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STK Delays Public Sale To Coincide with Public Beta Testing


December 7, 2017, GibraltarSTK is delaying its Token Generation Event to coincide with STACK’s public beta launch in January, 2018. The public token sale will run from January 31 to February 14, 2018. The STK pre-sale is currently running and will end as scheduled on December 10, 2017 at 16:59 UTC.

STK is the first mass market instant cryptocurrency payment solution, providing access to more than 33 million merchants around the world.

“There is a growing demand for improved liquidity of cryptocurrency,” said Miro Pavletic, Director of STK. “Having a beta product in the market during our token sale will provide the first public proof-of-concept in the cryptocurrency payments space and solidify our position as the premiere mass market solution for instant crypto payments at point of sale.”

STK is also reducing its hard cap to $17MM USD, projecting early traction to support funding for future deliverables.

“Based on the response from our community and investment network, we’re anticipating fast growth in our initial markets,” said Pavletic. “This will allow us to replace a higher hard cap with early revenue, fuelling international expansion and supporting a larger user base.”

The STK token supply will remain the same at 500,000,000, of which 55% will be available for sale for a total public supply of 275,000,000. The token price has been updated to $0.10 USD. Token distribution will be based on the conversion rates from Ether to USD 24 hours before the close of the public sale or when the sale hard cap is reached, whichever comes first.

For full sale information, visit www.stktoken.com.

About STK Global Payments

STK Global Payments is the cryptocurrency technology solution which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale, and the issuer of the STK token. The STK token was designed to provide a method that can allow cryptocurrency to be used instantly at retail for seamless integration into everyday transactions and financial services. The STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions through a smart contract which facilitates a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat at the POS.

Visit the STK website for more details.

Read their whitepaper here

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Globitex Digital Currency Exchange to Become Global Trading Venue – An Interview with Globitex Co-founder Liza Aizupiete


December 6, 2017Globitex Co-founder and Managing Director Liza Aizupiete features in an article on Bankless Times to discuss how the institutional spot and derivatives exchange will scale the Bitcoin economy.

“Who better than a group of experienced traders with strong knowledge of cryptocurrency to create a digital currency exchange that will allow everyone to trade commodities and money market instruments for Bitcoin?

That’s the background of the Globitex team, cofounder Liza Aizupiete said. Currently, in beta, Globitex is preparing for its ICO, which is organized in order to scale the existing Globitex exchange infrastructure to the necessary industrial trading level, with a capacity to accommodate standardized money markets and commodities listings.” Read more

Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities for direct market access. The purpose of Globitex is to advance the overall Bitcoin industry by scaling existing Globitex exchange infrastructure to the necessary industrial trading level, with a capacity to accommodate standardized money markets and commodities listings.

For more information, visit the Globitex website or to participate in the token sale visit their token sale website

Read their whitepaper here.

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Democratizing Finance: Regtech Leader Coinfirm Beats Presale Goal for AMLT Token and Announces Public Sale Date

AMLT Coinfirm

The Blockchain regtech company announces a December 12th start date for public sale of the anti-money laundering compliance token following successful pre-sale

LONDON, December 5, 2017Coinfirm, a global leader in blockchain AML/CTF and compliance solutions, has announced today that it exceeded its goal for the pre-sale of its AMLT token ahead of its public sale scheduled for December 12th. AMLT is the native token of the Coinfirm platform, designed to enhance transparency and democratization within the financial system by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others.  

Broadening Access to new markets

Coinfirm is an anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing platform (AML/CTF) that helps improve compliance efficiency and broadens financial inclusion. The company has been raising  standards  of compliance in the blockchain and financial ecosystem through its technical solution that allows financial institutions to interface with the cryptocurrency economy.  It does this by actively involving market participants globally in determining the risk of others in the network, allowing entities to rate and provide information on other market participants into the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform, with AMLT as their reward for the valid data they provide. For example, through AMLT, entities in “high risk” regions can also be evaluated based on the existing relationship and input of other market participants and have their risk lowered due to the positive feedback. Network members such as exchanges or payment processors can provide ratings and data on other market participants and cryptocurrency addresses to enrich data, potentially warn others about ransomware funds and be rewarded in AMLT tokens.

