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ALFAcoins Cryptocurrency Payments Company Launches an Updated User-Friendly Website

Bitcoin Press Release: ALFAcoins has announced the launch of a new web site to match its up to date cryptocurrency support offering.

December 20, 2016, Tortola, British Virgin Islands &#8211 A trusted provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment companies, ALFAcoins has upgraded its internet site to provide a greater, consumer-pleasant experience to its customers. The website overhaul, involving new style and enhanced on-web site navigation coincides with the addition of new cryptocurrencies, BitSend, CoinSplit and private account management attributes.

ALFAcoins allows any legal internet company to accept three various cryptocurrencies viz., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The payments service is accessible to buyers across the world, excluding Iran and North Korea. Payments received on ALFAcoins can be both withdrawn as USD, EUR into the linked bank account or as one of the supported cryptocurrencies to their respective wallets.

In addition, the BitSend payouts technique on ALFAcoins also enables its buyers to send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their merchants, staff — as bonuses and salaries, partners — as rewards, and payouts for clientele. All transactions on BitSend payouts program are processed immediately, with confirmation emails sent to the recipient as soon as the transaction is executed.

“The new website and added characteristics are in line with the platform’s crucial goals of greatest high quality and dependability of provided companies,”

Explained Denis Hertz, representative of ALFAcoins.

The newly launched CoinSplit characteristic on ALFAcoins delivers added versatility to its end users by giving them an alternative to get components of payments in cryptocurrencies. End users can now set their default account currency to either USD or EUR based on their preferences.

ALFAcoins is committed to supplying the greatest-in-class services to its consumers, which it does by means of continuous enhancements to the platform and introduction of new functions on a typical basis.

About ALFAcoins

ALFAcoins is a multifunctional and highly safe crypto-payment processing organization operational considering that 2013. Over many years, the platform has gained a reputation of being a reputable partner between sellers and customers by enabling help for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. ALFAcoins makes on the web payments accessible and transparent for all events concerned.

Learn a lot more about ALFAcoins at &#8211 https://www.alfacoins.com
Discover far more about BitSend at &#8211 https://www.alfacoins.com/bitsend

Media Speak to

Company Name: ALFAcoins
Make contact with Person: Denis Hertz
Make contact with E-mail: pr@alfacoins.com
Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

ALFAcoins is the source of this articles. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and worth balances are not topic to client protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment guidance or an offer to invest.



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Bitcoin Network’s Hashrate Gets a Boost with Updated BitFury 16nm Chip

Updated ccMiner 1.8.3-git fork by tpruvot With Improved LBRY Support

Updated ccMiner 1.8 fork by tpruvot With LBRY Support


While LBRY is still in Beta and also you have to ask for an invite in order to have the ability to get very early accessibility to the platform (presently only offered for Mac OSX and Linux), people have actually been mining the LBRY Credit histories( LBC)for a while currently on AMD using the dedicated sgminer fork or on CPU, but today tpruvot has updated his ccMiner fork ( source) with the final 1.8 launch that adds support for LBRY Credits mining on Nvidia GPUs as well. We have assembled a Windows binary of the most recent ccMiner 1.8 resource code from github and you can download and install and also attempt it for mining LBC from the link below. It is a 32-bit Windows binary put together with VS2013 making use of CUDA 7.5 for Compute 2.0 to Compute 5.2 Nvidia GPUs, though it likewise deals with Nvidia Pascal GPUs. We are going to be checking the miner with various CUDA versions to see if there is a nicer working mix and also if we locate such we are visiting upgrade the binary. If you remain in a hurry to obtain to mining LBRY Credits however you must be all established to begin with this release and also appreciate the good efficiency that Nvidia GPUs offer for this algorithm. Below is a quick standard with a couple of Nvidia GPUs utilizing this Windows binary as a concept to what you can expect in terms of hashrate for mining LBRY Credits.

Mining hashrate for LBRY Credits:
– – GTX 970 – 127 MHS – – GTX 980 Ti – 156 MHS
– – GTX 1070 –

242 MHS – GTX 1080 – 313 MHS – To download and install the most up to date ccMiner variation 1.8 by tpruvot with LBRY support for Windows…

… Crypto Mining Blog

Updated ccMiner 1.8-dev fork by tpruvot With Faster Lyra2REv2 and Decred


Right here is one more quick upgrade of the ccMiner fork by tpruvot with a new Windows binary we have actually compiled from the most up to date ccMiner 1.8-dev ( source) that has boosted hashrate for Lyra2REv2 many thanks to the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin improvements in addition to faster Decred hashrate thanks to Alexis Provos improvements obtaining integrated. There are other repairs and also some brand-new features utilizing nvapi, this release likewise includes support for the X11 Evo formula, so you could desire to give it a try if you are presently utilizing various forks of ccMiner for various formulas. The Windows binary is a 32-bit one assembled with CUDA 6.5 and also with support for Compute 2.0 to Calculate 5.2 Nvidia GPUs and will certainly also deal with the newer Pascal Nvidia GPUs despite the fact that it is not CUDA 8.0 binary. So do offer it a try if you are GPU mining anything aside from Ethereum on your Nvidia GPUs right now…

… – To download and install the most recent ccMiner variation 1.8-dev by tpruvot with far better hashrates for Lyra2REv2 as well as Decred…

