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LeadCoin puts lead generation on the blockchain in order to decentralize the web marketing industry

LeadCoin launches the first blockchain-based lead sharing network which offers businesses a platform to collaborate and profit from their unused leads

Gibraltar — February 2018 – LeadCoin, the first decentralized lead sharing network, announces its blockchain-based platform which offers businesses a way to buy and sell high quality, unused leads in real-time. LeadCoin improves the efficiency and quality of a company’s web marketing efforts by offering a secure and fair platform for businesses to collaborate and retain some of their marketing budget.

The growing frustration toward the digital marketing ad space today is largely fueled by the high-volume, yet low-quality campaigns the industry offers. Google and Facebook’s duopoly over the digital advertising market has created a multi-billion dollar market cap. And yet, next to their unprecedented market growth, over 95% of the leads purchased go unused. The low conversion rates and high costs of online advertising campaigns open the door for businesses to explore a new, decentralized method of buying leads.

Building the platform on the blockchain allows LeadCoin to utilize smart contracts to replace the ‘middleman’, and provide an efficient alternative to direct response advertising which is often used today by businesses to generate leads. The decentralization of blockchain ensures that one entity alone cannot control the platform, maintaining the fairness of data for all users. LeadCoin’s utility token, LDC, is used for the purchasing and selling of the leads.

How does LeadCoin work?

  • Step 1:  A potential buyer (the lead) contacts a business with an interest in buying a product or a service.
  • Step 2: The business then qualifies and verifies the lead and determines that it cannot convert the lead into a paying customer.
  • Step 3:  The business uploads the unused lead automatically to LeadCoin, so other businesses can purchase it.
  • Step 4: LeadCoin’s matching algorithm will then analyze and match the lead to other businesses in real-time.
  • Step 5: Another business (the buyer) acquires the lead and the original business (the seller) receives payment.

“In order to encourage a fair and profitable web-marketing ecosystem, it was necessary to bring technological innovation to the industry,” says Shmulik Grizim, CEO and Founder of LeadCoin, “LeadCoin uses the benefits of blockchain to accelerate the web marketing economy and empower businesses to take back control over the quality of their marketing efforts.”


LeadCoin, the first decentralized lead-sharing network, offers the web marketing industry a new and cost-effective way to buy and sell qualified leads in real-time, through the use of blockchain. By empowering businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other businesses, LeadCoin produces a collaborative business economy that turns leads into secure digital assets. LeadCoin’s LDC token is used for all transactions, so that every token holder has an interest in the growth of LeadCoin.

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