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Rialto.AI Update: Dashboard Introduction

RIALTO.AI has started trading on October 1st, 2017 when also Second Generation website along with the anticipated RIALTO.AI Trading Dashboard have been presented to the public. 

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SALT – Fundamental Analysis

SALT – Fundamental Analysis

Source: Nugget’s News

PayPie Update by BTCBusinessconsult

PayPie update by BTCBusinessconsult

Source: BTCBusinessconsult

ICONOMI Update: Introducing the ICONOMI Android app

ICONOMI is excited to announce the release of their official Android ICONOMI app! Anyone can use the Android ICONOMI app to explore and track the performance of DAAs they are interested in. Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for an account, log in, and view your portfolio directly in the app.

Source of Image: Medium ICONOMI

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Populous (PPT) Vs. MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Is Gold or Bitcoin Better in a Emergency?

Populous (PPT) Vs. MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Is Gold or Bitcoin Better in a Emergency?

Source: Crypto Blood

SALT Lending Update: SALT Global and Team Expansion

Global Expansion

SALT Lending is excited to officially announce an international commercial banking relationship with the SBM Group, one of the largest banking and financial services institutions serving clients in Africa and Asia. The State Bank of Mauritius is a licensed commercial bank with a market capitalization of over US$3 billion.

“We are keen to explore providing banking services to this innovative company. This relationship will go a long way toward achieving our nation’s goal of becoming a hub for outstanding blockchain companies and fostering financial inclusion.” – K.C Li Kwong Wing, Chairman of the SBM Group

To foster this relationship, SALT has opened an office in the Republic of Mauritius, which boasts a global financial center. SALT looks forward to the advantages this strategic location provides in opening access to new developing markets.

“Mauritius is an ideal destination for innovative blockchain companies with its sandbox licensing framework that can provide regulatory clarity.” – James Duchenne, Managing Partner at Sutton Stone.

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Bowhead Health Update: Today’s Sold-out Event

Today’s Sold-out Event

Today, Bowhead Health will be demoing it’s technology and our CEO, Dr. Rhea Mehta will be on a panel at the SingularityU Canada Summit – University of Toronto and MaRS Special Stream Event.

Bowhead Health will be recording the panel and the demo of Bowhead’s unveil and be sharing the video at a later date. Bowhead will be showcasing its beta device and mobile app.

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Upcoming Events 

Week of Oct. 15

Video teaser of functional beta Mobile iOS app tracking healthy habits and ordering at-home test kits.

Week of Oct. 22- Technical Requirements Specifications

Under the leadership of Dr. Marek Laskowski  we have completed a first draft of Bowhead’s Functional Requirements Specification Document. We intend to release this document for community reading and feedback.

Nov. 15: Aidex Expo in Brussels

Bowhead Health has been invited to a panel discussion at Aidex. Aidex is the leading conference for international development. We intend to meet NGOs and governments that Bowhead’s technology.

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AVT, the Aventus Utility Token, Officially Listed on Bitfinex!

We are pleased to announce the listing of AVT on our first major exchange Bitfinex, “the world’s largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform”. You can read the full announcement here.

We will be releasing a new version of our website tomorrow, and have our usual weekly update through our blog on Thursday— it will contain photos of our new office, and a protocol update!

If you haven’t yet, join the Aventus community on Discord for regular updates from the team.

Kind regards,
The Aventus Team

CombiCoin Update: Current Status Buying Assets, Final Number and Next Steps

$ 2,260,330

With 1,092 participants our ICO was a great success and we raised a total of $ 2,260,330. This means that from the start there will be 240,460 CombiCoins and 274,780 TRIA tokens. Everyone should have received their CombiCoins, if you have not yet received your CombiCoins please send us an email. All bounty/referral bonuses will be send next week.

Construction of CombiCoin

On October 2, 2017, the funds have been officially released by the supervisory board of the foundation. From that moment we have been fully focused on buying the assets backing CombiCoin. At this moment we bought around 50% of all the assets backing CombiCoin and we expect to finish the buying process this week. From the start we have been buying all assets in the same weighted manner meaning that all top 30 cryptocurrencies are currently bought for around 50% of the level we need.

Next steps

After finished the buying process of the top 30 you can expect the following things:

  • Website update

We will update our website to give you insights on all assets backing CombiCoin. And show the exact value of 1 CombiCoin.

  • TRIA Token exchange listing

We are currently in contact with exchanges for the listing of TRIA Token. We expect that TRIA token will be listed on an exchange in the beginning of November.

  • Bounty / referral bonus TRIA Tokens

Now that the exact amount raised is known we have determined the exact amount of bonus TRIA Tokens that is available for Bounty and referral bonuses. We will start with the distribution after the construction of CombiCoin procedure is finished. We will send all bounty/referral participants an email stating there bonus.

  • Software development already started

The development team already started working on the smart trading software. In all coming updates we will keep you informed about the development. 


After Viberate, a blockchain platform for live music, raised 10.7 million dollars in under five minutes, the Vibe token will be unlocked and listed on the first exchange, starting October 6.

“Based on numerous questions regarding the first listing, we believe this is one of the most anticipated coins in 2017. We can’t wait to see how the market will respond,” said Vasja Veber, cofounder and COO. Veber expects that other – also bigger – exchanges will follow which means many more people will get the opportunity to acquire Viberate’s tokens for the live music industry.

The Vibe token will be used to reward contributors, pay for artists’ fees, buy tickets and other activities that will gradually become an integral part of the platform. currently works as IMDB for live music, where profiles are ranked according to their online popularity.

It already has more than 130,000 profiles of musicians as well as around 50 thousand venue pages. Funds, raised via token crowdsale, will be used to upgrade and extend the platform with blockchain features, allowing Viberate to become a comprehensive solution for live music industry.

Next steps in the development process include introductions of a booking agency profile directory and a first version of Viberate’s rewarding program for contributors. “If you do not have any Vibes yet, you will soon have a chance to earn some by helping the platform grow,” Veber explains.

He also adds: “As far as our work goes, we will stick to the plan and keep meeting deadlines, regardless of the price movement. Our development plans can’t be distracted by anything, which shouldn’t be a problem, since most of our own tokens are vested anyway.”