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Bitcoin Exchange Globitex Granted European Electronic Money License – Bitcoin Magazine


November 22, 2017Globitex, a new bitcoin exchange co-founded by former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis, is announcing that its parent Globitex Holding (Latvia) group company NexPay UAB has been granted an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by the Bank of Lithuania, a regulatory authority in the European Union, to carry out payment services and e-money issuance in the EU.

The acquisition of the EMI license will allow Globitex to integrate with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) euro payment system directly through the central bank of Lithuania. This will enable NexPay to clear euro payments directly, without the involvement of commercial banks, and to issue IBAN accounts to Globitex clients just as banks issue accounts to their clients, which is could be an important step forward in terms of accessibility.

According to the company, this regulatory development opens the way for the institutional- grade bitcoin exchange to deal with EUR fiat payments globally and sets a new level of legitimacy for the cryptocurrency industry overall. It also represents a significant step toward widespread adoption of Bitcoin as a unit of account suitable for global trade, with no geographic, political or monetary restrictions. Read more here.

For more information, visit the Globitex website or visit the token sale website

Read their whitepaper here.

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SimplyVital Health Extends Token Pre-sale for Maximum Impact After Cancelled Fork


The company uses a permissioned blockchain to streamline information sharing in the health industry, ensure the security and integrity of important medical data.

November 21, 2017SimplyVital Health, the Connecticut-based company pioneering a new paradigm for information sharing in the medical industry, is extending its token pre-sale in the wake of the recent resolution of the bitcoin fork drama, and to allow further prospective partners the opportunity to explore its business model and Health Nexus platform as a result.

‘The cryptocurrency world has been held in a state of perpetual uncertainty over recent months, as a series of controversial forks have threatened to split the community and network’s value,’ explains SimplyVital Health co-founder and CEO, Kat Kuzmeskas.

‘There are a number of potential partnerships for Health Nexus that we are pursuing – as well as a large number of individuals and institutional players in the wider crypto world – who have been waiting for a resolution before making their next move. Now that the SegWit2x question has been settled, we are optimistic that we’ll be able to initiate further partnerships and continue to attract investment. In addition, many potential contributors expressed interest and excitement in Health Nexus and they want to continue conversations before participating, so we want to honor adapt to those requests. We’re very pleased that confidence has returned to the market and have taken the decision to prolong our pre-sale to enable us to explore these opportunities.’

Medical data on the blockchain

SimplyVital Health (SVH) was founded to overcome the tensions that exist around data sharing in the medical industry. Whilst ensuring reliable access to patients’ medical information is critical for the best outcomes, this data is also highly confidential and its movement subject to stringent regulation. The result is that patient health can become an unintended casualty of data protection law.

Health Nexus, SVH’s flagship solution, uses a permissioned blockchain to store and transfer data between nodes. Unlike bitcoin, Ethereum and other open blockchain platforms, every node or ‘miner’ that maintains the network must be validated, operating within the framework of HIPAA compliance. This means that while the system is highly secure and fit to deal with private healthcare data, patient information can move freely as required, without concerns about unauthorised access. Health Nexus can be integrated with existing healthcare systems for lower on-boarding costs.

HealthCash token

SimplyVital Health is holding a token sale for Health Cash (HLTH), the blockchain token that will power the system by providing rewards to the miners who maintain the network. This will also serve the purpose of attracting newcomers to the ecosystem, helping it to grow and reach critical mass quickly and bringing the exceptional benefits of blockchain technology to a wide range of healthcare providers, and provides additional revenue stream opportunities to healthcare partners.

The SimplyVital Health pre-sale has been extended until 20 February, with the main sale starting on 22 February.

To participate in the presale visit here

To learn more, visit their website

Read their whitepaper here.

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An Interview with Pawel Kuskowski, CEO and Founder of Coinfirm and AMLT Token


November 20, 2017Coinfirm and AMLT CEO Pawel Kuskowski features on KCN to discuss the importance of compliance and AML within the blockchain sector. Created by the recognized Blockchain Regtech leader Coinfirm, AMLT is the first dedicated token that will ensure transparency and democratization of the financial system by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others.

Watch the full interview.

Find out more at the Coinfirm website http://www.trudatum.com/

Find out more at the AMLT website and read the white paper

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The Bitcoin Podcast with Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director and Co-founder of Globitex.


