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Crypt0 Update: The Official Crypt0’s Anarchapulco 2018 VLOGumentary (SO MUCH HAPPENED!)

Crypt0 Update: The Official Crypt0’s Anarchapulco 2018 VLOGumentary (SO MUCH HAPPENED!)

Source: Crypt0

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Decentralized Crypto Exchanges: Is it the end of EtherDelta (ED)?

Hacked? Sabotaged? It is difficult at best to say with certainty what exactly the source of trouble is at decentralized crypto exchange, EtherDelta – our beloved ED, but it is not looking good. Is it time to switch to ED alternative – ForkDelta (FD)?

EtherDelta API still not Working

The API of ED has not been working for 12 days+ now. This makes true price discovery at ED impossible – to the point where CoinMarketCap (CMC) has taken the step to delist it as a market.

Is it time to look at ED alternative – ForkDelta (FD)?

Yes. It might be time to switch over to ED alternative, FD or fork/ED – their API is working and they seem to operate independent from ED at this stage (with faster server and all).

The last update from EtherDelta was posted 7 days ago: “We are continuing to work on a resolution for the ongoing API issues. We apologize for the service interruption and appreciate your continued patience” (@EtherDelta, February 15th, 2018).

Has the love affair ended? Only time will tell if it is the end of ED – and whether those in the know will use it again as erc20 token exchange, but with true price discovery shot in the foot and no fresh updates – it is probably best to move onto greener pastures. This will probably be the last straw for many ED users.

On the other hand, we were in contact with ForkDelta. They have assured us that their API is working. And there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of communication coming from them. They frequently update their twitter page – @ForkDelta. We do not fully endorse fork/ED at this stage, but it might not be a bad idea to give the ‘new kid on the block’ a try. Be sure to make use of MetaMask when you do.  

Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

The importance of safe, working and user friendly decentralized crypto exchanges are of vital importance to the crypto ecosystem.

The growing list of decentralized crypto exchanges is hugely positive to say the least (including, but not limited to): Rader Relay, AirSwap, Bisq P2P Exchange Network, BitGate, BitShares, ForkDelta, Kyber, LocalBitcoins.com, NVO, ShapeShift and others. 

Red Alert: “Withdraw HDG from HitBTC and other Exchanges Immediately”

Hedge Token update...

To our valued community and supporters.
*Withdraw HDG from HitBTC and other Exchanges Immediately*
We ask you to withdraw your HDG tokens to an ERC20 wallet today – Thursday 22 February.
HitBTC will be freezing trading today and disabling the deposit function.
2018-02-22 (Thursday) at 12:00 CET
On Friday Hitbtc will be disabling withdrawals and delisting the token completely on Friday at 2018-02-23 at 17:00 CET
Please withdraw your HDG into an ERC20 wallet, off exchanges.


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ETHLend Tutorial: How to Place a Loan Request in ETHLend with MetaMask

ETHLend Tutorial: How to Place a Loan Request in ETHLend with MetaMask

Source: ETH Lend

Hedge Token Update: Hedge Token Freeze, Exchange Delisting and New Token distribution

Hedge token update…

We have received positive support for the changes Hedge is undergoing. We thank the community and HDG backers for this positive outlook.

Last week FINMA (the Swiss Financial Regulator) released ICO compliance guidelines. In proactive anticipation, the Executive team and legal counsel have included a decision to meet the regulatory guidelines. So in tandem with the rebranding process, the HDG Token will be frozen on exchanges on Thursday, February 21th at 12:00 CET. This will protect token holders from adverse swings in prices and allow a sufficient withdrawal period from exchange to ERC20 compatible wallets (i.e. Mist, Myetherwallet, Metamask, Mycrypto.com). The New Token will be distributed in the form of an airdrop once the trading platform will be live in April 2018, to protect the interests of all stakeholders while factoring in regulatory changes. All rightful beneficiaries will have an indefinite redemption option to retrieve their New Tokens, should they experience any technical difficulties during the freeze or the airdrop.

Full compliance of our existing and future products (Indices, Rulebooks, CTIs, Trading Platform, Listed Products, and Tokens) remains our competitive advantage, therefore, we will continue to follow all up-to-date guidelines and future changes in regulatory requirements. It has been so from the beginning and it will remain so in the future.

