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Hyundai “goes crypto”: President Dae-Sun Chung announces plans for the company’s first token generation event

Zug, Switzerland, November, 2017—  HyundaiPay in cooperation with Hdac Technology AG, the multinational corporation based in Switzerland, announces today its plans to hold a TGE (Token Generation Event), aiming to bring blockchain technology to IoT payment platforms and secure transactions amongst connected devices. Hdac Technology and Hyundai, specifically HyundaiPay are always looking for new and innovative technology to incorporate into their products, and the joint TGE will protect IoT devices and their users from hacks, privacy invasion, and external threats, especially for payments and transactions. Hdac technology and Hyundai Pay will hold a TGE for the HDAC token on November 27th. The TGE will run on the Hdac blockchain, a separate entity apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is maintained by the Hdac Technology group.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a visible and immediate impact on the tech industry these days, and will be worth $270 billion by 2020. Connected devices, homes, and vehicles can already be found in advanced countries, and as anyone with experience in the industry knows, the complexity of ensuring safe financial transactions, is close to impossible. Consider the security challenges involved in safely making an online payment on your phone in a public place. The vulnerability of security breaches is very high between connected devices. There is high-security risk for office buildings, large convention centers, or even a connection home that is transferring data constantly throughout the day.

A network of economies and payment platforms in the IoT have to integrate blockchain into their system in order to offer integrity and confidentially to their users, and to revoke the mystery behind this futuristic solution for security failures. Integration of blockchain technology will solve various issues in terms of security in IoT:

Interconnected security risks: IoT devices are all connected, if one node on this network becomes compromised, this puts the whole fabric at risk.

Different security protocols and requirements of each device: These differences make integration slow and difficult at times.

Many points of failure exist, which makes monitoring a wide network of IoT devices at best difficult, at worst impossible.

Developments in blockchain technology enable greater transparency and trust, especially regarding payments, and can help secure all those self-driving cars, smart home devices, and even your FitBit that have flooded the industry in recent years.

The goal of Hyundai BS&C and Hdac Technology’s TGE is to support the continuing development of the Hdac blockchain, as blockchain technology has the ability to greatly enhance the security of the IoT. Hdac, which runs separately from the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, is based on hybrid blockchain technology, which offers a wider range of capabilities to ensure reliable connection and secured processing between devices. Hyundai will work to apply this pioneering platform to hardware payments applications and to enhance both their security and reliability.

Blockchain technology is the only way to achieve the level of security that Hdac technology and HyundaiPay aim to achieve. The Hdac blockchain addresses security issues by providing immutable information on top of smart contracts. It makes the automated security and transparency principles application over the platform, in a possible way that was previously impossible to guarantee.

“We are thrilled to hold a TGE in order to bring security and transparency to IoT devices,” said  Dae-Sun Chung, Founder of Hdac Technology AG, “With more IoT devices hitting the market daily, our lives become more connected. Although there are many benefits to this, we open ourselves to great security risks. Blockchain technology, and special the Hdac blockchain, is the best way to leverage trust, transparency, and security on IoT.”

Fundraising Platform ICO HeadStart Launches Kickstarter for Pre-ICO Companies

AMSTERDAM, November, 2017— ICO HeadStartannounces today its ICO for the MOAT token on December 8. ICO HeadStart is a fundraising platform, which curates the most promising ICOs, which have been thoroughly screened, selected and certified with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval. Basically instead of you having to do your due diligence, the platform does it for you! ICO HeadStart’s unparalleled ecosystem allows them to provide their community with 100% profit sharing. ICOs are surging right now and it’s tough to figure out which ones to trust and which are a complete scam. ICO HeadStart has figured out a way to solve the dilemma by thoroughly pre-screening the projects that they list, so they community knows that their money is well invested.

The platform operates with the help of compliance officers who have dedicated themselves to selecting, screening and certifying ICO projects, before they are allowed to join the platform. Through this intense course of action, ICO HeadStart offers its community access to only the best ICO proposals, while also providing the highest level of risk management in the ecosystem. The ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval is the key standard, essentially symbolizing the best and most promising ICOs on the market. The platform subjects themselves to the strictest requirements and screening procedures.

ICO Headstart’s unique profit sharing model contributes to a massive value increase of the MOAT token, therefore maximizing profits of the entire community.  In total, 80% of the profits made on the exchange and through contracts with the project creators on the ICO HeadStart platform, will be used to buy back MOAT from token holders. By doing so, the company contributes to a massive increase of the value of MOAT and thus returns their profits to the community. ICO Headstart plans to use the remaining 20% of MOAT tokens for newly listed projects on the platform, therefore giving them a head start in the funding process.