November 19, 2017Globitex Managing Director and Co-founder Liza Aizupiete features as a guest on The Bitcoin Podcast as she discusses how the institutional spot and derivatives exchange will scale the Bitcoin economy.


Listen to the Interview on The Bitcoin Podcast here


Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities for direct market access. The purpose of Globitex is to advance the overall Bitcoin industry by scaling existing Globitex exchange infrastructure to the necessary industrial trading level, with a capacity to accommodate standardized money markets and commodities listings.

For more information, visit the Globitex website or to participate in the token sale visit their token sale website

Read their whitepaper here.

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Meet The TokenMarket Team at Consensus: Invest 2017 in New York, NY

TM Consensus

November 17, 2017 – The TokenMarket team and CEO, Mr. Ransu Salovaara will be attending Consensus: Invest 2017 in New York, NY at the New York Marriott Marquis on November 28, 2017.


Consensus: Invest 2017

“The digital asset class has boomed into a $100 billion market. 2017 saw investors experience enormous returns. Despite hundreds of digital asset obituaries from the financial press, these assets won’t disappear anytime soon. Many smaller retail investors have taken advantage of this opportunity, but the majority of sophisticated investors do not actively participate.”

“CoinDesk will host the world’s first digital asset investor outlook event, Consensus: Invest on Tuesday, November 28 at the New York Marriott Marquis. At the center of this asset class, Consensus: Invest brings 600+ institutional investors, hedge funds, money managers, banks, and family offices together and offers attendees the chance to get connected with how to invest, store, trade and judge value in this new asset class. Ultimately, attendees will walk away with a richer idea of what to expect in 2018.”

For more information visit the Consensus: Invest website.

Blockchain Giant Cashaa Ventures into a Strategic Partnership with Bubblo

Cashaa, Bubblo

November 16th, London, UK,Cashaa, the world’s first blockchain based online banking platform has announced its partnership with Bubblo, an AI-powered app to find Top 5 hangout venues in a specific region.

A simplified user experience in a legally compliant way

Cashaa, a next generation online banking for billions, seeks to leverage the blockchain industry with its pioneering solution to connect the West and East along with financial inclusion, hence creating a fair value and a win-win solution for both worlds.

Cashaa is building a powerful wallet with a spectrum of digital financial services to enable its community to deposit, spend, lend, borrow & transfer money anywhere in the world to any card. Thus, creating liquidity for cryptocurrencies and enabling them to be transferred worldwide in a fast, secure and authorised manner.

Cashaa has launched its Token Generation Event (TGE), with CAS token built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token on the Ethereum blockchain. CAS are being sold at $0.10 each in a crowd sale that is open now until 5 December. Adding to its spree of partnerships recently, Cashaa announces its 4th strategic partnership with Bubblo as a cross marketing platform.

Paving a way to push cryptocurrencies into the mainstream

Bubblo, the world’s first decentralized Food, Beverage, and Retail review and payment platform ecosystem to decentralize the reviews that form their recommendation engine. Bubblo harnesses the power of IBM’s Watson supercomputer to deliver AI, allowing users to filter venues by price, type, cuisine etc. Live videos and photos available within BubbloApp give visitors a feel of the venue before they actually go there.

Recently Bubblo is seeking to ‘gamify’ its review system, decentralising the BubbloApp with blockchain technology, thus incentivising its users who check-in at places and receive blockchain rewards for submitting reviews. Users can pay for their food and drinks with CAS tokens and in return Restaurants, Bars and Clubs can pay for their supplies to Food & Beverage companies, who also can pay for advertising on Bubblo thus completing this ecosystem.  

Now, Bubblo has taken a strategic blockchain initiative with Cashaa, to integrate blockchain technology and utilise CAS in its app, enabling users to transact directly through the app. As Bubblo ventures into cryptocurrencies to incentivize reviews, this ground-breaking collaboration with Cashaa will power an efficient cross-marketing strategy.

For more information about Cashaa and the CAS token sale visit: https://cashaa.com

Read their whitepaper here

For more information on how to participate, visit their website

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The Facts about Globitex from Managing Director Liza Aizupiete

Who are the creators of the Globitex exchange?

Our team members are Jon Matonis, Liza Aizupiete, Arvis Ermins, Maris Kaneps, Andris Kaneps, Uldis Teraudkalns, Viesturs Tamuzs and many others on the development and support.

What is the engine that powers Globitex?

