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ICONOMI Update — DAA Manager Insights and More (October 2017)

Welcome to our October 2017 monthly update. Diving into the last months of the year, we released a strong Q3 financial report, a new blog series, and a brand-new mobile app, among other highlights.

DAA Manager Insights

To give our users better insight into the opinions, tactics, and strategies of our first wave of DAA managers, we have launched a new interview series called DAA Manager Insights. So far, we’ve talked about digital assets as a new asset class with Solidum Capital; blockchain’s bigger picture with Menno Peter Pietersen; the future of digital assets with Kenny Hearn; and the relationship between traditional finance and the crypto-economy with Victor Lai.

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ICONOMI: Statement on the Parity multi-sig Wallet Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Parity multi-sig wallet contract has been found, causing funds held in Parity multi-sig wallets created after July 20 to be temporarily locked.

The ICONOMI platform and its proprietary digital asset storage system are secure. All users’ digital assets stored on the platform are completely safe, and the functioning of the platform is unaffected.

However, some of the company’s assets were stored using the affected Parity multi-sig contract and will remain inaccessible until the situation is resolved. 

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Owen O’Neill: Why I back the cryptocurrency: Iconomi

ICONOMI is a Digital Assets Management Platform; a new and unique service that allows beginners (and investors/blockchain experts) to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies at once.

So, why do I back Iconomi, and why do I think it’s one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies currently on the market? Three reasons; Team, market and product.

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ICONOMI Update: Introducing the ICONOMI Android app

ICONOMI is excited to announce the release of their official Android ICONOMI app! Anyone can use the Android ICONOMI app to explore and track the performance of DAAs they are interested in. Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for an account, log in, and view your portfolio directly in the app.

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ICONOMI financial report — Q2 2017

The book value of ICONOMI at the end of Q2 2017 reached $108,549,800.00 and represents an approximate increase of 402.4% in the quarter. The crypto market environment was overall very favourable in the second quarter. A large boost to ICONOMI’s assets also came from Cofound.it token sale, where ICONOMI received 10% of total CFI token supply, corresponding to $8,621,000 at the end of the second quarter.

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Iconomi Up 5.6% Launches TOMORROW / BitConnect +4% / Monero -3.3% / Pre-Fork Bitcoin Chart Reading

Iconomi Up 5.6% Launches TOMORROW / BitConnect +4% / Monero -3.3% / Pre-Fork Bitcoin Chart Reading

Source: The Cryptoverse