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Rialto.AI Update: Q4 2017 Report

Market report

During the Q4 2017, the overall market capitalization of the crypto market increased 4-times, from $147 billion, to almost $600 billion. Top 10 cryptocurrencies observed significant additions and deletions. New entrants are Cardano and Stellar, while Monero and NEO fell out of the top league.

During the second half of the quarter we have witnessed a considerable bull run as the cryptocurrencies attracted the interest of general public and thus generally unsophisticated traders. Relatively large price swings were observed, these, however, generally pointed upwards. This bull run ended in early January when the rumors emerged that South Korea is introducing a blanket ban on cryptocurrency trading.

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Rialto.AI Update: RIALTO.AI Platform Introduction

Rialto.AI update…

RIALTO.AI is introducing design and functionality of the RIALTO.AI Platform. XRL token holders will have an easy access to the algorithms and management of their assets. It will enable XRL token holders to decide which algorithms to use. Initially, only the arbitrage and market making algorithms will be available followed by AI trade bot in Q1 2018. 

Platform users will be able to manage their generated profit freely, furthermore, they will also be able to withdraw a portion or a total of their assets upon returning XRL tokens. Returned XRL tokens will be temporarily locked and withdrawal request will be available. Additionally, platform will offer an insight into the trading statistics and recent updates.

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Rialto.AI Update: Changes to the Team

Rialto.AI update…

Dear RIALTO.AI Supporters,
We would like to inform you that our lead developer, Valentin Gjorgjioski has left the project due to differences regarding the vision of RIALTO.AI. We have ensured that Valentin’s leave was consensual and it had no impact on daily operations. Leon Kocjancic will continue to carry out the tasks of Technical Supervisor until a Chief Technical Officer is formally appointed. We support Valentin on his further career path and we have no doubt that he will continue to move boundaries of the IT industry.
RIALTO.AI project normally continues to fulfill its mission in the cryptocurrency industry. Working processes are unaffected by Valentin’s departure, furthermore, we accelerated our work plan since two additional developers have joined our team. The next milestone is an early launch of the RIALTO.AI platform which will be introduced in Q1 2018.
You are invited to follow our official media channels regarding the platform user guide that will be released in due time. Our Customer Support Service will be ready to assist you with platform registration and functionalities.
Kind regards,

Rialto.AI Update: RIALTO.AI December AMA Session Answers

Rialto.AI Update…

Dear community, thank you for participating in the last AMA of 2017. We are looking forward to fulfilling the development roadmap in 2018, starting with the launch of RIALTO.AI platform where every XRL token holder will be able to use selected trading algorithms and manage his funds.

Q1: Do you have plans to make use of arbitrage opportunities in Asia? Especially in Korea prices differ vastly from western exchanges.

We have been discussing a potential partnership with two major exchanges in South Korea, but so far there has been no feasible legal solution for utilization of the trading differences on a large scale, especially related to the fiat rebalancing challenges between South Korea and Europe.

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RIALTO.AI New Updates in November AMA Session

Update received from RIALTO.AI

Dear Supporters,

RIALTO.AI would like to thank everyone for participating in the November 2017 AMA Session on Reddit. With a help of our community, we are creating quality RIALTO.AI content, therefore we cordially invite you to take part in December AMA Session.

Q1: In order to receive a dividend payout you need to register your holdings at the Rialto website (If I correctly understand). So what happens to dividend payouts that belong to unregistered XRL tokens? Will these “unclaimed” dividends be added to the pool?

With the introduction of upgraded trading dashboard platform in Q1 2018, all XRL holders will have the ability to manage their proportionate share of the Digital Asset Pool by themselves. Moreover, every XRL holder will be able to verify XRL holding address and withdraw proportionate share of their assets at any time. The potential remaining funds will not be added back to the pool as they are a property of respective token holders and cannot be allocated to a third party as suggested in the question. Registration is, however, a necessary part of the trading dashboard for monitoring access and maximizing the safety of its users.

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RIALTO.AI AI Trade Bot Launch


RIALTO.AI is developing an AI trade bot that takes into consideration both long and short positions in cryptocurrencies to create the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. The development of the AI trade bot has begun with collecting historical data for multiple cryptocurrency pairs from the most mature and liquid exchanges.

