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Trezor Update: 2017 Recap

Another year has passed by with the speed of light. In hindsight, it passed quite quickly; just try to remember the value of Bitcoin a year ago in January, crossing the barrier of USD 1,000. Seemed like yesterday?

In any case, before we say goodbye to 2017 for one last time, let’s have a quick review and remind ourselves what we have achieved together! Starting with…

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Introducing Receive Address Verification in TREZOR Wallet

The TREZOR Team would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! But, holidays notwithstanding, our team is still hard at work, especially our developers. Thanks to them, today, we are bringing you a small update to make your experience with the TREZOR Wallet even more convenient and safe.

Receive address verification

As this is a small incremental update, there are not many changes on the surface — most affect the logic underneath the application.

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Trezor Wallet: Claim your Bitcoin Gold

For the time being, your Bitcoin Gold wallet will only be accessible from the TREZOR Beta Wallet.

Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin, sharing its history up until the block height 491407 (around October 24, 6 am UTC). If you have held bitcoins on TREZOR before this block, you will have the same bitcoin gold balance as your bitcoin balance (at the time of the fork).

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TREZOR Statement on SegWit2X Hard Fork

SegWit2X is a proposed fork of Bitcoin, to upgrade the blocksize to 2MB according to the New York Agreement. The fork is scheduled to occur at block height 494784 (around November 16). As this is a contentious hard fork, Bitcoin will most likely split in two after this block, with Bitcoin (BTC) and SegWit2X (B2X) emerging.

If you have held BTC on your TREZOR before the fork, you will own the same amount of BTC and B2X after the fork.

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In case you’ve missed it: TREZOR Statement on Bitcoin Gold Fork

Pre-order TREZOR model T today! — TREZOR

The time has finally come!

Trezor has just opened up the pre-order page for the new TREZOR model T! Featuring a stunning, vibrant color touchscreen, faster processor and a new system, with better support for new cryptocurrencies.

Let’s explore all the new features in detail!

This is a limited pre-order for TREZOR T.
Limited availability, differently priced batches.

Pre-Order Now

TREZOR Firmware Security Update 1.5.2 — TREZOR Security

Today, SatoshiLabs released a security update to your TREZOR; a new firmware version — 1.5.2 — was pushed out to all users. This update fixes a security issue which affects all devices with firmware versions lower than 1.5.2.

TREZOR Wallet will notify you about this update. Please make sure you have your recovery seed nearby, before starting the update process. Refer to the User Manual if you need assistance with the firmware update. For users with Bootloader version 1.3.0, please consult this guide first.

It is important to note that this is not a remote execution attack. To exploit this issue, an attacker would need physical access to a disassembled TREZOR device with uncovered electronics. It is impossible to do this without destroying the plastic case.

If your device does not leave your presence, your coins are safe. Moreover, if you have a passphrase enabled and actively use it, your coins are safe. Yet, we strongly recommend you to update your TREZOR anyway.

We are not releasing a detailed description of the issue today to give enough time for users to update and for other hardware wallets based on TREZOR to distribute an update. We will publish a detailed report in the coming days.

How do I know that my TREZOR has not been broken into?

In order to exploit this issue, an attacker would have to break into the device, destroying the case in the process. They would also need to flash the device with a specially-crafted firmware. If your device is intact, your seed is safe, and you should update your firmware to 1.5.2 as soon as possible.

With firmware 1.5.2, this attack vector is eliminated and your device is safe.

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