“AMLT is the next step in our vision for our AML/CTF Platform and is one that provides redefines compliance by giving a voice to the market itself. Our plan is not only for contributors of the AMLT crowdsale to be able to use their tokens with certain benefits on the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform but we expect to bring higher compliance efficiency and allow for greater financial inclusion globally,” Coinfirm Co-Founder and CEO Pawel Kuskowski.

An Established Network

Coinfirm already works with world-class partners and clients ranging from major virtual currency players such as Dash and RSK(RootStock), to leading financial institutions such as SEI. As a key link in bringing virtual currencies and blockchain to a broader market base, the blockchain agnostic Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform supports a number of cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN, DASH, ETHEREUM and ERC20/ERC223 tokens used in ICO’s. This will further help with compliance and vital regulations like anti money-laundering and countering terrorist financing across the blockchain ecosystem. This supports a major need of the token issuers as well as the banks that want to provide bank account facilities to them.

Widening Financial Inclusion in Cryptocurrency

One of the more important problems that AMLT looks to solve with the democratization model is financial inclusion. Because the current compliance system and related tools and processes are so ineffective, millions of individuals and entities are excluded from the financial system as a whole. Coinfirm’s platform helps solve this by not only taking compliance effectiveness and accuracy to levels unavailable in the traditional system, but also by providing a model with AMLT that allows market participants to value and rate others and bring a level of democracy to compliance. So with AMLT, an entity existing in a high risk area can lower their risk rating through peer evaluation. Many excluded entities will now have the possibility to interact with the commercial financial ecosystem on a transparent and global level.

“By democratising compliance, we’re redefining compliance and the financial system as a whole. This opens up the system to entities in regions and situations that previously couldn’t access it.” Kuskowski said.

To be implemented into an already vibrant and active network of players through the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform, AMLT will have a strong foundation with commercial adoption and use. AMLT has the goal of building an open financial system and bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream in a safe, efficient and effective way.

Supporters can acquire AMLT tokens in the Coinfirm crowdsale from December 12th in exchange for  Ethereum (ETH). AMLT is a utility token that allows the holder access rights to the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform as well as a range of prepaid products. The sale has a hard cap of $16 million USD with bonuses for early participation. For more information visit https://amlt.coinfirm.io

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm serves as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain. The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured, actionable data that increases efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines compliance to near automation. A recognized leader in their field and among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies, the blockchain agnostic platform benefits not only companies operating around blockchain but also major financial institutions, asset management and BI companies. In addition, Coinfirm develops dedicated blockchain solutions such as their data provenance platform Trudatum, currently being piloted for adoption by multiple financial institutions. Trudatum is an easy to use blockchain solution to register and verify the ownership and authenticity of any type of document, file, or data. www.coinfirm.io

Find out more at the Coinfirm website

Find out more at the AMLT website and read the white paper

Join the AMLT Telegram Channel

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The First ICO Serving 200 Million Users to Create a Trusted Economy Without Intermediaries Announces Token Sale Dates

AppCoins, Aptoide

December 4 2017AppCoins the open and distributed protocol for App Stores announce its token sale date for December 13, 2017 at 1700 UTC and scheduled to end January 18, 2017, unsold tokens — if any — will be burned, in order to preserve the value of the token.

Supported by App Store giants Aptoide, AppCoins aims to provide transparency, equitably and community focus to the app store for developers and end-users. By marrying blockchain technology with app store technology, app advertising, in-app billing and app-approval can be drastically improved and sped up through disintermediation and redistributing the unlocked value to end-users and developers. “AppCoin” ERC20 token will be used by the developers to advertise their Apps to the users. From every advertising investment inside the app store, 85% goes to the user. The user has to use those coins to buy items (in-app purchase) inside the apps and games, generating the return of the investment to the developers.

AppCoins, Toke Details

AppCoins ICO Tokens

Sale supply: 160,000,000 tokens

Nominal price: 1 APPC = 0.0003339 ETH

Soft cap: $2.5M USD

Hard cap: 60,120 ETH / $15.3M

Token format: ERC-20 Standard

After surpassing the pre-sale goals and successfully raising $1.8 million dollars with whitelisted and eligible contributors from all around the world, AppCoins opens its public token sale to allow all participants to purchase APPC tokens.

