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SALT Lending Phishing Scam Alert

Update received from SALT Lending

Dear SALT Members,

Security Update

It has come to our attention that there is currently a phishing scam circulating. Please avoid any website and twitter account claiming a SALT airdrop promotion. Our security team is addressing the issue.

Thank you,

The SALT Team

SALT Lending Update: SALT Global and Team Expansion

Global Expansion

SALT Lending is excited to officially announce an international commercial banking relationship with the SBM Group, one of the largest banking and financial services institutions serving clients in Africa and Asia. The State Bank of Mauritius is a licensed commercial bank with a market capitalization of over US$3 billion.

“We are keen to explore providing banking services to this innovative company. This relationship will go a long way toward achieving our nation’s goal of becoming a hub for outstanding blockchain companies and fostering financial inclusion.” – K.C Li Kwong Wing, Chairman of the SBM Group

To foster this relationship, SALT has opened an office in the Republic of Mauritius, which boasts a global financial center. SALT looks forward to the advantages this strategic location provides in opening access to new developing markets.

“Mauritius is an ideal destination for innovative blockchain companies with its sandbox licensing framework that can provide regulatory clarity.” – James Duchenne, Managing Partner at Sutton Stone.

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RoadtoRoota Update: SALT Lending Update (Bix Weir)

RoadtoRoota Update: SALT Lending Update (Bix Weir)

Source: RoadtoRoota

RoadtoRoota Update: SALT Lending Selling Out and the Solar Eclipse (Bix Weir)

RoadtoRoota Update: SALT Lending Selling Out and the Solar Eclipse (Bix Weir)

Source: RoadtoRoota

Purchase SALT Membership Tokens at Discount while Stocks Last

The opportunity to purchase SALT membership tokens at discount is passing. SALT can be purchased in the current tier for $7.5 per token – $2.50 less than the starting retail price of $10 when the SALT Lending Platform officially launches.

SALT has a solid team behind it, including Erik Voorhees. In addition, the concept and technology behind the SALT membership based lending and borrowing network, that will make blockchain-backed loans possible, are as solid as it gets.

Do your own due diligence – and should you decide to get in – you might want to do so at a discount. Purchase SALT membership tokens during the presale at discount.