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Claymore&#8217s Zcash (ZEC) AMD miner has been up to date a couple of times currently because the release of the original version from some days in the past. The number of optimizations and hashrate enhancements with pretty considerably each major update has been tremendous, bringing back to life many of the previous AMD Radeon GPUs such as 7950/7970 or the 280X, some of the most common mining video cards for the last number of many years. The latest release, presently a significant edition 6 brought far more fixes and optimizations in terms of performance. As a single would expect Nvidia is left behind after a lot more, even though there were some signs that lately it was commencing to catch up to the amounts of overall performance of AMD GPUs, it is now but once again substantially slower. So owners of Nvidia-based mining rigs may well want to switch to some other substitute for mining at the moment right after the most recent functionality boosts from Claymore. Do have in thoughts even so that Claymore&#8217s Zcash miner does come with a two.5% dev fee, beneath is a list of major adjustments and updates of the miner following the original release:

Version v6.:
&#8211 improved pace by about 20-25% (depends on card model). About 180H/s on stock 390.
&#8211 &#8220-i&#8221 parameter values are &#82304 now, default value is &#8220-i 4&#8221.
&#8211 fixed situation with mixed cards.

Edition v5.:
&#8211 improved speed by about thirty-50% (depends on card model). About 145H/s on stock 390X.
&#8211 improved help for Catalyst sixteen.x and 4xx cards.
&#8211 diminished CPU utilization.

Model v4.:
– improved speed by about twenty% (depends on card model). Up to 100H/s on stock 390X on &#8220-i two&#8221 mode.
– extra &#8220-retrydelay&#8221 alternative.
– added &#8220-nofee&#8221 alternative.
– numerous bug fixes.
– altered coloring.
– EthMan: extra &#8220View miner console&#8221 command.

Edition v3.-v3.1:
– enhanced pace by 20-30% (depends on card model). Up to 80H/s on stock 390X on &#8220-i two&#8221 mode.
&#8211 enhanced stability.

Edition v2.1:
&#8211 additional &#8220-i&#8221 alternative for adjusting mining intensity and CPU utilization.
&#8211 enhanced pace for higher intensity mode (&#8220-i 2&#8221), about 60H/s on stock 390X, 50H/s on stock 280X.
&#8211 because nicehash cannot improve their ddos protection, now &#8220-allpools 1&#8221 is required for this pool.

Edition v2.:
&#8211 improved speed by five-15% (depends on card model).

Version v1.one:
– added Linux version.
– fixed concern with rejected shares right after devfee mining.
– take away &#8220-allpools 1&#8221 selection if you use it and mine on miningpoolhub, suprnova, coinmine or nicehash pools.
– added &#8220XnSub&#8221 support for Nicehash.
– fixed bugs.

&#8211 For much more particulars and to download the most current Claymore&#8217s Zcash AMD GPU Miner&#8230

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