We are tremendously grateful to our community and early supporters for being so vocal in their excitement about our project. The AppCoins main sale ICO will open on December 13th and close on January 15th. – AppCoins Team


During the public token, the whitelisting process will not be necessary, participants will only need to provide KYC details. During the token contribution process, the AppCoins team will be available to discuss token sale details and token participation assistance, join the official Telegram group for live updates and chat support.

To learn more, visit their website

Read their whitepaper here.

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Cashaa Will Power Financial Transactions For The Zero-Code Blockchain App Development Environment


London, UK, 29th November 2017,Cashaa, the blockchain-powered ‘Banking Platform for the Next Billion’ has today announced a strategic partnership with Metavine’s Crowd Machine to allow its zero-code decentralized app development platform to use Cashaa’s powerful financial technology, enabling mass adoption of the Cashaa wallet.

Through its strategic partnership with Crowd Machine, Cashaa has become part of the Crowd Consortium, a new group of major companies that plan to support development of blockchain applications on Crowd Machine. Cashaa join companies like General Electric, AON Hewitt, KONE, Anthem and Pacific Western Bank who are already leveraging this next generation dApp platform.

The partnership will not only allow coders and non-coders alike to take full advantage of building apps up to 45x faster than traditional development tools, but also place Cashaa’s integrated fintech services at their fingertips. Cashaa’s technology will power financial transactions within Metavine’s global Crowd Machine application platform, thereby making Cashaa’s wallet system available for integration with millions of apps and downloads. This will have the effect of placing enormous demand on CAS, the token that powers the platform.

Straightforward UX

Cashaa is creating a better bank, challenging legacy banking by building an app and products with input from its community of users. It’s blockchain-based platform enables its community to store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured, with a simplified user experience in a legally compliant way.

Currencies held in Cashaa wallets can be transferred cheaper and faster to any card, bank account or wallet in the world in local currency. The sender and the receiver can transact in the local currency and need no awareness of blockchain technology. A receiver can receive fiat money in their local bank account, credit or debit card and can walk to the ATM to withdraw cash instantly or spend as they wish.

Crowd Machine

Just as Cashaa offers unprecedented efficiency and financial inclusion to the unbanked billions, Metavine’s Crowd Machine democratises software development by enabling millions of people to create their own apps without coding expertise, via the Crowd App Studio. The app components they create in the Crowd App Studio can also be published in a Github-like repository called Crowd Share. Every time an app component is run, the app creator gets compensated.

Metavine’s Crowd Machine is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies, including Anthem and GE (Oil & Gas).The company will distribute its Crowd Virtual Machine (CVM) to a peer-to-peer network, leveraging unused computing resources in billions of devices around the world, via decentralized cloud.

Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa said:

“As the financial technology partner in the Crowd Consortium, Cashaa will make available its payment services within the Crowd Share for app developers to use in their new apps through the Crowd App Studio. One of the main reasons we were keen to join the Crowd Consortium was to make our wallet and digital financial services apps building components available to the community to help bring decentralized global financial products to the masses.”

“Cashaa will be able to power cross border payment services for a number of applications from the app components they publish in Crowd Share, facilitating payments in fiat, Crowd Machine Tokens (CMT), or other supported digital tokens. This will allow the promise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to be delivered faster to the global community.,” added Craig Sproule, CEO Crowd Machine.

About Crowd Machine

Crowd Machine is revolutionizing the blockchain and decentralized applications sector with technology from Metavine Lab. Coming out of stealth in November 2017, the project involves three core components. The Crowd App Studio (Previously “Metavine’s Genesis) offers the most comprehensive high productivity platform as a service available today, including complete application lifecycle management functionality. Crowd Share is a GitHub-like repository where app creators can post components of their apps; where creators are paid if their source code is used.

For more information please visit: www.crowdmachine.com

About Cashaa

Cashaa is currently running a Token Generation Event (TGE) offering its native CAS token. Cashaa aims to provide access to financial services for the billions of unbanked and underbanked. The financial services platform leverages blockchain technology without end-users needing to know anything about it and never having to come into contact with cryptocurrency themselves.

For more information about Cashaa and the CAS token sale visit https://cashaa.com.

For more information on how to participate, visit their website

Join Cashaa Telegram channel

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The Bitcoin Podcast with Grant Blaisdell, CMO and Co-founder of Confirm and AMLT

AMLT Coinfirm

November 28 2017Coinfirm CMO and Co-founder Grant Blaisdell features as a guest on The Bitcoin Podcast as he discusses how AMLT token is the first dedicated token that will ensure transparency and democratization of the financial system by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others.