ICO HeadStart not only has a unique profit sharing model, but also a distinct process for deciding which projects become funded. The combined knowledge, insights and wisdom of the platform’s large community of backers vote together to determine which ICO projects will be successfully funded. A crowd of this magnitude always knows better than single individuals. ICO HeadStart creates the capital and the execution structure,  and then democratizes that access to everyone in the community.

Once the community has determined that a specific project warrants funding, the funds gathered will be held in escrow. Based on the amount of funding needed, the project campaign roadmap and most importantly, the ICO Head Start Scorecard Analysis, ICO HeadStart will work to draw up an escrow contract for each individually listed ICO on the platform. ICO HeadStart plans to use smart contracts, in order to create the safest and most transparent mechanism on the market. These smart contracts are a perfect match for the decentralization of the ICO HeadStart platform.

“We are thrilled to officially announce the ICO of the MOAT Token,” said Nawid Habib, Founder of ICO HeadStart, “ICO HeadStart works to streamline and add much needed transparency to the ICO process. We aim to develop the first platform of its kind which successfully screens ICO proposals, certifying them with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval and then listing them on our platform. We strongly believe that the ICO HeadStart platform will empower the blockchain community.”


ICO HeadStart is the first fundraising platform where backers and project creators pay 0% fee without any additional costs. The platform lists only the best and most promising ICOs which are thoroughly screened, selected and certified with the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval. ICO HeadStart’s unparalleled ecosystem allows us to provide our community with 100% profit sharing.

Sirin Labs: SRN Token Sale to Open on December 12th

SIRIN LABS has just announced the token sale for the SRN token, which will take place starting on December 12th at 12pm UK time.

Proceeds raised from the token sale will be used for the development of FINNEY™, the first open source, secure smartphone and all-in-one PC, that will run on a fee-less blockchain. SRN token holders will also have first opportunities to purchase the blockchain phone once production is complete.

ETHLend Token Sale White List Opens Today at 12 PM GMT

Limited 5 000 Participant Whitelist Opens Today for the ETHLend Token Sale

ETHLend opens the limited whitelist for 5 000 token sale participants on 15 November 2017 at 12 PM GMT. The link to the whitelist will be available on that time on https://ethlend.io on the new website landing page.

Upon whitelisting, the participants must insert their details and the amount to contribute, submit identification and verify their email. Within 48 hours (or more depending on the traffic) the applicant will receive an email on whether the participant is accepted or declined. We do not allow participation from US.

Upon approval, the participant will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to participate on the token sale with the Eidoo wallet on 25 November 2017. ETHLend will provide 15 000 000 LEND airdrop to all Eidoo wallet users on January 2018.

We recommend to download the Eidoo wallet before the token sale.

The participants in token sale will receive 10% bonus for the first batch sold and 5% for the second batch. The funding aim concerning the token sale is 37 600 ETH which will be used for financing further research and development of our decentralized lending application as well as marketing and operational costs for a long-term sustainability.

Official ETHLend token sale details:

Whitelist: Opens on 15.11.2017 at 12.00 PM GMT

Starting: 25.11.2017 at 12.00 PM GMT

Ending: 27.12.2017 at 23.59 PM GMT or when the cap is reached


TOKEN FOR SALE: 1 000 000 000 LEND (deducted by 60 million pre-sold tokens)

LEND TOKEN PRICE: First 200 000 000 LEND: 27 500 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 10% bonus tokens)

Next 100 000 000 LEND: 26 250 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 5% bonus tokens)

Remaining LEND: 25 000 LEND = 1 ETH

Minimum amount to participate: 0.01 ETH

Decentralized Lending.

Website: https://ethlend.io

White Paper: https://github.com/ETHLend/Documentation/blob/master/ETHLendWhitePaper.md

Telegram: https://t.me/ETHLend

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ETHLend/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ETHLend/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGaoqUoL1F4&t=2s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethlend1

Medium: https://medium.com/@ethlend1

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@ethlend

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ETHLend Announces Token Sale for 25 November and Limited Whitelist Starts on 15 November

Limited Whitelist is open for 5 000 Token Sale Participants from Wednesday 15.11.

ETHLend opens the limited whitelist for 5 000 token sale participants for on 25.11.2017 at 12 PM GMT. The link to the whitelist will be available on that time on https://ethlend.io on the new website landing page.

