

Founder of Blockchain News

Richard Kastelein is a partner at ICO services collective CryptoAsset Design Group, and Director of educational company Blockchain Partners (an Oracle Partner).  An award-winning publisher & entrepreneur, Richard has advised several blockchain start-ups through successful ICOs and has authored more than 1400 articles on blockchain technology on leading industry publications including Harvard Business Review, Venturebeat and Blockchain News.

“I like to support a solid project with a solid team. I got involved with STK because the team was very strong. When you couple that with a brilliant product you get a winner. I’ll use the solution myself, so I’m confident there is a market for their mobile-first, crypto-friendly solution. And, they’re fellow Canadians, which added to my decision.” — Richard Kastelein

Chami Akmeemana

Blockchain Specialist

Chami Akmeemana has had four successful venture exits in the last decade, and currently advises a select roster of Blockchain companies. Chami was the Director of regulatory and government affairs at ConsenSys Inc, Fintech Advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission and Managing Director, Fintech and Blockchain at the Global Risk Institute. Chami is also the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Australia.

“This is a true game changer for the financial payments and retail sectors. The STK token represents a significant stride in the journey to achieve real time settlement of cryptocurrencies in all forms of mainstream financial transactions, in large part leveraging State Channels, which is one of the latest updates to the Ethereum Blockchain.”  — Chami Akmeemana

The STK public token sale begins on November 13, 17:00 UTC. A pre-sale will run from October 30, 17:00 UTC.

Visit the STK website for more details.

Read their whitepaper here

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Globitex Launch Token Sale for Spot and Derivatives Exchange in Bitcoin


The project, which is co-founded by former Executive Director and Founding Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis, aims to scale Bitcoin economically in order to become a truly useful currency of global trade and settlement.

11th October, 2017, GibraltarInstitutional Bitcoin exchange Globitex, which is currently in limited beta, is holding a token sale to scale up operations with the aim of making Bitcoin a truly global currency. The exchange already offers institutional level FIX API for direct market access for algorithmic traders, paving the way for the virtual currency to become a universal medium of exchange across the full breadth of the international financial and commodity markets.

Bitcoin’s biggest problem: liquidity

Whilst the Bitcoin protocol has been undergoing concrete steps for Bitcoin’s technical scaling, Globitex’s founders recognise the chief issue holding back its wider use is liquidity. Bitcoin is still relatively thinly traded, with low volumes by conventional market standards. Despite being the ideal currency for international settlement across the spectrum of the financial and commodities markets, it cannot serve this purpose without a step-change in market depth and trading volumes.

If Bitcoin is to become mainstream, it must be used both as a unit of account and medium of exchange for large international trades – goods and services that make up our reality.
– Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director of Globitex

By scaling up the exchange’s capacity and developing new markets, Globitex aims to increase Bitcoin’s liquidity by orders of magnitude. The purpose of Globitex is to facilitate Bitcoin price stability by enabling its use as a direct currency of settlement for commodities, money markets and other financial instruments. Ultimately this would allow traders to price goods in Bitcoin, using it as the reference currency.

Interest rates are the price of money and they are the lifeblood of a modern economy. As capital markets for Bitcoin mature around the world, Globitex will be providing a common reference rate similar to LIBOR.
– Jon Matonis, Chairman of Globitex and former Executive Director and Founding Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation

Globitex token (GBX)

Globitex’s token sale will fund the scaling of its existing exchange infrastructure. The cryptocurrency funds collected will allow the team to access new markets for Bitcoin, including commodities, global money markets and derivatives – all with Bitcoin as the unit of account.

The GBX utility token will take the form of an EIP-20 (previously known as ERC-20) compliant smart contract on the Ethereum platform. GBX will be used to pay fees for settling trades on the Globitex exchange, feature in loyalty programmes, and participate in future success of the company, helping to align interests between the exchange, its users and contributors.

GBX token sale

Globitex will open its token sale on 8 November 2017 and run it until 7 December 2017, or until 72 hours after the soft cap of 500 million tokens sold is reached. The standard token price will be EUR 0.10 equivalent, with discounts up to 15% for early investors. GBX will be offered in exchange for Bitcoin (XBT), Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

For more information about Globitex product visit To participate in the token sale visit

Read their white paper here

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The Bitcoin Podcast Host Irfon Watkins, CEO and Founder of DOVU- Blockchain Powered Mobility


October 10, 2017 – CEO and Co-founder of DOVU Irfon Watkins features on The Bitcoin Podcast to discuss the mobility ecosystem and how DOVU plans to shape mobility by using data sharing.


Listen to the Interview on TBP here

DOVU is currently in their public tokensale, which is scheduled to end October 17th 2017.

For more information or to participate in the presale, visit their website.

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SimplyVital Health Welcomes Two New Board Members To Its Blockchain Healthcare Solution

ISimplyVital Health

6th October, 2017, Connecticut, U.SSimplyVital Health, the healthcare startup utilizing blockchain technology to streamline medical record data sharing and storage, has announced the addition of Robert J. Wright Jr. and Tim Corvino to their advisory board. Both will help accelerate SimplyVital’s vision of a faster, and more secure healthcare system.        

SimplyVital Health is a healthcare solution that leverages Health Nexus, its blockchain ecosystem, to empower providers’ transition to value-based care regardless of clinical affiliation. The principal tool, ConnectingCare, augments existing hospital care systems to extract data and create care pathway flexibility, prospectively track financials, maintain immutable records, and accurately monitor analytics. This frictionless, secure data exchange mitigates financial risk and improves patient health.   

Robert has served as the Executive Vice President and COO at Med-Metrix for the past 7 years, and he brings with him a demonstrated history of success working in the hospital and health care industry. His experience in digital health, revenue management, and performance improvement will help SimplyVital grow its Health Nexus and CareConnect offerings.