Listen to the Interview on The Bitcoin Podcast here


About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a recognized leader in their field and ranked among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies and serves as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain. The Coinfirm AML & Compliance Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured actionable data that increases efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines compliance to near automation. The blockchain agnostic platform not only benefits companies operating around blockchain but also major financial institutions, asset management companies and BI companies. Coinfirm has also recently released it’s AMLT Token to allow for market participants to help provide information and democratize the financial system.

Find out more at the Coinfirm website http://www.trudatum.com/

Find out more at the AMLT website and read the white paper

View AMLT by Coinfirm on TokenMarket

An Interview Kumar Gaurav, CEO and Founder of Cashaa, The Next Gen Banking Platform for The Next Billion

November 23, 2017Cashaa CEO and Founder Kumar Gaurav features as a guest for an in-depth interview hosted by Cryptovator, Mr. Gaurav discusses how the Cashaa platform aims to promote mass adoption of blockchain for the billions of unbanked.

Watch the Interview Here

The CAS token sale is currently open with up to 40% CAS token bonus available. The token sale ends December 5th, 2017 at 17:00 UTC

Read their whitepaper here

For more information on how to participate, visit their website

Join Cashaa Telegram channel

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Hyundai “goes crypto”: President Dae-Sun Chung announces plans for the company’s first token generation event

Zug, Switzerland, November, 2017—  HyundaiPay in cooperation with Hdac Technology AG, the multinational corporation based in Switzerland, announces today its plans to hold a TGE (Token Generation Event), aiming to bring blockchain technology to IoT payment platforms and secure transactions amongst connected devices. Hdac Technology and Hyundai, specifically HyundaiPay are always looking for new and innovative technology to incorporate into their products, and the joint TGE will protect IoT devices and their users from hacks, privacy invasion, and external threats, especially for payments and transactions. Hdac technology and Hyundai Pay will hold a TGE for the HDAC token on November 27th. The TGE will run on the Hdac blockchain, a separate entity apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is maintained by the Hdac Technology group.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a visible and immediate impact on the tech industry these days, and will be worth $270 billion by 2020. Connected devices, homes, and vehicles can already be found in advanced countries, and as anyone with experience in the industry knows, the complexity of ensuring safe financial transactions, is close to impossible. Consider the security challenges involved in safely making an online payment on your phone in a public place. The vulnerability of security breaches is very high between connected devices. There is high-security risk for office buildings, large convention centers, or even a connection home that is transferring data constantly throughout the day.

A network of economies and payment platforms in the IoT have to integrate blockchain into their system in order to offer integrity and confidentially to their users, and to revoke the mystery behind this futuristic solution for security failures. Integration of blockchain technology will solve various issues in terms of security in IoT:

Interconnected security risks: IoT devices are all connected, if one node on this network becomes compromised, this puts the whole fabric at risk.

Different security protocols and requirements of each device: These differences make integration slow and difficult at times.

Many points of failure exist, which makes monitoring a wide network of IoT devices at best difficult, at worst impossible.

Developments in blockchain technology enable greater transparency and trust, especially regarding payments, and can help secure all those self-driving cars, smart home devices, and even your FitBit that have flooded the industry in recent years.

The goal of Hyundai BS&C and Hdac Technology’s TGE is to support the continuing development of the Hdac blockchain, as blockchain technology has the ability to greatly enhance the security of the IoT. Hdac, which runs separately from the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, is based on hybrid blockchain technology, which offers a wider range of capabilities to ensure reliable connection and secured processing between devices. Hyundai will work to apply this pioneering platform to hardware payments applications and to enhance both their security and reliability.

Blockchain technology is the only way to achieve the level of security that Hdac technology and HyundaiPay aim to achieve. The Hdac blockchain addresses security issues by providing immutable information on top of smart contracts. It makes the automated security and transparency principles application over the platform, in a possible way that was previously impossible to guarantee.

“We are thrilled to hold a TGE in order to bring security and transparency to IoT devices,” said  Dae-Sun Chung, Founder of Hdac Technology AG, “With more IoT devices hitting the market daily, our lives become more connected. Although there are many benefits to this, we open ourselves to great security risks. Blockchain technology, and special the Hdac blockchain, is the best way to leverage trust, transparency, and security on IoT.”

