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BREAKING NEWS: ETHLend Reached over 1 500 000 USD Lending Volume and Official Leak of New UI

ETHLend stepped into a completely new era of cryptocurrency finance. Today, the ETHLend team is proud to officially announce that our decentralized lending application (dApp) built on top of Ethereum blockchain network reached to over 1 500 ETH lending volume after a month of the Alpha 0.2 release, which accounts to approximately 1 500 000 USD worth of Ethereum loans (18 000 000 USD/year)!

Over 350 loans have been funded trough our platform with the biggest being over 60 ETH, you can actually verify this yourself here (please make sure you have Metamask installed and enabled to access the Network), this reaffirms one of ETHLend’s strengths: transparency. The ETHLend team is impressed of the growth in adoption of the early version of the application. The alpha release was first founded as a proof-of-concept for the ETHLend community. Today, the application user base consists of active lenders and borrowers, who are using their digital tokens (ERC-20) to unlock locked funds, without the need of selling these digital tokens.

Visit our blog on Medium to find out more details.

We couldn’t resist: User Interface Official Leak

We couldn’t keep the secret for ourselves. It’s been a little over a month since we successfully released our alpha version 0.2 but let’s face it, platform still needed some love. ETHLend’s decentralized application is having a significant makeover, soon we will unveil our new user interface. This is exciting!

We listened closely to your comments and suggestions and kept what you love. And for the things you didn’t, we took a new approach to make it better. The new-look feels slicker and more modern, we have focused on functionality and we have given it the magic touch of ETHLend’s amazing “Triangles, Ocean and Air” graphic theme.

Visit our blog on Medium to find out more details.

Place a loan request by installing Metamask and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

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ETHLend and Enigma Partner to bring Secret Contracts to Decentralized Lending – ETHLend reveals airdrop date

EthLend update…

We are excited to announce that Enigma, an off-chain network solving scalable privacy for blockchains, and ETHLend, the first decentralized lending marketplace are working towards a partnership that will help bring data and computational privacy to decentralized lending.

Enigma is an off-chain peer-to-peer network that enables different parties to jointly store and run computations on data while keeping data completely private through the use of secret contracts. Using Enigma’s secret contracts — smart contracts that keep sensitive data encrypted at all times — credit data on ETHLend will be processed and used in a decentralized ecosystem while using the off-chain Enigma Network, bringing more trust and security for users of the ETHLend dApp.

Moreover, ETHLend lenders will be able to use Enigma | Catalyst to devise lending and collateral management strategies by using user-curated data. Catalyst is Enigma’s platform for data-driven cryptoasset trading and investment that is built on their secure cryptofinancial data marketplace. This will help expand the ETHLend lending ecosystem by allowing for better financial management of funds.

Can Kisagun, co-founder of Enigma, said:

“Helping create decentralized solutions for lending and credit is one of the strongest use cases for the Enigma privacy protocol. We’re excited to work with the dynamic ETHLend team to help them grow their revolutionary platform and together build the future of decentralized lending.”

Stani Kulechov, founder of ETHLend, said:

“Enigma’s protocol will enable private loans to add more privacy for lenders and borrowers. This would be tremendously useful in the B2B and B2C lending markets, which ETHLend is aiming to disrupt. We’re looking forward to working with Enigma’s talented team and technology to achieve our vision.”

About Enigma

Enigma is enabling a truly decentralized future by solving privacy and scalability for blockchains. Blockchain is a powerful technology, but today it is impractical and mostly unusable at scale — current computing capacity on blockchain is slow and expensive and data is visible to everyone. As a result most data is still stored off-chain in centralized databases, defeating the purpose of decentralization.

Based on a groundbreaking MIT thesis, Enigma solves blockchain’s scalability and privacy issues at the protocol level with a second-layer, off-chain network that uses “secret contracts”, smart contracts that allow data to be processed by nodes in the network while still being kept private. Through this innovative architecture, Enigma has created a truly decentralized solution on which powerful dApps can be built.

