Best Way to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Without a Credit Card. 

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Safely With a Credit Card. 

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Purchase SALT Membership Tokens at Discount while Stocks Last

The opportunity to purchase SALT membership tokens at discount is passing. SALT can be purchased in the current tier for $7.5 per token – $2.50 less than the starting retail price of $10 when the SALT Lending Platform officially launches.

SALT has a solid team behind it, including Erik Voorhees. In addition, the concept and technology behind the SALT membership based lending and borrowing network, that will make blockchain-backed loans possible, are as solid as it gets.

Do your own due diligence – and should you decide to get in – you might want to do so at a discount. Purchase SALT membership tokens during the presale at discount.




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Jaron Lukasiewicz joins as Strategic Advisor in advance of September Token Sale

Zug, Switzerland and Boston, MA — August 11, 2017

Ambrosus, the world’s first trusted blockchain-based ecosystem for the supply chain, today announced a partnership with pharmaceutical pioneer Trek Therapeutics, PBC (Trek) to apply integrated sensors coupled with blockchain-based technology to pharmaceutical drug manufacturing in Trek’s clinical development program. This announcement comes as blockchain industry heavyweight Jaron Lukasiewicz joins Ambrosus as Strategic Advisor.

Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain, and powered by smart contracts, Ambrosus is building the world’s first publicly-verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to ensure the quality, safety, and origins of essential products, such as medicine, food and commodities. As part of the collaboration, Ambrosus will conduct pilot projects with Trek to monitor the quality, safety and integrity of all stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Trek Co-founder and CEO Dr. Ann Kwong said,

“Currently the pharmaceutical manufacturing process is highly regulated by pharmaceutical manufacturers and by regulatory authorities in an extremely labor-intensive and expensive manner. We hope to partner with Ambrosus to create a continuous monitoring and tracking system that will be less labor intensive, less expensive, and more transparent to all parties with a stake in quality pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our goal is to develop a system that is robust enough that Trek can submit data to support our manufacturing application for regulatory approval of our drugs from the FDA and EMA authorities.”

“Additionally, patients currently have no way to ascertain the quality of the medicines they ingest. Trek believes it is important to be able to demonstrate to patients that while our drugs are affordable, they’re also of the highest quality,”
Dr Kwong added.

Ambrosus Co-Founder and CEO Angel Versetti said,

“Following the successful implementation of the Ambrosus protocol in global food supply chains, we are delighted to now apply our blockchain protocol to help ensure the quality, safety and integrity of another vitally important product – pharmaceuticals.”

Trek Therapeutics, PBC is a privately-held, public-benefit corporation developing treatments for serious infections. Its mission is to provide cost-effective, affordable, and accessible medicines to treat patients that suffer from infectious diseases and commercialize them for global populations. Since the company’s founding in 2014, Trek has raised US$10M in Series A funding. Trek’s management team and board of directors is comprised of seasoned drug-development executives from Vertex, Schering Plough/Merck, Pharmasset/Gilead, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, Celgene Global Health, Idenix, and Genzyme.

“Trek is focused on developing safe, novel medicines for infectious diseases at affordable and accessible prices. The pharmaceutical supply chain encompasses many phases and a multitude of stakeholders, requiring responsible parties to seek new methods of guaranteeing the quality and integrity of critical products. As Trek continues their mission to develop pharmaceuticals for budget-constrained patients across North America and Europe, our partnership will help to develop protocols to provide transparency and quality assurance during each phase of the process,”
added Versetti.

As part of the pilot projects, Ambrosus’s protocol will work to verify and track the entire manufacturing chain from the primary chemical starting materials through multiple steps of synthesis, purification, and verification of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API); followed by formulation of the API into drug product; packaging, labeling, storage, and shipping to clinical trial sites.

“Backed by a superb core team of developers, advisors, and researchers, Ambrosus’ protocol will provide the transparency necessary in our manufacturing process to help ensure the integrity of supply chains. With our commitment to providing affordable high quality medicine, we believe this partnership could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry quality control of manufacturing at every stage from plant to patient,”
Dr. Kwong said.

Joining the Ambrosus team as an Advisor is blockchain luminary Jaron Lukasiewicz. Speaking on the announcement, Versetti added: “Ambrosus is excited to welcome Jaron Lukasiewicz as our Strategic Advisor. As a highly-respected blockchain industry figure we are eager to utilize his invaluable expertise as we lead up to our September token sale and beyond.”

Jaron Lukasiewicz has been a notable bitcoin and blockchain industry figurehead since 2012. Lukasiewicz founded and served as CEO of Coinsetter, a New York City-based bitcoin exchange, which was acquired by Kraken, the world’s largest digital asset exchange in Euro volume, in January 2016. The sale was, at the time, the largest M&A deal in bitcoin history. Lukasiewicz also served as CEO of Cavirtex (Canadian Virtual Exchange), the oldest and largest Canadian bitcoin exchange, which was also acquired by Kraken in 2016. Since the acquisition, Lukasiewicz has served as an active advisor to several blockchain companies and blockchain investment funds in addition to his role as the CEO of WRKFLOW.