How to Ensure you Get New Tokens

In order to make this a hassle-free process we advise token holders to move their HDG tokens to any ERC20 compatible wallet where they have the access to their private keys. Do not, under any circumstances share your private keys with third parties or Hedge imposters. We will never ask you for your private keys or to transfer HDG to us. Please do not hold HDG tokens on any exchange addresses. Nevertheless, we are cooperating with exchanges and will ensure 100% fair distribution of New Tokens in the unlikely event of technical issues or mistakes with transfers.

New Brand and Product Unveiling

The Hedge team is truly excited to share with the community a more in-depth product overview of what we were building for the past 4 months and expect to launch already in two months. This will be delivered even before the end of the Q2 2018 milestone we had set out to achieve. Hard work and the goal of changing the old traditional financial world moves milestones.

The platform will offer never experienced transaction throughput, unmeasured security features and a simple to use yet elegant swiss touch and layout. The product offering will cater for all individual and institutional needs and will be centered around the user-experience.

The unveiling of the new brand will take place on the 22st February 2018, be sure to be the first to experience the future of crypto trading.

Follow our social media channels for the new brand update and personal letter from our CEO on Thursday, February 22nd.


Veritaseum Update: Reggie Middleton VEADIR Technology AMA and Q&A

Veritaseum Update: Reggie Middleton VEADIR Technology AMA and Q&A

Source: Reggie Middleton

CombiCoin Update: Rebalancing of the Top 30 and More

CombiCoin update…

We were a little busy so we skipped a weekly newsletter. CombiCoin hit a yearly low of $19.13 and we are glad to see it recovering steadily. We developed and released the buy back feature. And we executed the second “Revision and Rebalancing” of CombiCoin.

In this CombiCoin weekly the following things will be addressed:

  • CombiCoin performance week 6 and 7
  • Revision and Rebalancing of the “top 30” CombiCoin assets
  • CombiCoin buy back feature launch & FAQ
  • TRIA profit share & Snapshot
  • AFM update

CombiCoin performance week 6

Weekly growth

Value on 05-02-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 27.53

Value on 12-02-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 29.57

+7.41%  –  (previous week -35.81%)

CombiCoin performance week 7

Value on 12-02-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 29.57

Value on 19-02-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 32.96

+11.46%  –  (previous week +7.41%)

All time growth: 281%

Monthly growth: -19%

Week high: $ 35.23

Week low: $ 29.09

Revision of the “top 30”

On Wednesday 14th of February 2018 the new “top 30” has been defined:

This means that we have said goodbye to the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Waves
  • HShare
  • Komodo
  • Ark
  • Monacoin
  • Nxt

We have decided not to include ICON and Nano because they are only listed on Binance. As we found out the hard way on the 8th of February to be able to trade CombiCoin we can not afford to depend on a single exchange.

We welcome the following cryptocurrencies to the top 30:

  • TRON (TRX)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • VeChain (VEN)
  • Bytecoin (BCN)
  • Verge (XVG)
  • SiaCoin (SC)

Rebalancing of the top 30

During the rebalancing of the assets backing CombiCoin the assets have been sold and bought. After rebalancing the distribution is as follows.

This resulted in the following change of the assets owned by the foundation.

Old Asset Pool

New Asset Pool

The next revision and rebalancing procedure is planned on 16-04-2018

Buy Back feature launch

In the first week of the launch we had problems getting the Buy Back feature fully online and we are very sorry we could not meet your expectations. Problems on Binance impacted our final test phase and also prevented us from going live on the 8th of February. Incidents like this however are not uncommon in the crypto- and software space and we depend on a lot of external factors beyond our control. We have learned valuable lessons and hope we kept you properly informed.

We are live now and although most CombiCoin clients choose to hold, some have sold successfully and received Ethereum in their wallets. There are still some final tweaks in the software happening right now. We implemented manual autorisations to be able to double check the amounts of cryptocurrency and the price. We want to make absolutely sure people receive the right amount of Ethereum for their CombiCoins. For a short period this does mean even best price orders are not processed immediately. We have a controlled flow of sales we start and stop and check manually during office hours. So far the software is doing great. We expect to see trading being fully automated soon and will inform you accordingly.

