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Populous Scam Alert!

Don’t fall for scammers who pretend to be members of the Populous dev team!

The Populous (PPT) presale is closed. There is not going to be a token generating event (TGE) as was  planned for July as all PPT tokens were sold in the presale.

Thus, at this stage, don’t buy PPT from anyone who pretends to be selling these as part of a TGE, pre-ICO or ICO. In addition, remember that the real PPT tokens will only be released from July 9th, 2017 onwards. It is best to wait until PPT is available on official exchanges.

Anyone who is telling you otherwise is either trying to scam you or trying to sell PPT IOUs to you at highly inflated prices.  

Populous itself is not a scam!

Some erroneously assume that we claim Populous is a scam based on what’s posted here. Nothing could be further away from the truth. Populous itself is not a scam. We never claimed it is a scam. 

Populous Investor Update – 03/07

Stephen Williams (nicowilliams484), Founder and CEO of the Populous Platform, posted the following update: “Guys do not send funds to any addresses posted in our forums. It has come to my attention that Slack bots are being used to fool people in to parting with their funds” (Populous Slack, July 3, 2017).


“you can beat that feeling by only dealing with an ORGANISATIONS OFFICIAL POINT OF CONTACT, with Populous our point of contact is and”


“People please please understand Populous is NOT requesting anymore funding if anyone says in this channel or any other channel that Populous IS looking for funding… IT IS A SCAM DO NOT BELIEVE IT… PRESALE ICO IS OVER… THERE IS NO ICO… THERE IS NO MORE PPT!”

Populous Investor Update — 29/06


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  1. Sergey says:


    • Admin says:

      With all respect, learn to read English my friend. “Don’t fall for scammers who pretend to be members of the Populous dev team! The Populous (PPT) presale is closed.” We are not saying that the presale was a scam!

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