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In a number of hrs the initial slow beginning of mining for Zcash will finally be over after a little bit over a month given that the main launch of ZEC. There are currently much less compared to 100 blocks continuing to be until we get to the 20000 block where the block reward reaches the complete 12.5 ZEC. So if you were extracting and also selling up till currently to get the maximum from the sluggish start phase of mining, now you might also think about the choice about mining as well as holding some coins long-term too. That certainly is not a sure approach for making profit, but seems like an affordable concept taking into consideration the reality that there is still a lot of passion in Zcash and after time it may start going up in regards to an exchange price. Currently the currency exchange rate of a solitary Zcash coin is at around $ 63.6 USD and also it has been very secure lately despite the slowly enhancing block reward till it reaches the full 12.5 coins each block. Some people think about that this is still a pretty high appraisal for ZEC now in time, yet then once again it is likewise approximately the marketplace to determine exactly what is the real value of the ZEC coins. There is the possibility that the value may drop or rise, so take care exactly what are you determining to do after the surface of the sluggish begin of mining phase…

… – To maintain a track of exactly how things are moving with the Zcash using the Zchain traveler…

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