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BREAKING NEWS: ETHLend Reached over 1 500 000 USD Lending Volume and Official Leak of New UI

ETHLend stepped into a completely new era of cryptocurrency finance. Today, the ETHLend team is proud to officially announce that our decentralized lending application (dApp) built on top of Ethereum blockchain network reached to over 1 500 ETH lending volume after a month of the Alpha 0.2 release, which accounts to approximately 1 500 000 USD worth of Ethereum loans (18 000 000 USD/year)!

Over 350 loans have been funded trough our platform with the biggest being over 60 ETH, you can actually verify this yourself here (please make sure you have Metamask installed and enabled to access the Network), this reaffirms one of ETHLend’s strengths: transparency. The ETHLend team is impressed of the growth in adoption of the early version of the application. The alpha release was first founded as a proof-of-concept for the ETHLend community. Today, the application user base consists of active lenders and borrowers, who are using their digital tokens (ERC-20) to unlock locked funds, without the need of selling these digital tokens.

Visit our blog on Medium to find out more details.

We couldn’t resist: User Interface Official Leak

We couldn’t keep the secret for ourselves. It’s been a little over a month since we successfully released our alpha version 0.2 but let’s face it, platform still needed some love. ETHLend’s decentralized application is having a significant makeover, soon we will unveil our new user interface. This is exciting!

We listened closely to your comments and suggestions and kept what you love. And for the things you didn’t, we took a new approach to make it better. The new-look feels slicker and more modern, we have focused on functionality and we have given it the magic touch of ETHLend’s amazing “Triangles, Ocean and Air” graphic theme.

Visit our blog on Medium to find out more details.

Place a loan request by installing Metamask and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

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An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to BlockChain [Infographics]

There are hardly any technologies that hold as much promise as the blockchain, which has ever since its inception served to revolutionise every concept it has touched. Be it the commercially important fields like inventory management and package tracking, or more complex business like preventing vote counterfeiting or managing the accounts of thousands of customers, Blockchain is one technology that has thoroughly changed the scene.

Blockchain derives its name from the chainlike structure you discover if you trace each packet of information or block across the many devices it is spread over. Let me quickly share how this is arranged, taking help of the biggest success stories of the technology, cryptocurrency.

If I have to transfer money to a friend through the internet, I need to have a receipt to prove i have indeed transferred them money and also have that record to be impossible to tamper with. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can help carry out this transaction, and you’ll be fascinated to learn how it operates.

When you transfer an amount of money through BTC, the system records the transaction as a chunk of data. This is recorded as a page that is called a block, and it makes sense because it is pretty formidable, resisting all attempts at tampering the data once the record has been generated. To further make things airtight, the record is carried to multiple devices each of which saves a copy. If tampering with one record was hard, tampering with multiple copies of the record becomes a task no CPU is capable of accomplishing.

Blockchains even offer rewards for participants, which can go a long way to secure the feasibility of the idea and make up for the costs of electricity, CPU space and internet that are generated in the process. Techiespad has an interesting infographic that sums up all of this and more in a quick picture format. You should check it out below.

Author Bio: Stacy Miller has been blogging ever since she was in high school. Her love for technology and disdain for generic Hollywood movies has only grown over the years.