The team have a deep know-how on how an exchange should work. We have experience as traders in commodity, spot and derivatives markets and a firm commitment to better the overall Bitcoin trading industry and Bitcoin based crypto currencies.

Why is there a need for a Bitcoin exchange with a focus on Institutions and professional traders?

No one else is running an institutional Bitcoin exchange so we saw a gap in the market for Globitex. We have made the product we would want to use and that meets our demands for a quality market access for institutions, trading firms and alike.

How long has the platform been running in Beta?

We have been operational since May 2017. The platform is fully functioning but in limited BETA which simply means that trades are limited in volume. If you need to buy or sell moderate amounts of Bitcoin, and now Bitcoin Cash, you can do it on Globitex BETA and enjoy zero commission fees. While we are in BETA, we accept up to EUR 100,000 deposits per month.

Are there plans to launch other coins on the exchange?

Yes. Going forward we intend to add other crypto currencies as demanded by the community, starting with most common ones for example Ethereum, Litecoin, and of course our own issued EIP-20 token GBX, which will serve as a commission payment token on our platform when we are fully launched.

When do yo expected Globitex to go live?

We expect to lift all server-level door locks at the beginning of the year 2018 at the latest. We may be able to launch sooner but keep an eye on the company announcement page to get the news first: www.globitex.com/news.

What are the security features of Globitex?

We have different integrated security features usable for web platform users and API users. Just to name a few of them:
– Two step verification for all web application users
– Ability to white list IP addresses you access Globitex application from
– Allow only one active web application session
Globitex is constantly working on improving our application security level by adding new security features for the clients.

What will the fees to trade on Globitex look like?

As mentioned, we offer commission-free trading in all our products during the BETA phase. When we open to the wider public our pricing will be based on market maker/taker model, where the market maker will be favoured having 0 or close to 0% fees depending on the traded volume per set period. Our token sale is coming soon offering GBX tokens that can be used on the platform for commission fees among other things.

For more information on Globitex see the website and whitepaper or join Globitex on telegram to stay up to date.

STK Global Payments Extends Presale

STK, Token Sale

November 13, 2017, GibraltarSTK is announcing changes to its Token Generation Event, beginning with an extended presale and a lower minimum buy-in to accommodate high demand for early participation among the wider cryptocurrency marketplace. The presale will be extended until December 10, with a minimum buy-in of 20 ETH. The public sale will run from December 11 until January 14, 2018.
Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable instant cryptocurrency payments at point of sale — the first such solution to bridge cryptocurrency with retail transactions in real-time.

Recent developments within the blockchain industry have shifted the way token generation events are structured and how contributors are looking to participate. As the number of ICOs continues to increase and the marketplace is crowded with new offerings, token sales are trending towards smaller hard caps with more participants to account for a wider spread of interest and participation.

“The response to our presale has validated the appetite for our token and its utility. We’ve restructured our Token Generation Event to allow for greater participation from its most important market — our end user.” said Miro Pavletic, Director of STK.

STK has also reduced its hard cap to 155, 172 ETH, with a total token supply of 500 million, of which 275MM STK tokens will be available for sale.

Visit www.stktoken.com for more information.

About STK Global Payments

STK Global Payments is the cryptocurrency technology solution which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale, and the issuer of the STK token. The STK token was designed to provide a method that can allow cryptocurrency to be used instantly at retail for seamless integration into everyday transactions and financial services. The STK token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The STK token is part of a global solution to facilitate borderless transactions through a smart contract which facilitates a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat at the POS.

Visit the STK website for more details.

Read their whitepaper here

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India’s Largest Blockchain Network AuxLedger to Back Cashaa For its India Operations


The extensive blockchain infrastructure already powers over 53 Million users

Auxledger, an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure that currently powers over a dozen applications across different state governments of India, will partner with Cashaa to support its India operations.

One of the world’s largest blockchain networks

Auxledger enables organisations to quickly deploy a blockchain network and build their business logic on top of it. It aims to revolutionise a series of public and private sector use cases in India, including Identity Management, Remittance, Asset management, Supply Chain, Wearables in Defence, HealthTech, Education and Finance.
Aside its live applications, a number of proof-of-concept programmes have been run over Auxledger by EY, VISA, IIT Bombay and PwC for a range of different use cases.

As Auxledger has the support from the State Governments of India and an enormous reach and potential, partnering with Cashaa offers an attractive boost in network effect and value for both platforms.

