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ZenCash Update: Operation Radical Transparency

ZenCash Update…

2018 is going to be ‘The Year of Expansion,’ and we’re working as fast as we can to bring you new exchange listings, iOS apps, domain fronting, distributed file storage, and so much more. Below are the highlights touching on what’s to come.

Decentralized governance is part of ZenCash’s core model, and is a huge theme for 2018. We’re launching Operation Radical Transparency, but what does this mean?

  • All community spending will be publicly available on a portal, then aggregated into spending categories.
  • Roles and responsibilities: having the right people in the right role. 
  • Research & Development: a voting treasury system which is censorship resistant by applying game theory research for optimal voting mechanisms.
  • Large developer teams around the world working on projects in parallel, which will be shown on the new website (coming very soon).
  • Decentralized liquidity through more exchange listings.
  • DAG scalability study to upgrade blockchains and scale exponentially.

All ideas are being refined, and the project plans will be shared in the next coming weeks.

For more details watch co-founder, Rob Viglione, discuss decentralized governance at the Cryptocurrency World Expo in Warsaw 2017.


Secure Node Payments have started, and we’re working our way through payments from December 15th, so expect yours soon. Please have patience as we work through the system. For a full update, view our blog post: Secure Node Beta Payment Update.

Over 5,000 secure nodes are registered! Keep track on our secure node tracking app.

We’ve added a Development Road Map board to our Trello account, and it’s completely public. As part of Operation Radical Transparency, we want the Zen community members to know exactly what we’re working on, and how quickly everything is progressing.
The rebranding and new website design is our top priority. Above is a sneak peak of the website, and we’re working around the clock to have it ready soon. 

The secure node banner ads are live for another three weeks, and are performing extremely well. Our brand awareness ads are also performing well, and we will continue to promote a new ad each week. 

Our Facebook and Twitter pages are growing – we have more than 13,000 Twitter followers and we’re gaining about 1,000 each week. Help us by liking our pages, sharing and mentioning @zencash.

For all marketing analytics and ad results, please view the community call [1:11:44].

The community is what makes ZenCash who we are, and Operation Radical Transparency is what helps make ZenCash unique for the community. We’ve grown from a team of 5 to nearly 50. Here are some community members that represent the Zen ethos.

  • Kaspars Rekis (Discord @keiaar) is one of our #easterneuropean community members who has helped with graphics, and introduced us to one of our new graphic designers.
  • Jason Harp (Discord @nUm) provided secure node and ledger development support to the ZenCash community. Thank you for answering so many questions.
  • We strive to be a global system, but sometimes our language skills aren’t perfect. Thank you Antonia Morillo (Discord @detriksys) for helping us fine-tune our social media translations.
  • We’ve been working hard to get the ledger squared away, and want to thank @kevinbarbour (Discord @jato) for his help with ledger testing.
Contact @zench1ck on Discord to submit your favorite community member!
Code Particle is dedicating four senior developers/engineers who are joining the Zen team. Pierre Schiro, Frank De Girolami, Pierre Stabilini, and Nicola Onassis will focus on core blockchain improvements, organizing our development process, and working on high value projects.
Alberto Garoffolo is a Senior Software Architect and Network Engineer who will be diving into core code, focusing on how nodes pick up other nodes, and protocol improvements. His major project is ZenPub implementation, our own in-house distributed file system solution.
Linda Baksija is a graphic designer and her method to joining the team was to submit some really amazing graphics to the Zen project. She will help in greater capacity for content creation, and collaboration with Crypto Media Hub.
Ross Kenyon has a wealth of crypto currency project experience including Tezos, Sweetbridge, and Nori. His core competence is communication strategy, so he’s helping us with our core message, then translating that into a sequence of Zen videos. 
Lucy Bruce is a graphic designer from China, and will help primarily with the Asia market. She’s currently working on a China campaign that will launch soon. She’s also a photographer and artist, and is a great addition to the Zen team.
Taiga Ikuta is our new Japan community lead. He will focus on business development, communication channels, and introducing Zen into the Japanese market through key stakeholders. Japan is an important market with huge opportunity. 
Hugh Ayara joined us from Kenya. Africa holds a tremendous opportunity for Zen technology to make people’s lives better. He’s our Kenya country lead as well as the broader Africa region, and will be conducting business development and outreach.