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AMD GPU miners had been not too long ago getting very the increase thanks to Claymore&#8217s Zcash miner on Windows, but now Windows consumers with Nvidia GPUs also received a great boost in ZEC mining functionality thanks to the release of the NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner. It variety of doubles the performance that individuals had been obtaining with the previous nheqminer from Nicehash, so now with a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs for instance you can be all the way up to about 400 H/s. Do note that the miner presently supports only newer Nvidia GPUs and will apparently not perform on something reduced than SM 5. capable GPUs &#8211 Maxwell or Pascal.

The only disadvantage is that the miner at present only supports connection to NiceHash, so you can’t use it with other pools. While this might nit be undesirable throughout the slow begin of ZEC mining, right after that you might nonetheless want to go for mining and retaining Zcash rather of immediately offering it for profit. Hopefully in the subsequent couple of weeks we are also going to see much more development taking place for Nvidia users and that goes not only for Linux, but for Windows users as nicely.

Linux users would almost certainly want to go and attempt the latest version of the Silentarmy miner that also brought assistance for Nvidia GPUs and is apparently delivering equivalent performance as the NiceHash release for Windows. Also the Silentarmy miner is performing rather nicely on AMD hardware, so do consider it as effectively if you have this kind of mining rigs and are running them on Linux.

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