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Quick Comparison of the Available ~30 MHS Scrypt ASIC Miners

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We&#8217ve made the decision to do a swift comparison between the different possibilities that you have for around thirty MHS Scrypt ASIC miners that are available on the market at the moment in purchase to give you an notion on how they examine to every other. We have a GAWMiners Falcon Miner (ZeusMiner Thunder X3), Silver Fish Blade Miner and Innosilicon A2Mini Miner that we have both examined currently or are at present testing (comprehensive reviews of the final two to stick to quickly). On the photograph above you can see the 3 miners on top of each and every other, so that you can get a very good concept on how they assess in terms of size. Do note that they are all distinct not only in terms of size, but also in terms of power consumption and completeness, and they also do come with distinct costs as effectively.

Here is a table to assess and summarize the three miners that are all averaging about 28 MHS or somewhat a lot more in terms of real hashrate according to their specs and what we have witnessed so far in our exams. The Falcon is the biggest one, in essence a ZeusMiner Thunder X3 from the earlier batches as the newer units do come with a bit various layout and Zeus has previously announced new miners with reduce power consumption, even though these are not yet shipping. The A2Mini miner based on Innosilicon A2 chips is the 2nd a single in terms of physical size, however this miner differs than the other two with the reality that it includes an integrated electrical power supply and Raspberry Pi controller all created inside the case. The smallest one is the Silver Fish Blade, an exciting open frame remedy that is not really broadly offered and well-liked outdoors of China.

All of the miners over have their very own benefits and disadvantages, but the price is possibly the deciding factor for each miner when thinking about the return of investment anticipated. This is particularly real now when the Litecoin network trouble has climbed up to a degree that guarantees just a bit in excess of one LTC per day to be mined with any of these Scrypt ASIC miners. Certainly the A2Mini is the worst selection in terms of cost, although we do like the miner a whole lot as it comes as a comprehensive solution prepared to be utilized out of the box and with the lowest electrical power utilization. At the cost that it is presently currently being offered nonetheless it is not a sensible choice and A2 really does want to update their costs. The Silver Fish blade is also an exciting solution, specially with the decrease power usage it provides as in contrast to ZeusMiner&#8217s option, here even so we do not like very considerably the not so successful for cooling open layout and the Windows only computer software miner obtainable for the gadget along with network only connectivity. The value of the Silver Fish is also very higher in contrast to Zeus&#8217, and even even though the ZeusMiner and the branded merchandise from their partners this kind of as GAW&#8217s Falcon with the highest power consumption it is nonetheless the most intriguing answer in terms of value. And with the announcement of the new reduced electrical power usage merchandise that offer you larger hashrate at decrease cost ZeusMiner is probably the most interesting choice for a Scrypt ASIC miner at the moment as it ought to be ready to offer the quickest ROI at the second.

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