Upon whitelisting, the participants must insert their details and the amount to contribute, submit identification and verify their email. Within 48 hoursthe applicant will receive an email on whether the participant is accepted or declined. We do not allow participation from US.

ETHLend is the first decentralized p2p-lending application live on the Ethereum Blockchain, that has already a working product and an international team, working eager on making finance more fair and accessible to everyone in the world today. We are bringing democracy to lending, erasing interest rate differences between countries and creating a trusted lending network, without the need for banks and governments. Someone from Tokyo can lend to someone from Delhi instantaneously, making lending borderless.

While ETHLend is continuing to develop the decentralized application further, the team also revealed details on the upcoming token sale. ETHLend introduced LEND token for contributors who are participating in the token sale. The main utility function of LEND is the ability to use it for paying deployment fees on ETHLend with a 25% discount compared to ETH. Additionally, ETHLend shall provide other privileges for LEND token holders based on the community suggestions once the DAPP has grown into a full scale lending market.

ETHLend is introducing continuous AirDrops for loyal Lend holders in such a way that DApp users will receive regularly LEND tokens based on their activity which can be used as a collateral only, strengthen the platform on the one hand and incentivising users to profit from decentralized lending on the other hand. Therefore, LEND is designed to create user adoption and more value for the product. When more users are using the application, there are more lenders and borrowers that would purchase the token from the market token holders.

Official ETHLend token sale details:

Whitelist: Opens on 15.11.2017 at 12.00 PM GMT

Starting: 25.11.2017 at 12.00 PM GMT

Ending: 27.12.2017 at 23.59 PM GMT or when the cap is reached


TOKEN FOR SALE: 1 000 000 000 LEND (deducted by  60 million pre-sold tokens)

LEND TOKEN PRICE: First 200 000 000 LEND: 27 500 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 10% bonus tokens)

Next 100 000 000 LEND: 26 250 LEND = 1 ETH
(price includes 5% bonus tokens)

Remaining LEND: 25 000 LEND = 1 ETH

Minimum amount to participate: 0.01 ETH

Decentralizing Lending.

Website: https://ethlend.io

White Paper: https://github.com/ETHLend/Documentation/blob/master/ETHLendWhitePaper.md

Telegram: https://t.me/ETHLend

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ETHLend/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ETHLend/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGaoqUoL1F4&t=2s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethlend1

Medium: https://medium.com/@ethlend1

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@ethlend

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CarFix Will Repair Your Vehicle For A Fraction Of The Price, With Help From The Ethereum Blockchain

Backed by $5 million euros, CarFix gears up for the first ICO to bring fairness and transparency to the vehicle lifecycle industry

MOSCOW, November 2017CarFix, a transactional maintenance, and repair platform reshaping the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry, announces today its ICO for the VLB token on November 27. By embracing leading blockchain technology, CarFix is issuing the VLB token, and hopes to change the face of one of the most obsolete industries in the world.  CarFix will take a comprehensive approach to streamlining the relationships in auto sales, auto repair, auto insurance and auto finance industries.  The result will be Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain that will usher many vehicle lifecycle industry players such as vehicle manufacturers, dealers, repair shops, insurance companies, spare parts distributors and others into a new era. Proceeds from the ICO will be used to develop and implement a blockchain platform for the vehicle lifecycle industry to bring transparency and immutability to everything that happens to a car from the moment it comes off the factory floor and to the moment it is recycled in the junkyard.

Imagine a world where a regular maintenance job is purged of oppressive bureaucracy and dishonesty amongst repair shop owners, a common disconnect caused by limited knowledge of the average consumer about his car. The car repair industry is typically riddled with faulty and unnecessary costs. When customers use the VLB token for auto repairs all these fees are avoided, because CarFix has created a transactional software platform and an ecosystem of repair shops, spare parts suppliers and dealers where any repair job is priced via a transparent algorithm instantaneously and can be booked much the same way you book hotel rooms.

After only 18 months since its launch, CarFix has brought a significant degree of order and transparency into the vehicle lifecycle industry, an industry closely associated with fraud and incoherency. By implementing a software that establishes fixed prices for all vehicle repairs, the CarFix ecosystem currently encompasses over 500 repair shops, 10 of the largest spare parts distributors, major dealerships, and over 250,000 users of which 50,000 are regular paying customers.  This ecosystem is continuously growing, and will be further empowered by the Blockchain’s core premises of decentralization and immutability of records. In essence, the VLB token is bringing trust to a once thought “trustless” industry.