About ETHLend

ETHLend is decentralized peer to peer lending application and protocol running on top of Ethereum network. On the current state of the platform, borrowers can use ERC-20 tokens as a collateral to borrow Ethereum cryptocurrency to unlock long term token investments for trading and participating in ICOs. The ETHLend team is working towards creating a global marketplace and lower interest rates globally. Within 1 month of launching our alpha version 0.2, users on ETHLend borrowed over 1 250 000 USD worth of Ethereum in the first ever decentralized lending market.

Airdrop date for Eidoo wallet users finally revealed

On November 2017, we announced a strategic partnership between Eidoo and ETHLend, along with the 15 000 000 LEND airdrop for all Eidoo wallet users including those who participated in ETHLend token sale. Since then, our channels have been flooded with questions about date, distribution and eligibility.

Today the date is finally revealed: LEND airdrop will officially start on January 19th at 12 GMT. Tokens will be distributed accordingly between the Eidoo wallet users. Airdrop might take in total weeks to be completed since Ethereum Network is currently clogged causing delayed transactions.

To find out more information about snapshot and eligibility visit our Blog.

Want to see LEND on CoinSpot?

There is a new exchange that we would like our community to conquer. CoinSpot has requested us to show the strength of our community. Like, comment and share our Facebook post, we are taking over their page, the listing depends on all of us.

Show your support here. Let’s show CoinSpot what we’ve got!

Place a loan request by installing Metamask and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

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LEND token listed on OKEX — Over $1 Million USD in volume on ETHLend

EthLend Update…

We are excited to announce that our LEND token is to be listed on OKEX. OKEX is based in China and one of the world’s largest exchanges. Listing is scheduled to take place on 8th and trading to start 9th of January. The ETHLend community is growing fast and are happy to be expanding our presence into the Asian market.

OKEX is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade in both cryptocurrency and fiat-backed tokens. OKEX is used by investors such as Tim Draper, Ce Yuan Ventures, Mandra Capital, WJ Capital and many recognized others. It offers conventional trading and futures options, making it one of most comprehensive exchanges on the market. OKEX has their own algorithmic trading tools designed for professional users, along with their own wallet, vault and block explorer.

ETHLend has excelled since our token sale and the Asian market will lead to even more growth on both the DApp side and the trading side. The LEND trading volume has been positively gaining traction and this is a very important listing as this will Increase ETHLend’s presence and strengthen our position within The Asian community. The ETHLend team is very excited to be listed on OKEX and to gain further recognition within the Asian market.

Over $1 Million USD in volume on ETHLend DApp

We are thrilled to share with you that ETHLend has done over 1 000 ETH and over $1 000 000 USD in total value of successful loans on our Alpha version 0.2. This has all happened within a one month time frame and the community is looking forward to the next update when ETHLend will launch our new and exciting user interface along with new improved, additional features.

The ETHLend team thanks the community and all borrowers and lenders that have been part of giving life to decentralized lending. The year 2018 will be huge for the ETHLend team and we hope to add soon additional tokens as accepted to the DApp for collateral.

Place a loan request by installing Metamask and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

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Join our almost 13K member Telegram Communty: https://t.me/ETHLend 

Stay up to date with the project join Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ETHLend_Official

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EthLend and Salt ICO – Blockchain Lending That Will Replace Banks

EthLend and Salt ICO – Blockchain Lending That Will Replace Banks

Source: David Hay

Responses to David’s video:

“David, Love your videos but you missed the mark on this one. The EthLend Dapp is live and working fine you just need MetaMask installed on your browser in order for it to work.There is no risk for the LENDER because the borrower puts up ERc20 tokens as collateral for the loan and you can only borrow 67% of the tokens value. If you default then the LENDER will keep your tokens which is worth more than the loan they funded”


“Dave. Ethlend uses collateral. I am currently a user of their platform. They are already on Alpha 2.0 and require you to download Metamask to access the program and begin lending/borrowing. They also have a protocol to track credit ratings.. For each loan that is paid back, the borrower will receive credit tokens to help repay the next loans interest and will build their online credit rating. They have implemented lending via ERC20 to ETH and have recently allowed for US dollar loans. They are also currently working to implement Bitcoin lending and a host of other FIAT currencies. I hope this helped.”

