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AVT, the Aventus Utility Token, Officially Listed on Bitfinex!

We are pleased to announce the listing of AVT on our first major exchange Bitfinex, “the world’s largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform”. You can read the full announcement here.

We will be releasing a new version of our website tomorrow, and have our usual weekly update through our blog on Thursday— it will contain photos of our new office, and a protocol update!

If you haven’t yet, join the Aventus community on Discord for regular updates from the team.

Kind regards,
The Aventus Team

“It’s The Blockchain, Stupid!” – Using Bitcoin Technology to Revolutionise Event Ticketing

“It’s The Blockchain, Stupid!” – Using Bitcoin technology to revolutionise event ticketing.

Source: Core Finance

Aventus Releases First Product Iteration, Blockchain as Persistance, with First Client Townsend Music’s Tickets Live on Rinkeby Test Net!

London, 6th September, 2017: Blockchain-based protocol developer Aventus Systems has today announced a partnership with Townsend Music, in order to test its ticketing application in the UK market.

The first phase of the collaboration is the utilisation of Aventus’ first product ‘Blockchain as a Persistence Layer Solution’ which mirrors the creation, transfer, and sale of tickets throughout their lifecycle on the Ethereum network. Through this Aventus will replicate anonymised samples of some of Townsend’s live events and tickets including Carly Paoli at Cadogan Hall in London on the 15th of February 2018 and Show of Hands in Wells which takes place on the 3rd of November.

Be sure to continue to read at the source: realwire

Scam Alert: Ignore Fake Aventus Profile and Message

The following Aventus profile and associated message are fake. Please ignore. Don’t fall for this phishing scam!

Aventus Presale Phishing Scam

Beware of the latest Aventus presale phishing scam (see the image below) designed to defraud you. Don’t become a victim. Arm yourself with the knowledge required to participate in the upcoming Aventus token sale in a safe manner. 

Prior Warnings and Instructions

The Aventus team went out of their way in recent days and weeks to warn users about possible scams and how to get around it. Those who fail to heed the warnings and instructions stand to become victims of these vicious phishing scams.

Security to the Maximum

The Director and Co-founder of Aventus, Alan Vey, posted the following in the the #link-duedilligence channel of the Aventus Community Slack after the latest phishing scam surfaced:

“We are turning our security up to the maximum. We are outlining the extreme measures we will be going to from now on to ensure security. As a rule of thumb for you please start communicating to everyone: any official aventus communication will include a video by myself and/or @annika through our youtube channel confirming the information. Please always cross check multiple aventus sources before taking any action. Any email we send will have a unique number in it and a link to a youtube video of us reading out that number!”

Latest Update from the Founders of Aventus

A Message To the Aventus Community About Security Concerns.

Aventus Live Stream AMA w/Alan and Annika

Aventus Live Stream AMA w/Alan and Annika

Source: Hacking the System

Aventus ICO Review – Event Ticketing Solution

Aventus ICO Review – Event Ticketing Solution

Source: Hacking the System