CarFix’s Ethereum based platform provides many benefits to users including enforcing warranties, maximizing the resale value of vehicles, ascertaining the authenticity of spare parts, achieving more accurate and cost-effective insurance claim management, and more! Users are given fixed prices for regular maintenance, through the following steps:

  1. The client provides his/her car model, VIN number or license plate number, contact information and desired time and location.
  2. VLB takes this data and instantly offers the client the three best repairs shops in his/her selected location.
  3. The VLB software then selects the required spare parts based on statistical data and manufacturer recommendation.
  4. After determining the required labor hours, VLB determines the prices and arranges all relevant appointment scheduling and deliveries.
  5. The customer gets his/her car repaired or, first, objectively diagnosed and then repaired with full transparency!

CarFix boasts an impressive team of advisors, including Sergey Solonin, founder and CEO of QIWI (NASDAQ: QIWI); Alexey Arkhipov, CTO of QIWI Blockchain Technologies and the developer behind MasterChain, the first blockchain solution implemented in the Russian banking sector; and Hannes Chopra, former Senior VP of Allianz Insurance Company.

“We are thrilled to officially announce the ICO of VLB Tokens,” said Oskar Hartmann, Co-Founder and President of VLB, “VLB streamlines one of the most antiquated industries in the world when it comes to customer services and transparency.  We aim to develop the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain, deploy it, first, within the expanded VLB ecosystem; and, second, beyond VLB in a decentralized manner with a distributed network of proof-of-stake nodes.  We strongly believe that our blockchain technology can tap into the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry to provide consumers with a positive value accretive experience and create significant business and cost saving opportunities for industry players.”


ICOs In BIG Trouble? Tezos Cryptocurrency Sued In Class Action Lawsuit – More Of These To Come?

ICOs In BIG Trouble? Tezos Cryptocurrency Sued In Class Action Lawsuit – More Of These To Come?

Source: The Cryptoverse

Tigereum eyes opportunity to message crypto

Tigereum CEO Darren Olney-Fraser is leading an innovative development team that will enable crypto to be sent to friends and family simply and securely by instant message.

“We will make sending crypto as easy as sending photos to friends on Facebook,” said Mr Olney-Fraser.

He believes everyone will be sending money by instant message within two years.

“It’s a race against time. Social media companies are working around the clock on this paradigm shift. Crypto needs to keep up,” he said.

Tigereum’s target market is the average person who doesn’t use crypto yet and wants to explore the opportunity, but can’t work it out. 

“We are building smooth customer interfaces for crypto users to make it readily accessible to people,” said Mr Olney-Fraser.    

“This will help crypto become more mainstream,” he said.

Mr Olney-Fraser wants the customer interface for crypto products to be more like social media platforms.

“Crypto has the answers to a decentralized, borderless, secure, digital, global currency which can be messaged to anyone, anywhere,” he said. 

Tigereum aims to adopt the key principles of the crypto world – decentralization, encryption, security, anonymity and community – to deliver mass adoption of crypto for micro-payments.  

“To succeed, security is our number one priority – the eye of the tiger if you will,” said Mr Olney-Fraser.

Mr Olney-Fraser still defends the place for digital wallets. “Digital wallets are good for sending larger amounts of crypto. But let’s be realistic, they are not easy for many people. Not everyone is a computer programmer.”

Tigereum Tokens will be created and used as the cryptocurrency in its instant message solution. Senders will buy Tigereum Tokens to message money. Recipients will redeem Tigereum Tokens into crypto or fiat to receive their money.

“We have created fifty million Tigereum Tokens on the Ethereum platform,” said Mr Olney-Fraser, “and forty million of these will be swapped for ETH to help raise funds for this project.”

The Tigereum Token Swap opens on Friday 8 December and closes on Monday 18 December 2017.

If all tokens are swapped, Tigereum will have a war chest of approximately USD$15 million to fund this development.

Tigereum Tokens will be listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges, starting with EtherDelta, from Monday 18 December, with other exchanges to follow soon after.