Peter Costi

“You make the Ethereum platform sound like a risk, when it’s revolutionary. I guess it’s a matter of more “governed” SALT, and arguably more understandable and user friendly, vs. peer-to-peer “less governed” and more complicated ETHLend? You make backing LEND sound like a risk because of the “what if” scenario with how the U.S. legally accepts it. That kind of contradicts your previous videos when you say you back the crypto’s based off the technology and concept. Either way, your input is greatly appreciated!”

Cameron C

BREAKING NEWS: Over 300 ETH Borrowed on ETHLend Decentralized Lending Application under two Weeks!

Over 300 ETH in Decentralized Loans Reached

Since the Alpha 0.2 release on 15 December 2017, ETHLend is proud and humble to announce that over 300 worth of Ethereum has been borrowed through our decentralized application!

Borrowers have used variety of different collaterals ranging from the pre-defined list the DAPP provides. There have been currently over 120 loans and the most popular collateral is ETHLend’s native LEND token.

The USD-pegged Ethereum loans consists of around 12% of the total loan book, and rest of the loans being pure Ethereum. Most loans are up to 30 days and fewer loans are above 30 days. The biggest loan is around 20 000 USD worth of Ethereum and other bigger loans have varied from 10-17 ETH. Due to gas costs on Ethereum, under 0.5 ETH loans are less efficient and we consider loans below 0.5 ETH more or less as testing purposes.

Lending volume provides cash flow. Upon each loan request, ETHLend collects 0.01 ETH fee from the borrower and 0.01 ETH fee from the lender when funding a loan. Therefore, even such early stage as Alpha, ETHLend is creating turnover for the project. Despite the fact that the volumes are recently accumulated and the fee structure will be change to more efficient by lowering the threshold for borrowing and making more return on bigger loans, such fee collecting is a proof-of-concept that ETHLend could grow into a fully established FinTech house soon.

The unexpected success is a great milestone not solely for ETHLend team, moreover for the whole community of decentralized applications. Developing decentralized applications is surely not the easiest path, however in the long run provides a market that is determined by the lenders and borrowers instead of banks and financial institutions.

Do you have a token portfolio and need to unlock some of that liquidity you have lying around in your tokens?

Place a loan request by installing metamask (from https://metamask.io) and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

Join our Telegram to join the soon 11.5K member community: https://t.me/ETHLend

To stay up to date with the project, join our announcement channel: https://t.me/ETHLend_Official

– The ETHLend team

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BREAKING NEWS: ETHLend Alpha 0.2 Reaches over 100 ETH Lending Volume in a Week

ETHLend Reached 100 ETH Lending Milestone

ETHLend launched the new improved decentralized application (DAPP) Alpha 0.2 on 15 December 2017, two weeks after the LEND token sale was over. During this update the application was improved with multiple upgrades to provide decentralized lending to become viral. These upgrades included basic collateral management, security features and pre-listed tokens.

Today, we are happy to announce that ETHLend DAPP reached over 100 ETH volume just a moment ago, which means that on the current rate, the application has provided finance above 75 000 USD worth of Ethereum within a week to ERC-20 token holders to finance their goals and dreams.

As a side curiosity, one interesting use-case has related to the recent cryptocurrency bear market. Apparently, during current cryptocurrency market condition, FIAT exchanges are burdened with traffic and traders who want to leverage from the bear market have found an easier way to unlock liquidity by pledging tokens as a collateral in ETHLend to receive more Ethereum for other cryptocurrency or token trading.

The ETHLend team is humbled by the trust of the users and we want to thank our community in Telegram and Reddit for supporting us!

