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ICONOMI financial report — Q2 2017

The book value of ICONOMI at the end of Q2 2017 reached $108,549,800.00 and represents an approximate increase of 402.4% in the quarter. The crypto market environment was overall very favourable in the second quarter. A large boost to ICONOMI’s assets also came from Cofound.it token sale, where ICONOMI received 10% of total CFI token supply, corresponding to $8,621,000 at the end of the second quarter.

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CrowdWiz Launches Fully Decentralized Crypto Investment Platform So You Can Cut Out The Middleman

TALLINN, ESTONIAAugust 2017 — CrowdWiz.io, a fully decentralized crowd wisdom powered investment platform, announces today the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will take place in mid September. CrowdWiz is powered by Krypton Software, a division of leading fintech software company, TRADOLOGIC. The fintech software giant recently launched this cryptocurrency division, with a team of over 60 dedicated personnel and an existing backbone that transacted over 3 million items/actions. During the ICO, potential investors will be able to purchase CrowdWiz’s WIZ token. The proceeds from the ICO will be collected and used to form the general pool of funding money for the platform. Using the wisdom of the crowd, users will use the WIZ token to vote on a specific asset, in effect using crowdsourced information to fund certain projects. CrowdWiz fund allows the crowd, not fund managers, banks or middlemen with conflicting interests, to decide on how the general fund is spent.

Rather than putting your money into the hands of unknown or third party fund managers, CrowdWiz allows the community as a whole to control the pool of money. For example, CrowdWiz’s users might offer two companies to invest in, Company A and Company B. Each individual user casts his or her vote in the form of WIZ tokens for whichever company he/she thinks is a better investment. Initial buy-ins for the vote can vary, and return investments will differ in size per user based on the original investment. The platform then distributes the funds based on the majority opinion of the crowd. In this case, the wisdom of the crowd produces the best and most promising company to invest in.

CrowdWiz plans to bring fairness and transparency to the market by using the wisdom of the crowd, as under the right circumstances large enough groups tend to make remarkably good decisions and are often smarter than the smartest people in them. Eventually, token holders will be able to use WIZ to for funding, exchange, lending, insurance, and more as more features are rolled out in the upcoming future.

CrowdWiz is an entire ecosystem that shifts the power away from intermediaries and puts it back where it should be – with the investors themselves. The platform solves the problems associated with traditional investment funds, which often include high entrance cost, large fees, little to no transparency, and often conflicted and undisclosed personal interests. The ethereum based platform offers its users:

  • Little to no fees
  • Complete transparency
  • Self governance on a democratic investment platform
  • The ability to vote and join smarter investments
  • A safe place to invest, as the crowd can protect itself from fraud
  • The ability to profit from financial services
  • Multiple uses for the WIZ token – investment, trading, insurance, lending, etc.

Aiming to continue the fight against monopolies and regulation, CrowdWiz has begun planning and developing their next venture, CrowdWiz Exchange, an exchange managed by token holders who decide what assets will be listed on the exchange. CrowdWiz exchange uses the crowd to eliminate fraud. By leveraging transparency and the wisdom of the masses, adding other decentralized investment platforms to their solutions portfolio will add continued value to the token.

“We are extremely proud to be launching a fully decentralized and democratic investment platform on ethereum,” said Slavena Savcheva, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development & Marketing for CrowdWiz, “There is a big problem in the investment world today, in which fund managers overcharge for fees and sometimes withhold certain information from clients. CrowdWiz will change all this – giving the smart crowd, not a biased third party, the power to ultimately decide how their money is invested.”


Founded in 2017, CrowdWiz uses a crowdsourced decision making process as an alternative to traditional investment funding. Using the wisdom of the crowd, rather than fund managers, banks or middlemen, CrowdWiz is a decentralized and completely transparent crypto investment platform based on the ethereum protocol. The platform is powered by Krypton software, a division of leading fintech software company, TRADOLOGIC. Users of CrowdWiz will use the company’s WIZ token, to vote on specific assets they want funded . The platform then distributes the funds based on the majority opinion of the crowd. CrowdWiz solves some of the issues associated with traditional funds today, such as high entrance costs and large fees. CrowdWiz hopes to make the trading process not only fun and easy, but also efficient, profitable, and completely transparent.