Buy Back feature FAQ

Will the price of CombiCoin go down if many people sell?

The answer is unequivocally no. The price of CombiCoin only changes if the price of the 30 cryptocurrencies in the portfolio change. CombiCoin holdings are a very tiny portion of the total market. Even if large amounts of CombiCoins are sold only small amounts compared to total daily trading volume of top 30 coins will be sold. Our actions will have no measurable effect on the price of the top 30 coins and therefore no effect on the price of CombiCoin.

Why do you charge 3.5% transaction costs?

The fees for buying and selling the CombiCoins are the only costs we charge our investors and therefore our only source of income. Unlike other investment funds we do not charge annual management fees, performance fees, or any other hidden costs in the price. This guarantees the maximum performance of the fund. For long-term holders of CombiCoin this generates the most profit. We understand 3.5% seems high for only processing the order but we pay all operational costs with these fees. These costs are put to the helpdesk, website, security, marketing, communication, salaries, administration and housing. And last but not least, 50% of the fees are paid as profit share to the TRIA token holders who made the start of the company possible.

Do I have to sell my CombiCoin?

The answer is no. If you want to sell you can do this from now on. But you don’t have to.

TRIA Profit share & Snapshot

In this profit share period from 16-01-2017 until 28-02-2018 the following amount of profit share per TRIA Token has been realised.

0.000057  ETH ( $ ~0.05)

On 28-02-2018 the TRIA Token snapshot will be taken. Please make sure that you do not have TRIA Tokens on a smart contract. Profit share send to a smart contract might not reach you and we will only send the profit share once!

Due to transaction cost and ethereum price, profit share can only be distributed when the profit share to be send exceeds the transaction costs.

AFM Update

Last week we had a meeting with the AFM regarding our current situation. Unfortunately things haven’t changed as of yet. The solutions that we provided during our meeting are currently under review. When things are more clear we will send you an update.  

ETHLend Update: ETHLend selected as a finalist for 2018 LendIt Fintech Industry Awards

ETHLend update…

It is with great pride and joy that we announce that ETHLend has been selected as a finalist for the 2nd Annual LendIt Fintech Industry Awards, the World’s Leading Event in Financial Services Innovation. ETHLend has been nominated as a contender under the ”Emerging Lending Platform of the Year” category, awarded to the young company that has demonstrated the greatest potential to impact the future of online lending.

The 2nd annual LendIt Fintech Industry Awards will bring together 500 Fintech influencers and innovators to celebrate outstanding achievement. Out of hundreds of applicants worldwide, the selected finalists are vying for top honors within 21 categories, which celebrate fintech market leaders, emerging innovators and top talent.

“The lending industry is starting to recognize the power of blockchain in financial smart contracts. ETHLend is proud to represent the frontier of decentralized lending in this competition.” Stani Kulechov commented.

For more information about the LendIt Fintech Industry Awards and the recent nomination click here or visit www.lendit.com/usa/2018/awards. There are still a limited number of tickets left for the event, you can learn more and register for a ticket here.

Save the date: Feb. 21 at 17 hrs | Come and join our founder Stani Kulechov and team members to an Ethereum and Blockchain focused gathering organized by ETHLend and Reaktor in Helsinki.

More information here.

Place a loan request by installing Metamask and browsing to the decentralized application at https://app.ethlend.io. Press help for instructions or chat with us.

Start Lending Now

Join our almost 18K member Telegram Communty: https://t.me/ETHLend
Stay up to date with the project join Announcement Channel: https://t.me/ETHLend_Official

Discuss on Telegram

Spectre Update: Spectre™ declares $250,000 DALP dividend and BTCBusinessconsult Update

Spectre Update…

Source of Image: Spectre Medium

Spectre.ai, the world’s first broker-less trading platform is pleased to announce a $250,000 maiden dividend. This first dividend comes from Spectre.ai’s DALP (decentralised autonomous liquidity pool) active participation activities outlined in it’s December ‘DALP Protocol’ document where idle capital in the group’s liquidity pool will be invested in both passive (15%) and active (85%) generation mandates.

Be sure to continue to read at the source: Spectre Medium

BTCBusinessconsult Update: Spectre ai HUGE DIVIDEND and update 6 months AHEAD of Schedule

Source of Video: BTCBusinessconsult