If you want to place a loan request or fund loans (install first metamask from https://metamask.io), go to our dapp at https://app.ethlend.io and follow the example of early adopters.

To buy LEND token, use Binance: https://www.binance.com/trade.html?symbol=LEND_ETH

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ETHLend Update: Dev Update and Stani and Jordan Speaks in Paris on ETHLend in Blockchain Agora

Stani & Jordan Speaks in Paris at Blockchain Agora

First week after the successful token sale has been extremely busy time for the ETHLend team. The Founder of ETHLend Stani Kulechov and the Head of Token Sale Martin Wichmann participated in the largest blockchain event in the Nordics, MoonTec. Stani was speaking on Developing Financial Smart Contracts on Ethereum.

In Berlin, Head of Management Jordan Lazaro Gustave and Head of Corporate Strategy Kersten Schütze were presenting ETHLend in TechCrunch Disrupt, where lot of VCs were amazed of our disruptive application.

On Thursday, Stani and Jordan speaks in Paris at Blockchain Agora, which consists of blockchain and banking professionals from France. We are looking forward to Paris.

New Application Development Updates

ETHLend is working hard to develop, test and deploy the latest changes that the team is implementing to the decentralized application. Additionally, ETHLend reached the Q4 2017 milestone: Fiat-based loans and instalments! Here are the new functions and features ETHLend is currently working on:

1. New milestone: FIAT-based loans – Users can choose USD as the base currency instead of following the Ethereum price. Therefore, the borrower does not suffer from volatility upon repayment of the loan, when the borrower is repaying the loan with FIAT earned income. The USD/ETH rate is provided by Oraclize.it.

2. New milestone: Instalments – Users can select to pay the loan back in instalments, for example every week, once a month, or other specified frequency. This feature is available for loans that are maximum of 1 year length. Penalty of 2% of the loan capital shall be charged and paid to the lender in case the borrower does not repay accordingly to the instalment plan (Penalties feature is further developed on Q2 2018 accordingly to the roadmap).

3. Basic collateral management – Users must pledge 150% collateral. If the collateral drops in value to 100%, the lender has the option to call (claim) the collateral to further realize it in an exchange to regain any losses. The collateral price function is performed with the use of Oraclize.it.

4. Pre-accepted collateral tokens – Collaterals are limited to top 100 liquid ERC-20 tokens from the coinmarketcap. Therefore, the users do not need to insert token contract address and token name, which makes it more easier to place a loan request and avoid the issues related to placing the wrong address.

5. Reputation based lending and CRE removed until KYC/Civic addon is applied during 2018.

6. Small user experience upgrade – We are removing steps on placing the loan request from 5 steps to 2 steps → Place a loan request and send tokens. Moreover, Auto Refresh function is added where necessary to make the user experience more pleasant.

The loan book became quite active after the token sale. However, to avoid spam loans or unnecessary defaults, ETHLend will provide these updates this month, to make the lending experience more successful for the lenders and borrowers. After these updates, ETHLend is back on mainnet and lending is live.

For more technical questions refer to us in Telegram!

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Breaking News: HitBTC Announces Listing of ETHLend LEND Token on Exchange

HitBTC – First Exchange to List LEND token!

ETHLend, the first and only functioning decentralized lending platform, has successfully raised $13 million USD in the first 2 days of its public token sale for early adopters of the decentralized lending application build on top of the Ethereum network.

ETHLend is a decentralized lending platform with an extensive roadmap that is going to see the ETHLend team to implement various crypto financial products such as token lending, crowdlending, collateral management and a protocol for AI lending bots. ETHLend’s road map can be found at https://ethlend.io/en/roadmap/.

ETHLend’s pre-sale closed out in September from an impressive zero marketing budget to a 2000 ETH cap being met within 77 hours. The Token sale started on November 25 at 12 PM GMT and skyrocketed to an impressive 10 million dollars in the first 30 mins. There is now less than 20% of LEND token available before the cap is reached and its closing out at a steady pace with the minimum purchase of 0.01 ETH.