Auxledger is one of the offerings of Auxesis Group, a global leader in blockchain enterprise solutions who is ranked among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies.
Auxesis Group was founded at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, India’s leading University, with which Auxesis partnered since to open India’s first Blockchain Lab.

“We are excited to support Cashaa in India by providing AuxLedger infrastructure. Together with the state Govt of India AuxLedger first implementation holds more than 53 Million Indians till date” Akash Gaurav, CEO Auxesis Group

“Auxledger`s live use cases include some of the largest in the blockchain sphere and are already impacting the lives of millions. For Cashaa, Auxledger is the ideal technology for identity management, compliance and banking integration as it is meeting the specifications of BFSI and governments.” Janina Lowisz, VP Marketing, Cashaa

Cashaa: Global Banking Platform

Cashaa is currently holding a token sale in order to scale out its platform to reach those unable to access existing banking services and to offer a wider range of financial products to its existing customers across the globe.

CoMakery partnership

In addition to the partnership with Auxledger, Cashaa has announced a separate partnership with CoMakery, a US tech innovation business whose main project, also named CoMakery, includes a suite of tools for finding contributors, awarding token bounties and tracking contributions. Cashaa will use CoMakery to reward developers, entrepreneurs, strategists and community members who want to leverage the Cashaa network, with 5 % of CAS tokens allocated to a dedicated Community Development and Entrepreneur Initiatives Fund.

Token sale

Cashaa’s token sale is currently live. The project aims to sell up to 510 million CAS tokens out of a total of 1 billion CAS, with a hard cap of $32 million, having raised $2.95 million in its presale, therefore having reached its minimum goal of $2.5 million. At the time of writing, more than 100 million tokens have been sold. The standard token price is $0.10, with bonuses available for early supporters. The public crowd sale began on 6 November and ends on 5 December.

Read their whitepaper here

For more information on how to participate, visit their website

Join Cashaa Telegram channel

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SimplyVital Health Secures Contract with the Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital


November 9, 2017SimplyVital Health (SVH), the healthcare company streamlining medical data storage and sharing using blockchain technology, has announced a partnership with Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital (BJI). Through its blockchain-based ConnectingCare platform, SVH will manage and analyze total hip and total knee joint replacement patients from first appointment to final treatment, helping to reduce costs and improve patient recovery.

BJI is ahead of the game, preparing for excellence in orthopedic risk based contracts. Research found that orthopedic risk based contracts drive down cost, without affecting quality. SVH believes the key is effective pre and post-surgery management of patients and monitoring financial estimates in near real time. Maximizing savings requires easy access to the same data of shared patients, across multiple providers, and is exactly what ConnectingCare provides.

Kat Kuzmeskas, CEO of SVH, knows the orthopedic space well, having spent nearly three years working with a hospital-based orthopedic department.

“What excites us the most about this opportunity is paralleling and supporting the work of the nurse navigators. This is an effective, proven method to improve care while controlling costs.” explains Kuzmeskas.

“We have trained our nurse navigators to determine patient transition plans 2-4 weeks ahead of surgery, understanding DME, transportation, and medication management. The ConnectingCare platform gives us one more tool to effectively manage our patients,” says David Santoro, Director of Operations of the BJI.

SVH and Hartford Hospital look forward to decreasing costs and providing better care for patients of the BJI through blockchain technology.

About SimplyVital:

SimplyVital Health leverages Health Nexus, its blockchain protocol, to empower providers’ transition to value based care regardless of clinical affiliation. Their principal tool, ConnectingCare, augments existing hospital care systems to extract data and create care pathway flexibility, prospectively track financials, maintain immutable records, and accurately monitor analytics. Learn more at: https://tokensale.simplyvitalhealth.com

About BJI at HH:

The Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital offers an unparalleled network of coordinated services for patients with musculoskeletal disorders and orthopedic injuries, serving patients from Baby Boomers to seasoned athletes. The new five-floor, 130,000-square foot facility features 10 operating rooms, 48 private inpatient beds (with the ability to expand to 60), diagnostic services, outpatient rehabilitation and ample space for community education.

HLTH Token

Health Nexus will be fuelled by the HLTH token that acts as an access and permissions token for the platform. HLTH is offered via a token sale launching on the 22nd of November at 17:00 UTC

To participate in the presale visit here

To learn more, visit their website

Read their whitepaper here.

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