“I hope the crypto community will ride this Tiger with me and my team for this exciting project,” said Mr Olney-Fraser

Name: Tigereum

Website: www.tigereum.io

Symbol: TIG

Standard: Ethereum ERC-20

Supply: Fifty million (50,000,000)

Swap Price: 1 ETH = 1000 Tigereum

Approximate Value: US$15,000,000

Pre-Swap Bonuses: Open until midnight 20 November 2017

Open Date: Friday 8 December 2017 (GMT 09:00)

First Day Bonus: 33% bonus available on Friday 8 December 2017 (09:00 to 21:00 GMT)

Close Date: Monday 18 December 2017 (GMT 23:00)

Singapore Retail Group iFashion Closes MegaX Token Presale – Raises over USD2M

Parent company of leading lifestyle and retail brands in Southeast Asia addresses millennial engagement problem with digital currency

[Singapore – 25 October 2017] Singapore fashion and lifestyle conglomerate iFashion Group has launched a new digital token MegaX (MGX), with the public sale running from 17 October 2017 to 17 November 2017. The token pre-sale closed on 16 October, raising over USD2 million.

The Retail Challenge

Today, retailers worldwide are struggling to engage the millennial generation, who are driving an increasingly demanding consumer market. Fuelled by the proliferation of mobile, an ‘attention economy’ has developed, where businesses of every sort compete for finite airtime in front of consumer eyeballs. Retailers are in competition not just with other retailers, but also with technology, social issues and global events.

Well-positioned to drive the future of retail, UBS predicts that the millennial demographic could be worth USD 24 trillion by 2024. Growing up in a networked world, millennials demand to be spoken to in their native language: technology. MegaX taps on the market knowledge of more than 40,000 brands in their retail network to firmly engage this elusive consumer segment, with MGX.

Backed by Retail Products

To minimise volatility in token value, MGX tokens are directly spendable on products across iFashion Group’s network of over 40,000 independent brands. Prominent regional names like Dressabelle, Megafash and INVADE undergird this movement for iFashion, collectively offering some 100,000 retail products backing the MGX token.

“We envision MegaX to serve as a symbol of visionary influence on the future of retail, bridging the disconnect between customer expectations and brand capabilities,’ said Jeremy Khoo, Group CEO, iFashion Group. “Ensuring success in the future retail space requires enterprises be fearlessly agile in adopting new technologies. It is about futureproofing your business.”

In line with the group strategy of retailer and user acquisition, an online MegaX Mall is slated for launch in Q4 2017, featuring novel products from over 10,000 brands along with worldwide shipping. Partner brands such as Megafash are working towards exclusively accepting MGX as payment at their stores, forging a tripartite relationship between MegaX, retailer and consumer to drive the initial adoption and demand.

Token holders can also expect to pay with MGX at INVADE’s next installation of Artbox Singapore – a creative market concept popularised in Thailand, attracting close to 600,000 attendees and USD30m in transaction volume during its inaugural Singapore outing.

Strategic Partnerships

With a combined reach of two million consumers, iFashion is optimistic about achieving critical mass sooner rather than later. Around this, MegaX is designed for substantial scaling, an area neglected by other digital currencies that has inhibited their potential for mass adoption. As the MegaX technology partner, MC Payment brings 12 years of electronic payments experience into the mix. The technology veteran is providing its electronic wallet technology, Ffastpay, to facilitate MGX transactions. Users can expect to enjoy convenient conversion between fiat and MGX and, seamless payment across all channels – a pain point numerous e-commerce utilization cases failed to overcome.

“MegaX fuses technology and retail to take a big step forward in payments processing. Scalability is not an issue with our processing system and we expect minimal deviation in processing time, even with heavy loading. The MegaX ecosystem will be a natural by-product from the aggregation of millennial individuals, driving desire for curated products, and fuelling the demand for MGX. The nascent adoption of digital tokens in the retail space bodes a strong movement among millennials which will revolutionise the retail landscape,” said Anthony Koh, Group CEO, MC Payment.

MGX may be purchased on the MegaX website, http://megax.io. Payment may be made through bank transfer, SWIFT payment, or an Ethereum token swap. The sale will end on 17 November 2017, 6.00pm (GMT+8), or when the hard cap of 100,000 ETH (approximately USD30m) in contributions is reached—whichever comes first. There are no buyer restrictions on the token purchase amount. The number of tokens purchased at close will represent 70% of all MGX tokens issued. As a show of appreciation to early adopters, MegaX is offering a 10% bonus of tokens on the first day of the public sale. To store MGX tokens, buyers will require a client-side digital wallet. For this, MyEtherWallet is highly recommended.

REALIST NEWS Update: Wall Street Piles into Cryptocurrencies

REALIST NEWS Update: Wall Street Piles into Cryptocurrencies

Source: jsnip4