Leading the way in decentralized lending, Stani Kulechov the founder of ETHLend has now gathered a community of over 7 000 members. Personally involved in the group, he’s available day in and day out to answer queries which has given a feeling of security amongst the ETHLend community.

This is all backed up by an impressive advisory board with names including but not limited to Jon Matonis the founding Director of The Bitcoin Foundation and Robert Viglione co-founder of Zencash or Tomoaki Sato, founder of Starbase.

ETHLend (LEND) token will be listed on HitBTC exchange after ETHLend closes the token sale. After token sale ends all tokens will be transferable and HitBTC will offer a marketplace for LEND token holders. Listing date will be announced after token sale closes or when it ends 27th of December.





Follow ETHLend on Telegram https://t.me/ETHLend

Join their Whitelist and partake in the token sale https://ethlend.io/en/whitelist/

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Sharpe Announces a Cooperation Partnership with ETHLend

November 20th 2018, London — Sharpe Capital and ETHLend are delighted to announce their exciting new cooperation partnership. The Sharpe-ETHLend partnership was finalized following a meeting at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. The newly established relationship provides ETHLend with privileged early access to the Global Sentiment Index data-feed during its Alpha and Beta developmental stages, delivering real time insights into how the market perceives individual blockchain assets. Sharpe and ETHLend will work together to refine the product and optimize it for further commercialisation. This partnership is a key proof of the value of one of Sharpe Capital’s core products and future revenue streams — Sharpe is working to ensure the Global Sentiment Index becomes the world’s leading source for market sentiment data.

Through collecting real human insights and combining them with cutting edge machine learning, Sharpe can far surpass the traditional approach to sentiment analysis derived from often highly unreliable analysis of social media feeds and news sources. By joining forces with ETHLend, Sharpe Capital is able to tailor the Global Sentiment Index to an increasingly diverse audience, and help to reduce risks associated with blockchain-driven lending.

Sharpe Capital is a FinTech organization developing a platform to crowd-source market sentiment on global equities and blockchain assets, paying service fees in Ether to users in return for their insight. Supplemented with cutting edge, machine learning-driven linguistic analysis and quantitative trading strategies developed in collaboration with leading academic partners at University of California, Berkeley and the University of Oxford, Sharpe Capital aims to deliver best-in-class data-feeds for use by investors.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sharpe Capital, Dr. Butler, described the newly announced advisory partnership: “By joining forces with ETHLend, Sharpe Capital is able to tailor the Global Sentiment Index to an increasingly diverse audience, and help to reduce risks associated with blockchain-driven lending.

ETHLend has been available on Ethereum main network since May 2017, providing a global lending market where loan conditions are agreed between borrowers and lenders, and parties can participate on both sides. ETHLend is a transparent, borderless and decentralized market and erasing interest rate differences between countries by providing competition on a global scale. ETHLend solves key issues regarding collaterals, decentralized credit rating and exchange volatility risks with fiat pegging option.

Through partnership with Sharpe Capital, ETHLend lenders will now access to the leading source of decentralized and crowdsourced asset sentiment, allowing lenders to assess collateral risk on loan request using real-time data from the Global Sentiment Index before choosing to fund a loan — Jordan Gustave, Chief Operating Officer of ETHLend

Going beyond simple metrics of price and implied volatility, the Global Sentiment Index will let users know precisely how the market perceives an asset’s viability over timeframes from one week to one quarter. Following the Sharpe Platform launch on 11th December, ETHLend will have access to the Global Sentiment Index as it is collaboratively developed and refined during the Alpha and Beta stages of the product.

Participate to our token sale on this Saturday by enrolling to our KYC-whitelist here.

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Crypto Coins Update: ETHLend (LEND) ICO Review – Decentralized Peer to Peer Lending on the Blockchain

Crypto Coins Update: ETHLend (LEND) ICO Review – Decentralized Peer to Peer Lending on the Blockchain

Source: Crypto Coins