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Global Small Business Financing: The Debitum Network Solution

It is no secret that global small business financing is hampered by a monopoly vested in the traditional financial system – a monopoly well served by the flaws embedded in legacy systems. This is about to change in an immensely positive and powerful manner.

Source of Image: Debitum Network

Here is an opportunity to learn more about the Debitum Network. How it is about to change the world of small business financing through the utilization of cutting edge blockchain technology. You’re invited to be part of this voyage – a paradigm shift in the way small business financing is done.

The Problem: Centralized SME Financing

To start, maintain or expand a business: You need capital.

Business loans are a way to obtain this essential lifeblood of business, but not all loans are granted. I am sure you know the drill. Even when granted – after an uphill battle and what seems forever – unfavourable requirements and other anti-competitive practices are quick to leave a bad taste in your mouth – not to speak of the hole in your pocket.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are especially vulnerable – they have extremely limited access to credit or capital required to succeed. As mentioned above, this is the direct result of the monopoly the traditional financial system holds when it comes to small business financing – both on a local and global scale – and the flawed legacy systems that serve them.

To give you an idea of the severity of the problem – an estimated 200 million SMEs are either disqualified or underserved by traditional financial institutions. This impacts heavily on the ability of SMEs to grow and expand their businesses, especially on a global basis.

In fact, it is estimated that SMEs in developing countries is staring a $2.6 trillion credit gap in the face. This while many SMEs in developed countries are also having a tough time when it comes to obtaining credit – and at competitive rates.  

The Solution: The Debitum Network – Decentralized SME Financing

Where others see a $2.6 trillion+ problem, Debitum Network – a funding platform for SMEs – sees a golden opportunity to build a decentralized financing solution that will effectively serve SMEs when it comes to acquiring small business finance. They intend to make it easier and more cost-effective than ever for SMEs to apply for and receive business loans.

How do they intend to accomplish it?

By creating a self-sustainable ecosystem with a sound token model. It will utilize smart contracts within an environment earmarked by cutting-edge blockchain technology. For example, by giving SMEs access to business loans that would usually require an uphill battle to obtain via traditional financial systems and channels.

Source of Video: Debitum Network

Debitum Network’s focus is on decentralized lending. To state it eloquently, the kind of lending that aims to bypass traditional intermediaries such as banks and investment funds – to break the monopoly the latter hold when it comes to small business finance.

Users of the Debitum Network will be making use of smart contracts to perform steps including risk assessment, insurance and debt collection via global credit sources. Unlike many other projects in the blockchain technology space, a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has already been launched. The MVP demo is accessible through their website.

Source of Image: Debitum Network

Debitum Network aims to make a global impact. To do so, the founders – Mārtiņš Liberts, Donatas Juodelis and Justas Šaltinis – aim to launch the network in up to 50 countries with the worst indicators for access to credit. Once established globally, the Debitum Network will be able to develop further in a self-sustained manner.

Key Principles of the Debitum Network 

The key principles of the Debitum Network are:

The formation of global communities to decentralize the lending process – essentially eliminating anti-competitive forces when it comes to global small business financing.

Investments and loans will be available in both crypto and fiat (connected by a hybrid) – depending on the operating currency. This will allow the service to be available immediately without delay. All services provided in between will be making use of Debitum tokens (DEB) – ERC223 utility tokens created to be used in the Debitum Network.

The “Trust Arbitrage” smart contract – a smart contract that will be triggered by each and every activity done on the network. It will provide a trust rating to evaluate intermediaries, as well as providing incentives to members.

Why not simply use Ethereum (ETH) tokens?

Compared to Ether, the advantages of using DEB tokens are that the value of the tokens are only influenced by the activities within the Debitum Network, the tokens can be controlled better, own rules can be set, it can adapt to technology changes far easier (it has no ties to other platforms), and lastly, complex legal compliance requirements can be avoided.

Source of Image: Ethereum Blockchain App Platform

DEB tokens will be awarded in exchange for services provided on the network. These pure utility tokens will also serve as a guarantee to all parties involved that services purchased will be delivered. While no further minting, mining or burning will be possible – beyond the total supply of 400m tokens, the demand for these tokens is expected to increase as their utility value increases and the network effect gets stronger. 

How does Debitum Network compare to other Fintech ICOs?

When comparing Debitum Network to other fintech ICOs, like Populous, SALT and ETHLend, the following stands out:

Availability is not limited to those who already hold blockchain assets, but open to SMEs in developing countries in any currency used and with any available collateral.

They make use of different counterparties, and therefore create a truly decentralized ecosystem globally.

DEB token sale is still ongoing, while the above-mentioned competitors closed sales in 2017.

Award-Winning, Experienced Team – Financial and Technology Sectors

Looking at the team behind Debitum Network, it is clear they have solid expertise in the financial and technology sectors. There are 13 members in the core team. In addition to that there are a group of advisors, who are all experienced professionals. Their aim is to keep the team small, and to progress towards an independent operation over time.

Source of Image: Debitum Network

Team members come from two highly successful companies, namely DEBIFO – one of the leading alternative financing platforms for SMEs and INNTEC – one of the most innovative IT companies in Northern Europe.

This award-winning team, made history in October last year when they walked away with both awards in the prestigious ICO Pitch Competition at the leading international conference in decentralization, namely the d10e Gibraltar.

The Opportunity – Debitum Crowdsale – Round B

Not surprisingly, the Debitum Network has got investors and potential users excited. Make no mistake, this network represents a serious challenge to the monopoly held by the traditional financial establishment when it comes to global small business financing.

The Debitum Network already enjoy the support of many, including most notably, the support of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

$1.2m in funds were raised during Round A of the Debitum Crowdsale in 2017. Good news is that they’ve recently launched Round B of their Crowdsale. This round will run until February 25, 2018 (15:00 London time). This leaves only about 10 days to get involved before the Debitum ICO (crowdsale) closes for good.

Get involved in the Debitum ICO today. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a paradigm shift in the way small business financing is done. Decentralized lending is here to stay.

P.S. Do your own due diligence. Be sure to read their whitepaper.

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