… Crypto Mining Blog site

Updated ccMiner 1.8-dev fork by tpruvot With X11 Evo Support

Updated ccMiner 1.8-dev fork by tpruvot With SM 6.0 and CUDA 8.0


Here comes another intriguing update of ccMiner from tpruvot with a brand-new Windows binary of the most up to date ccMiner 1.8-dev( source) that includes Compute 6 (SM 6.0) and CUDA 8.0 assistance in time for the availability of the brand-new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 as well as 1070 GPUs. The release below includes 2 versions of ccMiner, one is 32-bit binary for Windows that is put together with CUDA 8.0 as well as with assistance for Compute 2.0 or newer Nvidia GPUs, and also an additional that is 64-bit Windows binary assembled with CUDA 8.0 for Compute 5.0 or more recent Nvidia GPUs. In order to make use of the brand-new ccMiner with CUDA 8.0 you will certainly need to make use of streaming video drivers 362 or newer that do have support for CUDA 8.0, so if you have not upgraded yet you could intend to do so now. We have actually not done any examinations to see if the brand-new CUDA 8.0 will certainly bring better performance or not as we still do not have accessibility to the brand-new Nvidia Pascal GPUs, however as quickly handle to get our hands on the brand-new hardware we are going to be doing some testing of GTX 1080 and 1070 with ccMiner.

– To download the newest ccMiner version 1.8-dev by tpruvot for GTX 1080 and 1070 for Windows OS…

… Crypto Mining Blog

Updated Claymore Dual Ethereum and Decred Miner for AMD GPUs


Claymore has been quite lively in even more developing his dual miner for AMD OpenCL GPUs intended to mine each Ethereum (ETH) and Decred (DCR) since our initial submit about his very first release a handful of days in the past. The most current updates contain some of the characteristics we mentioned as missing in the original release such as Stratum help for Decred or the capacity to set workers for Ethereum mining pools. The much more exciting improvements however are people relates to the overall performance you get from the miner, he has been able to squeeze some additional overall performance in terms of the hashrate you get for mining Ethereum although at the same time you nevertheless get decent performance for mining Decred as nicely.

The earlier versions showed a bit of a decrease of the performance in Ethereum although utilizing the dual mining mode, but the most current improvements have substantially enhanced the situation, like the outcomes for slower AMD GPUs. With the newest edition 3+ you can get somewhat a lot more Ethereum mining hashrate than with the standard ethminer while at the very same time you are also mining some Decred. The increased-finish the AMD GPU you are employing, the larger overall performance achieve you can expect &#8211 from about one MHS on 79&#2150/280x cards to a number of on 290/390 series of cards plus the further Decred mining hashrate. Interestingly adequate not mining in dual mode, but only Ethereum is not displaying variation in the hashrate now on a Radeon R9 280X for example.

So if you nonetheless have not experimented with the Claymore Dual Ethereum and Decred Miner for AMD GPUs (it does not operate on Nvidia video cards), you need to give it a consider. Do note that even though this miner is totally free-to-use, there is a modest developer fee of one% for Ethereum-only mining mode and two% for Ethereum plus Decred mining mode, so each hour the miner mines Ethereum for 36 or 72 seconds for developer. Also, if you have been mining only Ethereum for the moment and you switch do dual mining mode adding Decred you ought to know that the energy utilization and the heat created by the GPU will improve. So make certain your AMD GPU mining rig can deal with the extra electrical power utilization and heat produced when dual mining, simply because Ethereum is significantly less energy hungry and far more memory than GPU demanding algorithm while the situation with Decred is the right opposite and as a result the two can be mined with each other with rather great benefits. One more essential point to note is that the miner is only launched as a Windows binary, no supply code or binaries for other working techniques are currently accessible.

&#8211 Visit the official miner announcement thread for added information and downloads&#8230

Crypto Mining Website

Updated Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.5.79-git Fork by SP for Maxwell


A swift update of the public ccMiner fork by SP of his Nvidia Maxwell optimized miner in the type of a Windows binary compiled from the newest Git supply code of the ccMiner 1.five.79-git SP-MOD fork (supply). The newest release comes with some small fixes and slight enhancements in some algorithms, but it looks it has broken Decred help, so if mining DCR much better stick with a working and optimized release. Have in mind that is a CUDA 7.five compiled release, the newest CUDA six.5 release of SP&#8217s fork of ccMiner was version 74. Do note that the SP-MOD fork of ccMiner is developed for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs this kind of as the previously accessible GTX 750, 750 Ti as effectively as the newer GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti and GTX Titan X. The Windows binary release we have made available here is 32-bit with support for Compute 5. and Compute 5.2 GPUs or with other phrases only for Maxwell-primarily based Nvidia video cards compiled with CUDA seven.5 and VS2013.

&#8211 To download the most current ccMiner for Maxwell version 1.5.79-git by SP for Windows OS&#8230

Crypto Mining Blog

Updated ccMiner 1.7.6-git fork by tpruvot With Improved Decred Support


Another update with a new Windows binary compiled from the newest ccMiner one.7.six-git fork from tpruvot (source) with fixes that make the Decred (DCR) performance improvements by pallas perform effectively under Windows as effectively as Linux. The release under contains two versions of ccMiner, one is 32-bit binary for Windows that is compiled with CUDA seven.five and with support for Compute 2. or newer Nvidia GPUs, and one more that is 64-bit Windows binary compiled with CUDA seven.5 for Compute 3.five or newer Nvidia GPUs. Do note that if you have a newer Nvidia video card you ought to use the 64-bit CUDA 7.5 release as it is delivering slightly much better hashrate than the 32-bit CUDA 7.five binary.

&#8211 To download the most recent ccMiner model one.seven.six-git by tpruvot with Decred assistance for Windows OS&#8230

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