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Endorphina’s first release for 2018: a cute Little Panda slot.

Just shortly after the New Year, Endorphina has surprised us by coming out with an entirely new slot game for their players, allowing them to dive into this new treat after their successful release of the charismatic and hindu-themed Durga slot.

To make the transition into 2018 easier and brighter for everyone, Endorphina decided to put forth a peaceful and comforting Little Panda slot game to ease your mood and to give you an opportunity to travel to an exotic forests full of pandas.

What makes this slot game even more fascinating is that this is the first time Endorphina offers 1,024 ways to win (pay ways) within the slot game itself. As you can see, Endorphina is aiming even higher to satisfy their players’ gaming experience.

How does the game work? All wins are paid from the adjacent symbols and reels they land on (any position) starting from left to right.

This positive and brightly coloured game was inspired by fluffy pandas and magical bamboo forests that feature other enchanted animals. The card symbols are also designed in a bamboo-themed style to add a certain authenticity to the experience.

Lucie Kadlecová, Marketing manager at Endorphina, says about the release: 
“Little Panda is a bit different from our other games and definitely turned out to be the cutest slot amongst the most recent releases. The gameplay is incredibly appealing and offers a lot of twists to keep the players in the game. We are excited about the new mathematics which is Endorphina’s first attempt to place into this game. We truly hope that the feedback from players will be nothing but positive. Our players can look forward to another new game which will be revealed at ICE Totally Gaming 2018, taking place in London at the beginning of February; I would like to invite everyone to come and try the enticing game and to witness its special promo at our stand nr. N6-230. The Endorphina team will be there ready and happy to meet you all.”

Would you like to play the Little Panda slot game for free? Simply follow this link: https://endorphina.com/games/little-panda

To schedule a meeting with Endorphina at ICE Totally Gaming in London, visit this website: https://endorphina.com/ice-totally-gaming or schedule the meeting by e-mail with your desired Endorphina representative.

Endorphina is heading to Malta for the Sigma igaming event.

Every year, it is a peaceful time in the second half of November where the top delegates and operators from all around the world fly in to Malta and gather for the Sigma gaming summit.

Endorphina’s representatives will definitely not be missing this year’s occasion taking place on NOV 22-25 at the MFC Centre in Malta. This new and promising location for the convention creates an even better opportunity and atmosphere to talk with business contacts and to get the hottest information about what’s happening within the entertainment industry.

If you’d like to meet Endorphina’s VP of Sales Jan Urbanec, or the Head of Legal department, Jakub Kolomicenko, who will both be present in Malta, make sure to book your meeting in advance to get the latest information about the company’s future plans. Endorphina is in the process of acquiring their MGA license so we believe that there will be a lot to talk about with them regarding their process and what they plan to do next.

To book a meeting with Jan or Jakub, use the designated landing page for the event: https://endorphina.com/sigma-malta

Or do so by e-mail: mail @ endorphina.com

Endorphina´s overview of the EiG 2017

The EiG show in Berlin turned out to be a last event of its kind, but nevertheless it was a huge success for a Czech based, online slot game provider, Endorphina. For the second year in a row, Endorphina was able to share their head-turning program and the latest game at their stand at EiG Berlin.

This year, instead of their games with wicked spaceships, they came back down to Earth and surprised everyone with an absolutely purrfect new slot accompanied by a special promo at the event. Visitors at the Arena Berlin were stunned when they approached Endorphina´s stand and saw a bunch of real kittens playing and having fun there. This is an absolutely unique way of promoting a new game and Endorphina again proved that they like to stand out from the crowd.

The Aristocats slot features majestic kings and queens ruling a furry kingdom in a world where royal cats rule. The game is presented in a polished design to make players feel like they’re guests inside of a noble, aristocratic and fuzzy kingdom filled with the best symbolic cats on the reels. The visitors at the show could try the game at Endorphina´s stand before it will be officially released for the players in casinos and their feedback was great.

With the presentation of their newest game, Endorphina teamed up with an animal shelter in the Czech Republic to support abandoned animals, especially cats. Endorphina did their best to encourage others to donate to the shelter to better the lives of the cute kittens, in hopes that they can be adopted with love in the future.

All visitors at Endorphina’s stand was able to interact and meet 5 cute and cuddly kittens from the shelter. This attracted a lot of attention and many people found themselves stuck at Endorphina’s stand, connecting with the kittens and taking photos with those purrfect little friends!

Endorphina is heading to Latvia for Riga Gaming Summit

At the beginning of October of this year, the first international congress in Riga, Latvia will be taking place. This congress will be dedicated to revealing the latest innovative technologies and developments within the gambling industry.

This Riga Gaming Summit will be fully packed with both the exhibition and conference being held on October 12th — a date that Endorphina will definitely not miss out on. For the conference, we’ll be sending our Head of Legal department, Jakub Kolomicenko as Endorphina speaker together with Jan Urbanec to be our represenatives and take part in the experience:

Jakub Kolomicenko, Endorphina’s Head of Legal Department, will be among the speakers in the panel discussion for Latvia & Malta: Where Innovation Meets Regulation, Parallel to Latvian Reality. Jake has been actively taking part in participating in conferences — his last one being the IMGL 2017 Autumn conference in Denmark. We’re glad that he’s able to attend this Riga summit to share his opinions and ideas with the other speakers.

Jan Urbanec, Endorphina´ s VP of Sales, will be ready to meet you and discuss all business things regarding Endorphina so don´t hesitate and catch him in Riga. We invite you to come and attend this hot event in Latvia to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry.

Schedule the meeting: mail@endorphina.com

Learn more about Endorphina: https://endorphina.com/

And about our games: https://endorphina.com/games