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iEx.ec Announces Its Cryptocurrency Crowdsale to Launch the First Distributed Cloud Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: iEx.ec, the dispersed cloud system for the future web announces cryptocurrency crowdsale, scheduled for April 12, 2017.

March 16, 2017, Lyon France– The distributed cloud computing platform, iEx.ec has announced the routine for its upcoming cryptocurrency crowdsale. The token sale will go live on April 12, 2017, at 1300(GMT). Through this crowdsale, the job intends to increase funds called for to produce a dispersed cloud atmosphere to meet the rising requirement for computationally intense as well as decentralized company practices.

iEx.ec is seeking to elevate a sum of $ 2 million through the upcoming crowdsale, which will certainly be made use of to cover iEx.ec’s advancement and also launch prices. Participants in the crowdsale can contribute in BTC or ETH to come to be qualified for RLC symbols, the indigenous money for the iEx.ec cloud network. The system’s launch is set for some time later on in 2017 together with off-chain calculation capabilities to sustain dispersed applications (DApps).

The iEx.ec Service Network

The iEx.ec system works by tethering computer systems together to create one large network of calculating resources. Using this technique, described as Desktop Grid Computing has thus far been limited to scholastic institutions. Currently, with the intro of blockchain technology, iEx.ec is making this sort of network calculating open as well as readily available for public and business usage.

The Ethereum blockchain, especially wise contracts, work as an administration system for the network. It enables customers to monetize their engagement, automating repayment transactions for the give and take of services. Unlike existing cloud service providers, organisation on the iEx.ec cloud can happen securely and also without any type of main authority.

iEx.ec aims to create a native environment for a new generation of businesses to thrive. As Chief Executive Officer as well as co-founder Gilles Fedak discusses;

“The straightforward fact is that centralized cloud services are falling behind present need for calculating sources. The iEx.ec team recognizes this through our work at the leading side of dispersed as well as cloud computing. With blockchain we see just how a brand-new standard of cloud computing is not just possible but absolutely crucial, to fulfill the current needs of cloud SaaS, PaaS as well as IaaS markets, and to meet the demands of the next wave of advancement such as High Efficiency Computing, Expert system, Web of Things, Blockchain Computer and also other types of distributed organisation. “

The iEx.ec cloud propel a network for computationally extensive as well as decentralized organisations however in the spirit of open gain access to, the iEx.ec cloud platform will be totally free for anybody to join. Instead, it’s profits version will certainly center on a variety of costs features for venture customers. The group prepares to release a set of prefabricated smart contracts in order to help individuals get begun.

iEx.ec Group

iEx.ec has actually been under advancement for over a year now. Because duration, the core team containing distributed as well as cloud computing specialists, blockchain programmers, organisation professionals, as well as marketing professionals have expanded. Previously last month, the iEx.ec group launched a evidence of idea where any individual could submit calculation to the cloud through blockchain. The iEx.ec job is led by well-respected scientists, Gilles Fedak (Ph.D.) and also Haiwu He (Ph.D.) that have actually functioned at the highest degree of their specialisms in distributed computing, HPC and also cloud systems design.

Fedak clarifying the group and also platform’s staminas said,

“iEx.ec is a natural progression for us. We have an one-of-a-kind experience in making and establishing real distributed computer infrastructures such as the European Desktop Grid Framework and also supporting one of the most requiring scientific applications like the CERN. In addition, we have a lengthy background of commercial partnerships with Plane, Overall, BNP Paribas, Orange and lots of start-ups as well. From these experiences, we have actually involved comprehend where the commercial opportunity lies, and also exactly what’s more crucial is that we understand ways to arrive. We will be initial to market with the distributed cloud considering that our technology is already well created as well as we are incredibly excited to release it to the world.”

Gilles Fedak will exist iEx.ec at the BlockchainUA meeting in Kiev on March 17, 2017. Another discussion will quickly comply with at the Berlin Blockchain Exposition scheduled on June 1 and also 2, 2017.

The upcoming iEx.ec crowdsale will run up until May 12, 2017 (1300 GMT) with a 20 % benefit for very early financiers.

Even more information regarding the crowdsale is offered at – – http://crowdsale.iex.ec/ Find out more regarding iEx.ec at –– http://iex.ec/ Media Call Name: Gilles Fedak Call Email: gf@iex.ec!.?.! Call

Place: Lyon, France iEx.ec is the resource of this web content. Virtual money is not lawful tender, is not backed by the government, and also accounts and also worth equilibriums are exempt to consumer protections. This press launch is for educational purposes just. The information does not make up investment recommendations or a deal to spend. The post iEx.ec Announces Its Cryptocurrency Crowdsale to Launch the First Distributed Cloud Platform appeared first on Bitcoin Public Relations Buzz. Bitcoin Public Relations Buzz

WeTrust Launches Trusted Lending Circles (ROSCA) Platform, Attracts Participants with Trustcoin Crowdsale

Bitcoin Press Release: WeTrust redefines reciprocal aid over Ethereum blockchain with its Trusted Lending Circles product, launches Trustcoin crowdsale.

March 16, 2017, Santa Clara, USA – WeTrust, an Ethereum blockchain platform aiming for financial inclusion for the masses has announced the launch of its very first Trusted Lending Circles product. The blockchain-based reciprocal aid platform, leverages smart contracts to allows anyone to create a ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association) with a group of trusted associates to help one another.

Trusted Lending Circles is the first among many WeTrust products that are yet to be launched. It implements the concept of ROSCA on Ethereum blockchain to create a trustless, transparent, community or a closed user group oriented investment and reciprocal aid system. Trusted Lending Circles currently supports basic ROSCA, created amongst close friends and family. Other upcoming products and features include credit scores, large scale ROSCAs, trusted direct borrowing/lending and mutual insurance. With these blockchain-based products and features, WeTrust aims to provide alternative financial services to over 2 billion unbanked adults across the world.

How Trusted Lending Circles Work

The Trusted Lending Circles application allows anyone to create or join a ROSCA. A group of trusted associates participating in the ROSCA agree to contribute a fixed amount at regular intervals based on a mutually agreed framework on how the funds should be distributed among the associates. The collected contribution is then disbursed in a reverse auction, where the lowest bidder is offered the bidding amount and the rest equally distributed among other associates. All ROSCA related transaction details are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain while smart contracts govern the bidding process, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for a trusted third party or an intermediary.

Bitcoin PR Buzz WeTrust 2

The WeTrust pilot is currently confined to the cryptocurrency community. Once a precedent is set for blockchain-based ROSCAs, the platform will expand to other communities by integrating stablecoins for the benefit of those who are comfortable using stable fiat currencies.

“We envision a system where financial services have aligned interests with the user/ policyholder, and essential financial products are provided at a fair price to users and policyholders. We are building WeTrust to solve this problem.”


Trustcoin Crowdsale

WeTrust has announced the launch of its Trustcoin (TRST) crowdsale starting March 2, 2017. During the six-week long token sale, WeTrust will distribute 80 million of the total 100 million Trustcoins among the participants. The remaining 20% is set aside for the founding team and advisors (10 million TRST vested over two years), Finclusion Labs – organization building the WeTrust platform (8 million TRST) and bounty programs (2 million TRST).

Investors participating in the crowdsale can buy Trustcoin with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Early investors stand to benefit from the bonus. WeTrust offered a 30% bonus on the first day, which was reduced to 25% during the first week. Similarly, those participating during the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth weeks will receive a bonus of 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% and 0%, respectively.

The Trustcoin token sale participants will receive their Trustcoin upon completion of the crowdsale. These tokens can then be used as a currency for services performed by WeTrust as well as other service providers in the WeTrust ecosystem.

Interested investors and cryptocurrency community members can participate in the ongoing Trustcoin crowdsale by visiting the WeTrust website.

About WeTrust

WeTrust is an Ethereum blockchain-based collaborative savings and insurance platform that leverages social capital, trust networks and blockchain technology to create an inclusive financial ecosystem.

Learn more about WeTrust: https://www.wetrust.io/
WeTrust Trusted Lending Circle MVP: https://ROSCA.WeTrust.io/
Participate in WeTrust Crowdsale: https://www.wetrust.io/tlc/signup
WeTrust Crowdsale FAQ: https://medium.com/wetrust-blog/how-to-contribute-to-the-crowdsale-c9de5b91fc43#.6ojd5ejhb
WeTrust on BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1773367

Media Contact

Contact Name: Tzvi Shishler
Contact Email: info@4kingmedia.com
Location: Santa Clara, USA


WeTrust is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only.


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Bitnovo, the Spanish Bitcoin Platform Expands to over 130 Countries and Offers Free Virtual VISA Cards

Bitcoin Press Release: The major Spanish Bitcoin firm Bitnovo offers free virtual VISA cards to celebrate its growth to much more than 130 countries throughout the world.

March six, 2017, Valencia, Spain – Bitnovo, the Spanish Bitcoin platform announces the growth of its services on a global scale. The company’s solutions are now available in much more than 130 nations close to the world.

Individuals in the supported nations can avail a variety of Bitnovo’s solutions like obtain and sale of bitcoin, quick conversion of bitcoins to euros and flash recharges for Bitnovo prepaid debit cards. In addition to its standard prepaid debit card, Bitnovo has recently began issuing bodily and free of charge virtual VISA cards. Bitnovo clients can area an on the web buy for the new VISA cards from any of the 130 supported countries. Customers ordering the prepaid debit card can decide on the obtainable express delivery alternative to receive their bodily card within 48 hours.

Bitnovo requires pride in offering providers that make virtual currency tangible, inexpensive, secure and straightforward to use. The platform, with its new VISA prepaid card supplying allows users to refill the card by converting their bitcoin holdings to euros. This tends to make it a lot easier for the Bitcoin neighborhood to indirectly commit cryptocurrency for their daily wants. With Bitnovo’s prepaid debit card, the user can avail all the rewards and ensures of a VISA card. For the users’ convenience, Bitnovo permits each individual to hold up to 3 physical and three virtual cards. Every card can support a maximum paying limit of up to € 20,000. Bitnovo’s prepaid cards can be utilized at any of the VISA supported ATMs across the planet for money withdrawals. Any problems, Bitnovo has set up devoted technical help in each English and Spanish to response card relevant queries.

The Spanish Bitcoin platform also maintains a single of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, set to have more than 300 operational units in Spain by April 2017. Men and women can acquire and promote bitcoin over these Bitcoin ATMs. Customers can also avail the Bitnovo voucher selection for the bodily buy of the cryptocurrency without obtaining to divulge one’s personal and payment info.

All these characteristics make Bitnovo a single of the fastest and safest Bitcoin platform solutions in the marketplace. It not only can make purchasing and offering bitcoin simpler but also enables the community to purchases goods and companies from establishments that do not presently accept bitcoin as a implies of payment.

About Bitnovo

Based out of the Spanish territory of Valencia, Bitnovo is a foremost global Bitcoin platform that offers a selection of solutions to the cryptocurrency neighborhood. The platform with a presence in over 130 nations permits users to get/promote bitcoin employing Bitcoin vouchers, Bitcoin ATMs, and prepaid cards. It also lets consumers get small denomination cards anonymously.

Learn much more about Bitnovo at &#8211 https://www.bitnovo.com
Register for a Bitcoin prepaid card at &#8211 https://www.bitnovo.com/register
Purchase bitcoin on Bitnovo at &#8211 https://www.bitnovo.com/comprar-bitcoins

Media Get in touch with

Get in touch with Name: Luis
Speak to Email: data@bitnovo.com
Location: Valencia, Spain

Bitnovo is the supply of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and worth balances are not topic to client protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment tips or an offer to invest.



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Foxconn Subsidiary Debuts Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Platform

A subsidiary of a single of greatest electronics manufacturers has partnered on the launch of a new blockchain-primarily based provide chain finance platform.



Sprint to Test Blockchain Platform for Connecting Telecoms

US telecom Sprint is functioning on a new blockchain initiative centered on carrier applications.



NatWest Takes on with FinTech Firms by Launching Digital Lending Platform

CoinVert is becoming the Preferred Platform of Instantly Exchanging Cryptocurrencies by Offering the Best Rates in the Market

Bitsane Exchange Platform Now Supports AdvCash, DASH and Iconomi Transactions

YoCoin Launches a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Insurance Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: YoCoin Insurance is an insurance platform on blockchain that troubles all varieties of sensible contract backed policies and bonds.

January thirty, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand – The creators behind peer-to-peer YoCoin digital currency has announced the launch of YoCoin Insurance, a decentralized blockchain-based insurance platform. The YoCoin Insurance platform exploits a variety of characteristics of cryptocurrency blockchain which includes storage of economic transactions, forecasting, wise contracts, and so on. to provide progressive intelligent contract-based mostly insurance coverage policies.

The YoCoin Insurance platform supports a selection of policy sorts, beginning with lifestyle and overall health insurance policies.

How it Performs

The YoCoin Insurance coverage platform can be utilized to concern insurance coverage policies and bonds. It enables policyholders and bond traders to share the linked investment dangers. An investor can sign up and pick the bonds from preferred categories and packages with distinct insurance terms. The insurance terms include details about the insurance coverage kind, duration, danger degree and other parameters. All insurance coverage events are monitored, and corresponding information is fed into the wise contract by an oracle. Every insurance smart contract will have one particular or more oracles associated with it.

The policyholder minimizes the risk of losses by producing insurance coverage policies on the platform, which will be paid with YoCoin. Upon generating payment, an Ethereum wise contract linked to the insurance coverage policy will be created. The intelligent contract will consist of all insurance circumstances and claim info inside of the previously laid out insurance terms. In the case of a claim, the policyholder will be issued payouts in agreement with the terms of his policy. All the policy statistics which includes claims background, bond statistics, reviews, and charts will be obtainable to the policyholders and traders on YoCoin Insurance platform.


As soon as the investor has picked the sought after bonds from the listing of investment categories and packages, he will make the payment utilizing YoCoin to get the picked bonds. These bonds can then be traded on initial or secondary markets. In the absence of any claims within the insurance policy terms, the investor stands to receive the invested amount plus a return.

“This is one of several innovations we are developing about the YoCoin platform,”

Mentioned the Chief Working Officer of YoCoin, Dave Wilson. Dave continued saying,

“YoCoin gives a backbone for smart contracts, asset trading, real estate transactions, escrow services, revenue distribution programs, and an limitless amount of other makes use of that can all run as programmed without any downtime, censorship, fraud or third celebration interference,”

The YoCoin Insurance platform will be rolled out in the coming days. More data on YoCoin and the YoCoin Insurance coverage platform is available at http://www.yocoin.org.

About YoCoin

YoCoin (Symbol: YOC) is a cryptocurrency built on Ethereum mom blockchain by YoCoin Constrained, a UAE based firm. It has a total supply of 200 million units. YoCoin supports smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations, decentralized applications, multi-signature transactions.

Find out more about YoCoin at &#8211 https://yocoin.org/
Participate in YoCoin discussions on &#8211 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1562365.

Media Get in touch with

Make contact with Title: Biman Das
Make contact with Email: bd@yocoin.org
Mobile phone: +91-9748-356789
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

YoCoin is the supply of this material. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The info does not constitute investment suggestions or an offer you to invest.

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Cryptocurrency Platform Byteball Schedules Second Round of Distribution for February Full Moon

Bitcoin Press Release: Byteball, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform will quickly distribute much more bytes to Bitcoin community members and present bytes holders.

January 31, 2017, Moscow, Russia – The up coming generation cryptocurrency platform, Byteball will soon embark on the up coming round of token distribution. The second round, scheduled for the following full moon, i.e. February eleven, 2017, at 00:33 (UTC) follows the first cost-free bytes token supplying held on Christmas Day 2016. Like the earlier launch-day giveaway, the Bitcoin local community along with present bytes holders stand to benefit from the upcoming distribution round.

During the platform’s launch on December 25, 2016, Byteball presented bytes (native currency) and blackbytes (an untraceable private currency) for free to the Bitcoin neighborhood, proportional to their BTC holdings. The exercising noticed above 70,000 BTCs linked to the distribution. Similarly, the 2nd round of free of charge distribution will be proportional to bytes and bitcoin holdings of the cryptocurrency local community. The platform will be giving .1 gigabytes (GB) for each GB, and .0625 GB for each and every BTC held by the eligible local community members.

“In the new distribution, 1 GB holding receives the identical share as 1.six BTC. one GB is presently traded at .05 BTC.”

Byteball stands apart from other cryptocurrency offerings by adopting Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), an substitute to blockchain technologies. It enables the platform to stay away from scalability troubles like the ones currently faced by the Bitcoin network.

Byteball is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to give people higher control over their funds by way of ease of use and consumer readable sensible contracts. The ecosystem includes cryptocurrency wallets, a bot supported marketplace, a private untraceable currency, and far more. It also integrates payments with an encrypted chat e.g. a recently launched trading chatbot enables folks to exchange BTC to bytes and vice versa.

Byteball has a maximum cap of ten^15 bytes, out of which 99% are to be distributed in a number of rounds.

About Byteball

Byteball is an initiative of a Moscow, Russia-based mostly advancement staff. The revolutionary cryptocurrency employs DAG protocol alternatively of the traditional blockchain, eliminating scaling problems. Byteball is a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem launched on Christmas day, 2016.

Discover much more about Byteball at &#8211 https://byteball.org
Byteball on BitconTalk &#8211 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?subject=1608859.
Comply with Byteball on Twitter &#8211 https://twitter.com/ByteballOrg
Byteball’s Slack channel &#8211 http://slack.byteball.org

Media Get in touch with

Get in touch with Identify: Anton Churyumov
Firm Identify: Byteball
Contact Email: byteball@byteball.org
Place: Moscow, Russia

Byteball is the supply of this content material. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and worth balances are not topic to client protections. This press release is for informational functions only. The info does not constitute investment advice or an offer you to invest.




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