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$150K of Grants for Ethereum Developers  —  The iExec ÐApp Challenge

In November 2017, iExec released its V1 along with an SDK (Software Development Kit) allowing developers to take full advantage of the decentralized cloud. Indeed, the service enables blockchain applications to access an affordable, scalable, transparent and secure off-chain computing cloud.

Following its vision to support Ethereum development and the whole ecosystem of decentralized applications, iExec is currently creating the first ÐApp Store, which release is scheduled for mid-December. This platform will act as a curated list of the decentralized applications running on top of iExec.

In order to boost the development of applications on the blockchain,we are pleased to announce that we are opening doors to dapp project proposals. We have reserved a prize pool of $150K to be distributed among different dapp projects.

What are the rules of the ÐApp Challenge?

The ÐApp Challenge targets Ethereum developers wishing to create an application running on the blockchain. To overcome the scalability limits of blockchain, this application can leverage the cloud computing infrastructure of iExec.

This will also be the opportunity for you to benefit from the visibility of being on the forefront of our ÐApp Store, as well as earn RLCs when users utilize your application.

Everyone is welcome to participate, and the iExec team will be there to support you in making your idea a reality listed on the ÐApp Store.

You can participate by submitting the following:

  • Idea proposal
  • Roadmap
  • Component diagram
  • Sequential diagram of the solution
  • Bonus: a dapp smart contract with truffle tests

How will funds be distributed?

We will be evaluating projects based on 4 different criteria:

  • Innovation (it would be awesome if your idea is new and provides an unexpected solution to an unmet need)
  • Impact (it would be awesome if your project has the potential to impact the blockchain ecosystem)
  • Feasability (it would be excellent if you have a realistic plan and are well-equipped to execute on it)
  • Background (we’re curious about what you’ve built and accomplished in the past)

A maximum of 30 dapps will be supported by offering them financial grants. The value of these grants will depend on how the projects score based on the previous 4 criteria.

The minimum grant amount is set to $3,000. Winners will be given a first round of financing in February, and gradually upon completion of milestones on their roadmap, the remaining funds will be unlocked.

How can Ethereum developers participate?

From the 30th of November to the 19th of January, you will be able to craft a project proposal and submit it to us. A dedicated page will soon be made live for this purpose.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the iexec-dapp-samples repository
  2. Edit the readme file
  3. When you’re done, pull request to the dapp-challenge branch
  4. Post the link of your PR in this Google form

Developers are free to collaborate and submit their work as a team, and your project doesn’t have to score high on all the of the 4 criteria to win a grant.

After the application window closes, iExec will have 1 week to deliberate and announce the participants who will benefit from a development grant.

Hereby a timeline summarizing the different step of the ÐApp Challenge.

These are exciting times for blockchain development and decentralization enthusiasts. Some of you already shared some ideas with us, now is the time to put those ideas on paper and think through how to make them a reality.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to unleash your creativity and ambition. We are waiting for you submissions, and can answer any question you may have on our channels:

Bitcoin: Globitex group company granted Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence by EU regulator

23rd November, 2017, Gibraltar – Globitex, the new bitcoin exchange co-founded by early bitcoin adopter and former Executive Director and a Founding Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis, marks a significant milestone in its journey to make bitcoin a truly global currency of settlement. Globitex Holding (Latvia) group company NexPay UAB has been granted an e-money license (EMI) by the Bank of Lithuania to carry out payment services and e-money issuance in the EU. This opens a series of doors for Globitex exchange, enabling it to take an important step closer to its goal of dramatically increasing bitcoin trading volumes in order to facilitate its use right across the spectrum of commodity and money markets. Current operating entity of the Globitex bitcoin exchange is a UK-based Globitex group company.

Bitcoin: currency of global settlement

Whilst bitcoin is currently making new highs, there is still the fundamental economic issue that order-book depth and liquidity cannot support very large trades. Although bitcoin offers enormous advantages for international settlement due to its speed and low cost compared to legacy money transfer services, it cannot yet serve as a currency of international trade settlement across the world’s financial markets.

Globitex Chairman and Founding Director of Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis, stated:

‘I look forward to this evolution of digital currency trading platforms that ensure futures contracts with a physical delivery component. Strong connection to the spot markets, including contract limits and physical delivery that is linked to provisioned commodities, will serve as the market standard for price integrity.’

The aim of Globitex is to facilitate entry into the bitcoin market for a new generation of customers, both retail and institutional-level traders, enabling the increase in value and stability that will allow commodities like crude oil, gold, coffee and other financial instruments to be priced directly in bitcoin.

SEPA payments

Acquisition of the EMI licence brings with it the possibility of integrating with the SEPA euro payments system directly through the Central Bank of Lithuania. This will enable NexPay to clear euro payments directly, without the involvement of commercial banks, and to issue IBAN accounts to Globitex clients just like banks issue accounts to clients. This is a huge step forward in terms of accessibility.

The regulatory green light for the EMI licence is a leap forward in the development of the bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency industry. This sets a new level of legitimacy for cryptocurrency overall, moving towards widespread adoption.

Crucially, the newly-issued EMI licence is fully ‘passportable’ to all other EU member states, allowing NexPay to provide clients with payment services and e-money issuance across all 28 countries.

Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director of Globitex, reflects:

‘Globitex is looking to set new cryptocurrency trading standards not only technologically, or by commodities-linked product offering, but especially in Globitex’s legal setup, ensuring safe passage to the digital age.’

GBX token sale

Globitex group is holding a token sale to fund the scaling of its existing exchange infrastructure into a commodities spot and derivatives exchange for bitcoin. The GBX utility token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. GBX will be used to pay trading fees and reward exchange users and liquidity providers.

The GBX token will be sold for the equivalent of EUR 0.10 in Bitcoin (XBT), Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with significant discounts for early participants.

DoubleSpend: Billionaire Investor Mike Novagratz Says $10K BTC & $500 ETH By Year’s End

DoubleSpend: Billionaire Investor Mike Novagratz Says $10K BTC & $500 ETH By Year’s End

Source: Crypto Blood

ETHLend – How We Change Finance

ETHLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending platform running on Ethereum blockchain network. Anyone from anywhere from the world can lend and borrow, peer to peer. ETHLend provides the possibility to lend and borrow without borders quickly and efficiently. For example, a borrower in UK does not need to rely on local UK banks and lenders. Instead, with a single loan request, the borrower can access funding from all parts of the world. Simultaneously, any lender from Tokyo to Los Angeles can fund this loan request. Safe by design due to the use of smart contracts and blockchain.

Source: ETH Lend

Ethereum Parity Wallet: Another Bug Discovered – $300m in ETH potentially lost!

Ethereum Parity Wallet: Another Bug Discovered – $300m in ETH potentially lost.

Source of video (top): The Cryptoverse

Source of video (bottom): Boxmining