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Remotely controlling a number of mining rigs is not a tough point to do, however remotely resetting them in situation of a issue is not as effortless as you may well consider. Certain if you have a rig or two you can acquire a smart WiFi switch for illustration and connect the mining rig to it and situation a electrical power off/on command remotely by means of the Web. Some of these devices also come with yet another useful attribute for monitoring the real electrical power utilization and that can be useful for some mining rig owners. The intelligent WiFi plugs are obtainable for as low as $ 20 USD or EUR, but if you have a lot more than a couple of mining rigs they are not that good of an alternative. The cost will construct up and you can even commence possessing dilemma with your WiFi router being capable to maintain almost everything linked and working effectively.


Luckily there are intriguing options also accessible in the form of dedicated merchandise and one such that was lately announced is the SimpleRigResetter device made by the creator of the Simplemining OS. The gadget is developed to remotely keep track of and manage the electrical power on/off performance of up to eight mining rigs by plugging four cables into the motherboard header of each and every rig &#8211 two for the electrical power LED and two for the electrical power on functionality. It is a custom created hardware that connects above the network and works with custom application to reset any of the connected mining rigs when you need to have to and it must even come with help integrated in the SimpleMining OS.

The SimpleRigResetter gadget is not but available with pre-orders expected to begin in December with a base cost of $ 70 USD for the board + $ 20 USD for shipping and deliveries must begin in the 2nd half of January 2017 in accordance to the at the moment obtainable information. There is even an extension pack announced that ought to add support for manage of up to 24 extra mining rigs that is priced at $ 90 USD, creating the total variety of supported rigs 32. It is absolutely something to preserve an eye on if you want a resolution like that and have more than just a couple of mining rigs in operation.


Of course if you get inventive and have a bit a lot more understanding in hardware and programming you can pick up one thing like an Arduino Mega board, slap on an Ethernet shield on it and include a relay pack with some custom code and get help for remote power on/off of far more than 50 mining rigs. This is just an thought of program for folks that may possibly be searching for other options and might be interested in DIY remedy that they can customize by themselves with no way also a lot hard work. This of program is not some thing that just about anyone can do even though making use of Arudino is not rocket science it nonetheless does call for some information and encounter. Not to mention if you decide to go for a custom PCB and make your very own product related in performance to the a single mentioned above, but then again your emphasis is almost certainly mining and you will most probably require a prepared-produced resolution that does not expense too considerably and operates nicely.

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