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I/O Digital Set to Release the Long Anticipated I/O Coin “DIONS” Blockchain Upgrade

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Bitcoin Press Release: The I/O Digital Structure reveals the upcoming launch of DIONS I/O Coin Blockchain upgrade as a component of its second development roadmap.

December 13, 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands– The team behind I/O Coin(IOC )cryptocurrency(I/O Digital Structure )has actually introduced they remain in last beta and also getting ready for the upcoming launch of DIONS( Decentralized Input Output Call Server) Blockchain upgrade. It is the initial major turning point in IOC’s second growth roadmap complying with the successful conclusion of the previous one established during the system’s first launch. As a part of its first advancement roadmap, the group had actually developed a full featured HTML5 IOC budget choice to Bitcoin-based QT pocketbook. It was complied with by IONS (semi-centralized domain) and also POS I/O– a Proof of Risk (PoS) volume regulated blockchain upgrade.

The beginning of IOC as well as DIONS goes back to the days when Proof of Work (PoW) based Bitcoin was presented following Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. The August 2012 paper by Scott Nadal and Sunny King on PoS based Peercoin cryptocurrency developed yet one more criterion for electronic money systems.

IOC, over an amount of time, has absorbed the very best of both PoW and also PoS modern technologies. Started as an X11 PoW based cryptocurrency, IOC successfully made a shift to unique PoS I/O. The PoS based IOC made use of a quantity controlled blockchain, with the ability of instantaneous transfers that obtained verifications in much less than 30 secs. With block times of 1 minute, the I/O Digital Blockchain has verified itself to be very energy effective as well as 10 times faster compared to Bitcoin.

Considering Bitcoin’s lack of user-friendliness and privacy; threat of information bloat and also centralized protection breaches in Fintech. On December 2014, the I/O Digital advancement group proposed a significant upgrade to the main IOC blockchain called DIONS. Its totally AES 256 encrypted decentralized name server, messaging, information storage space as well as a decentralized” GPGTOOLS”like system offers an unique advantage over Bitcoin. The DIONS Blockchain additionally enables identity storage space, character development and also encrypted paper storage space capabilities that are transferable in between individuals. All the attributes are conveniently difficult coded into an easy to use HTML5 budget system.

Encrypted Decentralized Messaging

DIONS will certainly be gone along with by a Skype-like decentralized end-to-end encrypted “conversation” system with constructed in AES 256 encryption. The chat function will certainly not just permit individuals to send encrypted personal messages, however also offers a choice to relay messages to a wider world. It offers an attractive alternative for 3rd party developers intending to build a censorship immune decentralized “Twitter-esque” micro-blogging solution.

“Assume of Skype conversation, however with a strong AES256 end to end built-in encryption all decentralized over Blockchain … this is coming out with DIONS”

Claims the I/O Digital advancement team

Decentralized Identity & & Name Web server System (Pen names)

The I/O Digital blockchain DIONS, will certainly enable users to keep delicate identity qualifications guaranteeing a method for users to handle their online reputation as well as control their information. The decentralized name system will be censorship resistant. DIONS which belongs to the I/O Digital collection of devices makes it possible for the production of arbitrary crucial/ value sets. Thus the I/O Digital blockchain supplies a decentralised DNS database. Names could now, be referenced as domain documents by utilizing our own or perhaps 3rd event APIs. There is no constraint on the kind of our DIONS pen names, they can take any kind of arbitrary form as well as be transferable between customers. The DNS records may be as an example A records, CNAME or MX documents. Hence our blockchain provides a ready made DNS data source whereupon our very own and even 3rd party APIs could be utilized. (This can likewise reduce network traffic in terms of DNS questions) DIONS will certainly permit personal production of pen names and also identification storage space (so called ‘personal aliases’ which can be made public at will by the individual). A personal pen names will certainly offer individuals an added layer of personal privacy at the time of producing a pen name. This way, users can develop both public and also private usernames with which purchases could occur. Integrating a special, memorable ID with their brand to get I/O Coin settlements will certainly be very beneficial to individuals as well as service alike.

Organisations, along with having the ability to make use of their very own trademark name, can currently use special human legible IDs to work as a consumer’s, invoice or referral numbers (e.g. HSBC:8008135). This provides an extra familiar style for customers accustomed to the calling conventions of email or websites. It additionally allows companies to gain from vastly reduced costs and also the robustness as well as simple auditability of a decentralized distributed data source.

Data Storage

I/O Digital’s Blockchain also helps manage intellectual building legal rights, certifications of authenticity and condition records. A hash worth consisted of in an I/O purchase could act as Proof of Presence for any kind of digital documents, with the timestamp of hash worth acting as an immutable evidence. The data storage space feature along with an arbitrary secret enables users to input information within the HTML5 pocketbook either with key-board or ‘‘ File Upload’ choice.

I/O Digital Community – – Protecting Person Freedoms In Blockchain

Our I/O Digital Community has the capability for encrypted communications approved by the NSA for levels up to “Supersecret”. It supplies a special function in self consisted of RSA public crucial cryptography over the blockchain. The I/O Digital group has actually developed the very first RSA public crucial interactions system with AES 256 totally incorporated over the blockchain for world-wide secure interactions. Therefore it can be deemed a replacement for gpgtools (which has been extensively made use of throughout the globe for over 17 years), with the blockchain * replacing * all central crucial servers, for a totally decentralized ways of encrypted communication.

” […] the possible user base for this is massive, we have actually developed the Blockchain variation of GPGTools and there will disappear centralized essential web servers needed, literally whatever is decentralized […] Additionally, no one has actually been right here prior to by making certain the ability to safeguard specific freedoms through strongly encrypted interactions as well as we’re greatly thrilled” –

– I/O Digital growth

Team Developers with 3rd party APIs can use DIONS to enable encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify and import tricks from message selections, files, folders, images, sound for censorship free transmission throughout the globally network that I/O Digital already has actually become.

“… … Customers all over the world can currently safely and also securely send photographic pictures, audio recordings, report or undoubtedly any approximate data material throughout all over the world Blockchain by utilizing our Community.”

– – I/O Digital development

Team DIONS opens up great opportunities for companies who can develop their Proof of Principle around the I/O Digital Blockchain modern technology and identify if Blockchain is fascinating for their solutions. There is an intense future ahead for Blockchain advancement as well as services.

An award winning group

The I/O Digital Advancement group and IOC have won the general public honor in the Blockchain group of the Euro Fintech Honors. They have actually additionally made it to the finals of the Benzinga FinTech honors. I/O Digital was recently noted in the KPMG/ H2 ventures FinTech top 100 as an Emerging Star.

The team of I/O Digital are all highly skilled market specialists that know how you can obtain results, manage technological obstacles and also safeguard a place in the Blockchain environment with their innovation.

I/O Digital’s best objective is to entertain utilize their blockchain innovation to gain an affordable benefit by producing a harmony in between solutions as well as operate with fewer expenses while adding new services to their profile.

Discover more about I/O Digital Structure as well as its projects at – – www.iodigital.io Even more info regarding I/O Coin (IOC) is readily available at –

www.iocoin.io Media Call Name: Richard Groen
Get in touch with Designation: COO
Business Name: I/O Digital Foundation Call Email:

marketing@iodigital.io!.?.! Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

I/O Digital Structure is the resource of this material. Digital money is not lawful tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and also value equilibriums are exempt to consumer securities. This news release is for informational functions just. The information does not make up financial investment guidance or an offer to invest.

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