Jaron Lukasiewicz said:

“I am excited about the future of the Ambrosus project and equally the team behind it, who together carries decades of experience in their target markets. Ambrosus can become a fundamental technology utilized in sectors ranging from food to pharma, stretching the boundaries of what blockchain technology can accomplish in real world applications.”

About Ambrosus:

Founded in 2016 by Angel Versetti and Dr Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus is the world’s first publicly-verifiable and community-driven system to assure the quality, safety, and origins of products such as food and pharmaceuticals. Officially endorsed by SQS (Swiss Quality and Safety Association), Ambrosus boasts the support of significant global bodies and associations including the United Nations, EPFL, the Crypto Valley Association, and financial backing from the Government of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

With an underlying ERC20-standard token called Amber, Ambrosus will complete a tokensale in September 2017 that will serve to fuel the development of the Ambrosus ecosystem.
For more information, or to see technical papers for Ambrosus sensors, marketplace and non invasive analytics, visit

About Trek:

Trek Therapeutics, PBC is a private, clinical stage public benefit corporation developing treatments for serious infections. Its mission is to profitably develop affordable and accessible medicines to treat infectious diseases and to commercialize them for global populations starting with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Its commercial strategy is to price their treatment regimen low enough to include the majority of patients infected with HCV who cannot afford the expensive treatments available today. Trek is currently raising Series B financing to support the completion of its Phase 2a program and initiate its Phase 2b studies. Trek is examining the possibility of a listing on the Euronext Growth and other markets. For further information, please visit

Obsidian Platform ICO Review – First Stratis Fork ICO

Obsidian Platform ICO Review – First Stratis Fork ICO

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Disrupting A $200 BILLION Market | Bowhead Health ICO

Disrupting A $200 BILLION Market | Bowhead Health ICO

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Meet TokenMarket in ICO summit, Zurich, 15th September

ICO Summit is 15th September @ 8:30am – 5:00pm.

It it arranged in Zurich, Switzerland.

TokenMarket CEO, Mr. Ransu Salovaara, will participate in State of ICO Market – Cutting through the Hype panel.

For more information see ICO Summit website

Realist News update – ICOs On Track To Raise $1.7B As Firms Ignore SEC’s “Tokens Are Securities” Ruling

Realist News update – ICOs On Track To Raise $1.7B As Firms Ignore SEC’s “Tokens Are Securities” Ruling

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Bowhead Health: Anonymized Health Token (AHT)

Bowhead Health: Anonymized Health Token (AHT)

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BitJob presale

BitJob is the first decentralized peer to peer student marketplace for online short term jobs, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Aimed at revolutionising the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying, BitJob will give students the opportunity to receive immediate payment for their skills from professional employers whilst enriching their dynamic résumé, anytime and from anywhere.

Every pre-sale contributor will receive a new hardware TREZOR Wallet for free.

Find out more at:

Nametoken.IO to Revolutionize the Domain Marketplace

The crowdsale of nametoken (Token Symbol: NAT) started on August 1, 2017 and will run until September 30, 2017.

Unfortunately, due to US Law, US citizens are not allowed to participate in the nametoken ICO. You will have the option to buy NAT tokens on the secondary market.

Here is an opportunity to learn more about nametoken (official website:, how the team behind it aims to revolutionize the domain marketplace (no counterparty risk and more), and perhaps of more importance to you, how you can get involved – qualify for bonuses of up to 50%, earn NAT tokens and share in the profits (dividends).

Domain Marketplace – Size and Growth Potential

Verisign, a global leader in domain names and security, reported that the first quarter of this year (2017) closed with more or less 330.6 million domain name registrations across the top-level domains (TLDs) – an increase of 1.3 million quarter-to-quarter. This translated into year-to-year growth of 3.7% or 11.8 million – a massive number of new domain name registrations!

Given the above, it should not be difficult to see that the domain marketplace is a multi-billion dollar market with immense growth potential. This is the marketplace, nametoken not only intends to tap into, but to revolutionize via innovative systems and the deployment of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Domain Investments – High Value Domain Names

Domain names, especially high value domain names (e.g. – $35.6 million, – $35 million, – $30.18 million) tend to go up faster in value than most other commodities out there. It is therefore small wonder that many people treat domain names like real estate – something of immense value, especially in terms of its profit generating capabilities.

Do you want to buy a domain name with potential?

See below how nametoken’s domain appraisal algorithm, combined with user generated big data, will assist you in selecting potentially high value domain names. Nametoken will also acquire domain names in order to generate profits for NAT token holders – see their roadmap.