Next, we have developed a rigorous back-testing framework, which allowed us to test market hypotheses and trading strategies. We analysed the patterns and dynamics of cryptocurrency markets using the framework and the historical data. Besides finding similarities within the traditional financial markets, we applied advanced data-processing statistical techniques to search for patterns in cryptocurrency markets.

After a couple of months of thorough analysis and testing, RIALTO.AI has successfully developed profitable algorithms that are currently quantified and deployed in a testing environment, where their behaviour is monitored and evaluated. In December, the first algorithm will be deployed in real-time trading with a limited amount of capital. After the initial assessment period and the positive confirmation of the algorithm’s behaviour, we will deploy additional strategies with a larger portion of the Digital Asset Pool.

These basic, but necessary steps, will allow us in the future to include more advanced machine learning techniques (combining multiple models with ensemble learning and meta learning, and time-series analysis with deep learning), and this way to achieve the overarching goal of creating a true self-learning AI trade bot.

RIALTO.AI at FinTech Connect Live! 2017

RIALTO.AI will be present at this year’s “UK’s largest meeting place for the fintech community”, FinTech Connect Live 2017 in London. FinTech Connect Live is that kind of ecosystem event that connects start-ups, incumbent tech providers, traditional financial institutions and the investor community. 

In this two-day event at the ExCeL LondonRIALTO.AI will be exhibiting to present its blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, furthermore, our Project Manager, Vito Martin Hrzenjak, will speak about whether The Crypto Finance is a fad or a New Financial Dimension. Any candidates are welcome to join the event: free Expo Passes are available here.

XRL Token Listed on Yobit

Since November 25, RIALTO.AI XRL can be purchased on Yobit.

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RIALTO.AI Update: Digital Asset Pool Active Rebalancing

One of the RIALTO.AI core activities is arbitrage and market making which represent a simultaneous buy and sell of the targeted token or cryptocurrency. One of the main benefits is its very low trading risk and stable rate of return. RIALTO.AI investment capital for arbitrage and market making activities is based on the Digital Asset Pool (DAP), a structured entity composed of crypto and fiat currencies.

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RIALTO.AI Update: November Trading Activities

Additional Exchanges and Crypto Trading Pairs

In the second half of November, RIALTO.AI will expand trading onto two new exchanges, raising the number to five. Furthermore, two additional cryptocurrencies LTC and DASH will be connected which will increase the number of trading pairs and trade events in the future.

Portfolio Rebalancing

In order to include LTC and DASH to the scope of the traded pairs, a minor portion of ETH holdings will be converted into two selected cryptocurrencies. New portfolio holdings will be published afterwards in a following update. We will include the average conversion rate in the first quarterly performance report on January 15, 2018.

Parity Statement: RIALTO.AI was not affected by recent security issue regarding Parity multi-sig wallets.

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Rialto.AI Update: Dashboard Introduction

RIALTO.AI has started trading on October 1st, 2017 when also Second Generation website along with the anticipated RIALTO.AI Trading Dashboard have been presented to the public. 

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RIALTO.AI Partners with EY

RIALTO.AI is announcing a partnership with one of the Big Four accounting firms, EY (Ernst & Young). The main objectives are designed to accelerate business development, operational efficiency, and company’s growth by bringing cutting-edge consulting services to the progressive business model of RIALTO.AI. EY will not only ensure the highest standard of accounting services, but it will also provide full consulting services in tax, legal, and financial aspects of RIALTO.AI business.

Ernst & Young (EY)

EY is one of the largest multinational professional services firms, headquartered in London. With a global presence and an international network of more than 250.000 employees, EY is able to deliver professional solutions in the complex and broadening industry of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company’s openness towards the new digital trends and awareness of advancing technologies are two of the key factors that have led to the collaboration.

EY has recognized that the blockchain solutions are establishing built-in levels of trust among the market participants and that start-ups continue to disrupt existing industries and create completely new markets. Both RIALTO.AI and EY believe that human insight is needed to seize the upside of disruption and navigate through the extraordinary choices that digital market presents.