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Update from Reggie Middleton – Veritaseum is taking Jamaica to the Next Level!

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Reggie Middleton and team are not playing games. They’re back from their trip to Jamaica. Veritaseum is succeeding in taking Jamaica to the Next Level, but there is more good news.

Reggie posted this update earlier today:

“We, succeeded… In a big way. We have a signed MOU with the Chairaman of the Board and the Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange to do a rapid buildout of a digital asset exchange via joint venture. This is the most significant anouncement the cryptocurrency space in years, particularly considering the flexiblity of the products that we will design under my watch. We are looking for a launch date of approximately August 31st.

I have met with almost every power player relevant to this deal (and others) in the region, from the largest financial institutions to the Deputy Governor of the Central bank, to the FSC (Financial Services Commisson), to the Minister of Finance and Tranpsortation, even the wife of the Prime Minsiter (Jamaica’s equivalent of Michelle Obama).

I am also arranging to purchase distressed assets from the country to add to a VERI special secret sauce.

If that’s not enough, I am working on a similar deal with on of the world’s top ten exchanges, whom I started working with BEFORE the Jamaica deal.

It’s all VERI exciting! 🙂

I’ll post pics, videos, explanations and even documents throughout the day. I’m interviewing today (just getting back to the office), so will be a bit busy (ain’t nothing new).

Congrats to all supporters and owners of VERI. 

We’re not playing games here!”

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1887061.new;topicseen#new

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One Response to Update from Reggie Middleton – Veritaseum is taking Jamaica to the Next Level!

  1. Omar Bilal says:

    I Am Veri Happy now! it is not too late you, to get some Veri’s before the price goes up.

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