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CombiCoin Update: Current Status Buying Assets, Final Number and Next Steps

$ 2,260,330

With 1,092 participants our ICO was a great success and we raised a total of $ 2,260,330. This means that from the start there will be 240,460 CombiCoins and 274,780 TRIA tokens. Everyone should have received their CombiCoins, if you have not yet received your CombiCoins please send us an email. All bounty/referral bonuses will be send next week.

Construction of CombiCoin

On October 2, 2017, the funds have been officially released by the supervisory board of the foundation. From that moment we have been fully focused on buying the assets backing CombiCoin. At this moment we bought around 50% of all the assets backing CombiCoin and we expect to finish the buying process this week. From the start we have been buying all assets in the same weighted manner meaning that all top 30 cryptocurrencies are currently bought for around 50% of the level we need.

Next steps

After finished the buying process of the top 30 you can expect the following things:

  • Website update

We will update our website to give you insights on all assets backing CombiCoin. And show the exact value of 1 CombiCoin.

  • TRIA Token exchange listing

We are currently in contact with exchanges for the listing of TRIA Token. We expect that TRIA token will be listed on an exchange in the beginning of November.

  • Bounty / referral bonus TRIA Tokens

Now that the exact amount raised is known we have determined the exact amount of bonus TRIA Tokens that is available for Bounty and referral bonuses. We will start with the distribution after the construction of CombiCoin procedure is finished. We will send all bounty/referral participants an email stating there bonus.

  • Software development already started

The development team already started working on the smart trading software. In all coming updates we will keep you informed about the development.