First Decentralized Domain Marketplace in the World

Nametoken (NAT), the brainchild of Frank Menze and Jens Peterssen, is set to revolutionize the domain marketplace. The team behind it aims to do this through the creation of a decentralized domain marketplace – the first in the world.

If successful, this decentralized domain marketplace, will transform the domain eco system as we know it – making it cheaper, faster and more secure than ever to register, list, park, buy and sell domains.

The NAT team plans to do this through the creation of Ethereum blockchain-based solutions that make use of smart contracts – computer protocols designed to make peer-to-peer, trustless transactions possible.

Zero Counterparty Risk – Zero Human Error – Fast, Automated Payments

Nametoken will use smart contracts to store funds. This will eliminate the need for human intervention – completely eliminating counterparty risk and human error in the process.

Furthermore, the use of smart contracts will allow for fast, automated payments – something that will certainly add to the attractiveness of the decentralized domain marketplace that is being built by nametoken.

This should make it faster, safer and more convenient than ever to buy a domain name (and vice versa).

No Centralized Servers

Traditional domain marketplaces are heavily dependent on centralized servers that can be switched off. The decentralized domain marketplace proposed by nametoken will not be exposed to the same risk. This is due to the nature of the Ethereum blockchain that is used as a platform to build the NAT systems.

Secret Weapon: Domain Appraisal Algorithm

The proposed marketplace will also make it possible to select and get a domain name with potential so to speak. This will be made possible by the deployment of nametoken’s domain appraisal algorithm, a proven appraisal solution, in combination with user generated big data.

This will make it easy and convenient to pick and buy a domain name out of the best selection of domain names available (or at least the most interesting ones).

Earn NAT Tokens – Data Maintenance and Voting

There will be an opportunity to earn NAT tokens by helping with data maintenance and voting. You will also be able to earn NAT tokens by buying, selling, listing and parking domain names. 

Experienced Team

The best technology in the world cannot save a project if it is badly managed. It is therefore welcoming to know that the nametoken team is made up of no less than twelve seasoned professionals, including Founder, Frank Menze and CEO and Co-Founder, Jens Peterssen

Frank Menze – Founder

Jens Peterssen – CEO and Co-Founder

Other team members include: Sebastian Festor – IT / Development, Carina Neffin – Head of Communications, Svetlana Brosowski – Customer Support, Christian Röber – Customer Support, Karl Schnürch – E-Commerce Expert Strategic Advisor, Pamela Menze – Lawyer Legal Advisor, Christian Menze – Web Developer Strategic Advisor, Steffen Fuchs – Asset Manager, Alexander Raabe – Full-Stack Developer and Volodymyr Lytvyniuk – International Advisory.

Nametoken ICO – Early Bird Bonuses – Up to 50% Extra NAT Tokens

The early bird catches the worm. Buy NAT tokens during the early stages of the nametoken ICO to quality for up to 50% in “early bird” bonuses. You will receive it in the form of extra NAT tokens.

It works on a sliding scale, the higher the level of NAT token sales, the lesser and lesser the bonus…. +50% (0-1000 BTC), +30% (1001-5000 BTC), +20% (5001-10000 BTC) and +10% (10001-15000 BTC). No bonus will be available once token sales surpass the 15,001 BTC mark.

Total NAT Token Supply – Accepted Currencies – Exchange Rates

Up to 90% of the total supply of NAT tokens – 98,000,000 – will be available for sale during the ICO. The currencies accepted are BTC, ETH and LTC.

The exchange rates are as follow: 1 NAT = 0.00025 BTC1 NAT = 0.003 ETH and 1 NAT = 0.015 LTC.

Deflationary Token – 50% of All Net Profit to Burn NAT Tokens – Market Value – Share in the Profits – Dividends

Another great aspect of the NAT token is that it will be deflationary – 50% of all net profit will be used to buy back and burn tokens. Holder of NAT tokens will receive the proceeds in the form of dividends that will be paid out via Ethereum smart contracts. The other 50% will be re-invested. This should have an immensely positive effect on the market value of NAT tokens.

NAT token ownership offers a great way to monetize your domain portfolio!

Unsold ICO Tokens – Reserve Fund – Powerful Reward System – Mobile App

Even more impressive, all unsold ICO tokens – NAT tokens not sold during the ICO – will be stored in a reserve fund. The purpose of this reserve fund will be to provide funds to fuel reward usage in the mobile marketplace – mainly to encourage usage of the mobile app. This should positively impact the acceptance of nametoken – leading to higher profits and increased value for all NAT token holders.

Be sure to read their White Paper for details pertaining to the roadmap and more. Even if nametoken only manages to capture a small portion of the domain name registration market, it could translate into massive profits for NAT token holders!

Contact Details:

Mail: info @ [remove the spaces]

Official Website: