Best Way to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Without a Credit Card. 

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Safely with a Credit Card. 

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The Bloodless (r)Evolution How Bitcoin Will Destroy Government And Central Banking

The Bloodless (r)Evolution How Bitcoin Will Destroy Government And Central Banking

Source: The Dollar Vigilante

$500,000 Bitcoin Within 3 Years…Wanna Bet? / CoinDash Site HACKED – ICO in Peril

$500,000 Bitcoin Within 3 Years…Wanna Bet? / CoinDash Site HACKED – ICO in Peril

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ICO Bubble – YES, Cryptocurrency Bubble – NO

ICO Bubble – YES, Cryptocurrency Bubble – NO

Source: Nugget’s News

The virtual future, an economist’s perspective – Dawie Roodt

The virtual future is unfolding right before our eyes. Software like Bitcoin and Uber is reshaping our reality – the age of virtualism is upon us. Crypto is becoming virtual, money is private and the end of banks is nigh. Meanwhile, everybody is doing it, but nobody knows who’s been doing it to whom. Best of all is that the new uber class, career politicians and professional ineptocrats, are likely to become the only major casualties.

Over the last couple of decades, governments have become lazy and fat, and central banks all-powerful. However, Dawie Roodt will unpack and explain how virtual/crypto/private/decentralised money will impact on finance and why we may see the end of banks and even a decrease in taxes. Come and listen how power will move to where it should be; in your hands!

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Veritaseum ICO: Window of Opportunity to buy VERI Tokens at Discount Closing Fast

Update: Veritaseum ICO – CLOSED

“The Veritaseum token offering – Veritas – presale, has now ended (as of 10:30 am, eastern standard time – 5/26/2017).

We thank all who have participated, and those who did not get to participate can purchase the tokens from select exchanges (TBA) within approximately 2 to 4 weeks” (Veritaseum)


About 24 hours are left to participate in the initial coin offering (ICO) of Veritas tokens (VERI) by peer to peer capital market enabler, Veritaseum. If you haven’t done so yet, the time to act is now!

Accept our apologies for getting word out late about the opportunity of a lifetime, namely participation in the Veritaseum ICO. It is a late hour indeed, but better late than never, right? Let’s consider this offer by financial Nostradamus, Reggie Middleton, and his team at Veritaseum.

Are you strapped in? Do you have your safety buckle on? Good.

This is an early bird opportunity to share in the potential failures and successes of an attempt to make trustless transactions in the peer to peer economy a viable reality.

To successfully transfer value via tokens, namely VERI tokens, from peer to peer via a protocol based network. A network that enables transactions and contracts that require zero trust from participants to be successful – zero counterparty risk.

Reggie Middleton

A decentralized network that cuts cost to a minimum by extracting gatekeepers such as banks, insurers and agents – those who don’t add real value. All of this, potentially made possible via the successful creation and deployment of capital market applications of blockchain technology.

A mouth and a half full, but in essence:  An attempt to successfully implement a fully distributed economic network without middlemen to take control of the capital of participants, gatekeepers and the ability of rent seekers to extract rent without adding subsequent value to the system.

Why support Veritaseum? What is the value proposition of Veritaseum?

Veritaseum, according to the official website, “enables software-driven P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges.” In essence, what I mentioned in the previous section. Something that will enable trustless transactions between “person to person, company to company and entity to entity.”

In addition, the Veritaseum outfit is under the leadership and control of Reggie Middleton – a well-known visionary who stands at the forefront of information technology, finance and valuation. Reggie’s team consists of highly motivated, energized and experienced individuals, including investors, analysts, intellectual property lawyers, engineers and strategists.

Veritaseum was the first company to conceptualize and create a capital market application of blockchain technology. The company filed multiple applications in terms of patent and intellectual property protections since 2014. The first patent they applied for, was for the first working model in terms of the worldwide transfer of value in peer to peer markets within the peer to peer economy. Something that is way more foreword looking than remittances and payments. 