“Now, more than ever, the industry needs timely access to consolidated data to make informed decisions. SimplyVital Health has embraced a novel and exciting approach to address this business problem with revolutionary blockchain technology.” said Wright.

Tim, who serves as President of Integrated Acute Care at US Acute Care Solutions, is similarly experienced in the healthcare world, particularly in clinical operations and innovation. During his tenure Tim created and implemented an innovative model of integrated acute care, which reduces costs of acute care, aligns multi-specialty groups for value-based reimbursement, bundled payments, and maximizes patient engagement.  

“SVH is providing a platform to solve the most pressing issues in value based healthcare delivery today. This includes care coordination, real time actionable data for value based performance, and security.” says Corvino.

Health Nexus

“One of the ways to move faster as a company is to work with those who have already been in our shoes. We can learn a lot from their experience, and they can help guide us through many of the challenges ahead of us.” – Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO, SimplyVital Health.       

SimplyVital Health Token Sale

SimplyVital Health is helmed by Katherine Kuzmeskas, one of Fortune‘s 34 Leaders Who Are Changing Healthcare, and Lucas Hendren, a world-leading blockchain developer. The blockchain based healthcare ecosystem is currently holding a presale of its HLTH tokens that will be used to power Health Nexus. A public token sale will open on October 31, 2017 at 17:00 UTC.

Learn more by visiting their website. To read their whitepaper and more token sale information go visit their crowdsale website.

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One Week Left on The bitJob Token Sale, Ends October 13 17:00 UTC


October 5, 2017Decentralised peer-to-peer student job marketplace bitJob closes their token sale in one week, October 13 17:00 UTC. The blockchain based marketplace for students, aims to reshape the way students earn a living. Students face two main problems: they are short on cash during their academic period, and they lack occupational experience once they graduate. BitJob offers a real solution – a decentralized and secure open-source marketplace, enabling students to avoid procrastinating, sharpen their skill-set and convert their free time to a fast and stable income, while enriching their dynamic résumé, anytime & anywhere in the world.

bitJob Token Sale

bitJob have currently raise over 6226 ETH in their token sale and are currently offering 20% bonus tokens for all participants. All contributors are eligible to enter a Trezor lottery, a Free Trezor wallet will be sent Randomly to 200 of our contributors, ALL Contributors are entitled to Register.

To participate visit their crowd sale website.

For more information visit their website and read their whitepaper.

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The SimplyVital Health Official Bounty Program is Live! Earn HLTH with Your Support


October 3, 2017 – Healthcare ecosystem pioneers, SimplyVital Health are running their official bounty program until the end of their token sale 30 November 2017. Participants can earn HLTH tokens by taking part in various campaigns available including; translation, twitter, blogs/media and signature campaigns.

Visit Here for the Official Bounty Program Thread

HealthCash Token Sale

SimplyVital Health are holding a token sale for Health Cash (HLTH), the blockchain token that will provide rewards for the miners who maintain the network and help catalyse the growth and security of the ecosystem – bringing the revolutionary advantages of blockchain technology to a new generation of healthcare providers in the process. Their token sale is scheduled to launch October 31, 2017 UTC

To learn more, visit their website

Read their whitepaper here.

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Verif-y Extends Token Presale to Allow More Participants to Take Advantage of Its Potential Work with The US Government


The pre-sale has been extended to 25 October to accommodate growing interest in the company’s institutional and government offerings.

PHILADELPHIA — September 29, 2017Verif-y, the blockchain-based credential verification and digital identity platform, is delaying its main tokensale in order to allow an extended pre-sale as Verif-y partners with HRworx. HRworx, a veteran owned company, provides employee lifecycle management solutions for many governmental departments including the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of the Interior. By partnering with Verif-y to integrate Verif-y’s platform with its existing solutions, HRworx believes that it can enhance the services it already provides the U.S. government.

Taking out the middleman

The Verif-y platform reduces the overhead involved in verifying credentials and identities to near-zero as the platform provides automated verification of these important records. The strength of the digital identity generated by Verif-y’s process is powerful, given that the identity is generated in an organic manner – comprised of unique identifying data, stored on the blockchain and resulting in a new paradigm for securely storing, accessing and sharing Personally Identifiable Information. Verif-y gives its users the power to own, manage and communicate their digital identities and verified credentials, and gives organizations an interface and layer of trust to both distribute and request PII data. Importantly, with Verif-y, all communication of PII is exclusively governed by the users, something not available until now, cutting out intermediaries and providing advantages to both sides of the process.

‘Our Intelliworx Onboarding solution sets the standard for how onboarding new talent is handled. We’re excited to work with Verif-y, whose technology will revolutionize the hiring and onboarding process, and will provide exciting steps to further modernize HR administrative tasks.’ – Rob Hankey, CEO of HRworx 

Confirmation of the market’s appetite for such a solution, and particularly interest from various government departments, has led Verif-y’s team to extend their pre-sale.   

‘The Verif-y identity verification platform has broad applications across markets and various implementations; however, human resources, recruiting and on-boarding for the US government is a great place for us to focus many of our early efforts, as these areas are starving for modernization. Partnering with an established leader in the space like HRworx is an easy decision for us, and we’re eager to show off our synergies.’  – Ed Zabar, Founder and CEO of Verif-y 

Verif-y and HRworx are working on several current and future opportunities and we expect the outcomes of such efforts to be announced in the near future.

The Verif-y platform has been available for nearly six months and is being actively used by multiple institutions and many individuals. Data and feedback collected during this initial collaboration will be analyzed by the company’s experienced management team, and will inform forthcoming initiatives.

The Verif-y tokensale will begin on 25 October 2017. The presale is open now. For more information, visit their website.  

Read their whitepaper here

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