Bitcoin Exchange Globitex Granted European Electronic Money License – Bitcoin Magazine


November 22, 2017Globitex, a new bitcoin exchange co-founded by former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis, is announcing that its parent Globitex Holding (Latvia) group company NexPay UAB has been granted an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by the Bank of Lithuania, a regulatory authority in the European Union, to carry out payment services and e-money issuance in the EU.

The acquisition of the EMI license will allow Globitex to integrate with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) euro payment system directly through the central bank of Lithuania. This will enable NexPay to clear euro payments directly, without the involvement of commercial banks, and to issue IBAN accounts to Globitex clients just as banks issue accounts to their clients, which is could be an important step forward in terms of accessibility.

According to the company, this regulatory development opens the way for the institutional- grade bitcoin exchange to deal with EUR fiat payments globally and sets a new level of legitimacy for the cryptocurrency industry overall. It also represents a significant step toward widespread adoption of Bitcoin as a unit of account suitable for global trade, with no geographic, political or monetary restrictions. Read more here.

For more information, visit the Globitex website or visit the token sale website

Read their whitepaper here.

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Fundraising Platform ICO HeadStart Launches Kickstarter for Pre-ICO Companies

AMSTERDAM, November, 2017— ICO HeadStartannounces today its ICO for the MOAT token on December 8. ICO HeadStart is a fundraising platform, which curates the most promising ICOs, which have been thoroughly screened, selected and certified with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval. Basically instead of you having to do your due diligence, the platform does it for you! ICO HeadStart’s unparalleled ecosystem allows them to provide their community with 100% profit sharing. ICOs are surging right now and it’s tough to figure out which ones to trust and which are a complete scam. ICO HeadStart has figured out a way to solve the dilemma by thoroughly pre-screening the projects that they list, so they community knows that their money is well invested.

The platform operates with the help of compliance officers who have dedicated themselves to selecting, screening and certifying ICO projects, before they are allowed to join the platform. Through this intense course of action, ICO HeadStart offers its community access to only the best ICO proposals, while also providing the highest level of risk management in the ecosystem. The ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval is the key standard, essentially symbolizing the best and most promising ICOs on the market. The platform subjects themselves to the strictest requirements and screening procedures.

ICO Headstart’s unique profit sharing model contributes to a massive value increase of the MOAT token, therefore maximizing profits of the entire community.  In total, 80% of the profits made on the exchange and through contracts with the project creators on the ICO HeadStart platform, will be used to buy back MOAT from token holders. By doing so, the company contributes to a massive increase of the value of MOAT and thus returns their profits to the community. ICO Headstart plans to use the remaining 20% of MOAT tokens for newly listed projects on the platform, therefore giving them a head start in the funding process.

ICO HeadStart not only has a unique profit sharing model, but also a distinct process for deciding which projects become funded. The combined knowledge, insights and wisdom of the platform’s large community of backers vote together to determine which ICO projects will be successfully funded. A crowd of this magnitude always knows better than single individuals. ICO HeadStart creates the capital and the execution structure,  and then democratizes that access to everyone in the community.

Once the community has determined that a specific project warrants funding, the funds gathered will be held in escrow. Based on the amount of funding needed, the project campaign roadmap and most importantly, the ICO Head Start Scorecard Analysis, ICO HeadStart will work to draw up an escrow contract for each individually listed ICO on the platform. ICO HeadStart plans to use smart contracts, in order to create the safest and most transparent mechanism on the market. These smart contracts are a perfect match for the decentralization of the ICO HeadStart platform.

“We are thrilled to officially announce the ICO of the MOAT Token,” said Nawid Habib, Founder of ICO HeadStart, “ICO HeadStart works to streamline and add much needed transparency to the ICO process. We aim to develop the first platform of its kind which successfully screens ICO proposals, certifying them with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval and then listing them on our platform. We strongly believe that the ICO HeadStart platform will empower the blockchain community.”


ICO HeadStart is the first fundraising platform where backers and project creators pay 0% fee without any additional costs. The platform lists only the best and most promising ICOs which are thoroughly screened, selected and certified with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval. ICO HeadStart’s unparalleled ecosystem allows us to provide our community with 100% profit sharing.