There is also world-class research and valuation reports that form part of the value proposition – available through the redemption of VERI tokens. Throw in the track record of Reggie’s team for making accurate forecasts pertaining to major economic events (the collapse of Bear Stearns and the Lehman Brothers, etc.) – and you’re onto a winner!

What is the potential market?

All transactions of all value. The biggest market in the world!

How can I participate?

You can participate by buying VERI tokens during the initial coin offering at discount. The VERI tokens are the “keys that will enable you to start the engine” and participate in a manner you see fit. Once the ICO ends, reserve coins will largely be made available to institutions and at a premium. 

Veritaseum discussion at the Bitcoin Forum.

Cryptocurrencies and Online Gaming: Developing Hand-in-hand

Tablets and smartphones have made online industries all the more convenient.

‘Bitcoin chart’ by Fabian Figuere via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Despite only having been around for just under a decade, cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly prevalent market force in recent years. For a digital currency, it comes as no surprise that industries with large or exclusively online presences are some of the first to have accepted payment in cryptocurrency. Although there are more than 500 cryptocurrencies, according to this analysis by the University of Pennsylvania, Bitcoin is by far the most common with an estimated 80 per cent or more of market share at the time of writing.

One of the industries set to capitalise on this cryptocurrency is online gaming. As an industry with such an active online presence, iGaming, as it is often known, is at the forefront of user-oriented development. iGaming encompasses online casino and poker games as well as sports betting, all of are expected to change through the implementation of new technologies. According to the casino of the future infographic found on bgo’s website, virtual reality will profoundly change the way people play poker online, personalising and even humanising the experience through technology that allows one to approximate being in the same room. Many other companies such as Little Miss Bingo and Jackpot Finder are developing their own user-friendly interface through such methods as niche marketing and taking a shopbot approach, respectively. 

One of the developments we’re beginning to see at the intersection between iGaming and cryptocurrencies is the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method. In all industries, but perhaps more often discussed in the gambling community, some of the most cherished elements of conducting business online are the immediacy of the transaction as well as the privacy and security cryptocurrencies provide. 

Bitcoin can cater to these precise demands of online customers. For example, as a decentralized currency that operates independently of national fiat currencies, Bitcoin does not require a third-party guarantor in the way that banks act in most transactions. The peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrencies provide a much greater level of anonymity. And by virtue of the currency going directly from payer to receiver, like cash, instead of having to be cleared by a third-party such as banks in traditional online or credit transactions, Bitcoin creates the possibility for unprecedented immediacy in online payment transactions.  

Perhaps best known for his role as Mini-Me from the Austin Power’s film franchise, Verne Troyer has been the public face of since 2014 in his persona as ‘The Boss’. The gimmick is that the customer tries to beat The Boss to win big. That is very much what cryptocurrencies and iGaming are attempting to do together. By combining their attributes as both being net native industries, they have tremendous potential to create a seamless user interface together. As was pointed on in a recent special report by The Economist, Uber has proved a near fatal force to cabbies as Amazon has to traditional retailers. With a recent anti-establishment mood sweeping the world and Bitcoin and iGaming working more closely together than ever before the potential for growth is not to be underestimated. 

Even inherently bricks-and-mortal industries such as hospitality are beginning to accept Bitcoin, like this hotel in Ljubljana.

‘Tresor Hostel is accepting Bitcoins’ by Michael Bumann via Wiki Commons  (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After ETF Rejection, What’s Next for Bitcoin On Wall Street?

After the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund was rejected by the SEC, what lies in store for the digital currency within the financial sector?



Report: Chinese Regulators Discuss Draft Rules With Bitcoin Exchanges

A new report indicates that Chinese regulators are in talks with bitcoin exchanges over potential AML and KYC rules.



Bitcoin Exchanges Unveil Emergency Hard Fork Contingency Plan

A group of bitcoin exchanges are planning to checklist Bitcoin Unlimited as a separate money in case of a network split.