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KickCity is going to build reward-based community platform on blockchain

The crypto-world is the next reality and KickCity plans to connect everyone in the crypto-world through reward-based communities on blockchain.  The company has been existing for more than 2 years with products that generate revenue.

Community-building is the future of social interaction.  To achieve this mission quickly, the company has broken the process into 2 major stages.

1.     Event Platform on Blockchain

This stage is 70% complete and already generating thousands of dollars in revenue. Users currently can buy tickets using FIAT and Bitcoins and certain ERC20 Tokens.

2.    Value Communities

KickCity protocols will allow for the creation of value communities where information and content can be exchanged simultaneously without third-parties.  Facebook + Slack on Blockchain.


KICK-tokens are smart standard ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols, providing asynchronous price-discovery while maintaining continuous liquidity by using constant ratios of reserve tokens (held through smart contracts, acting as automated market makers).

Value Community

With more people joining crypto-communities each day, there is need for a blockchain-based community platform. This will allow for exchange of information and value. A Value Network is a set of connections between individuals interacting with each other to benefit the entire group. A Value Network allows members to buy and sell products as well as share information. The nodes in a value network represent people. For the ICO- community, managing different communities in different platforms (like Slack, Telegram, WeChat etc) is a herculean task. KickCity proposes a common decentralized platform for community building for the crypto-world.  Community creators can charge a fee in KICK and participants pay to join communities. 2% of every transaction goes to the reserve, thereby propping the appreciation of KICK-tokens.

With the token economy and blockchain technology, KickCity has a value advantage for it’s users such as the possibility to earn rewards and exchange value.

Hedge Token incorporated in Zug – Switzerland

Hedge Token, is launching the first official Crypto Indices, based on professional investment-grade rulebooks, like STOXX and the S&P Index suite.

Why the Rulebook?

Objectivity and discipline are the main functions of the rulebook. Investors know what they get, from day one. A set of well-defined guidelines and an expert index committee to handle extraordinary unforeseeable events, the index is built and maintained in a manner that is reliable, predictable and comprehensive for all parties. 

Incorporated in Zug – Switzerland 

Incorporation of the Hedge Project in Switzerland, a Crypto friendly destination, ensures the highest KYC standards, while protecting investors’ identity in the most prudent manner. This allows the product offering to reach institutional investors, meet legal frameworks, and bolster networks and Hedge Tokens’ reputation in the crypto world. Being located in Zug, Switzerland, gives Hedge Token access to key resources, personnel, markets and technologies.

Investing in Crypto has never been so simple.

The average investor who has no IT or financial product background will be able to transact effectively on the Hedge Token Platform. Our dedicated team of experts, advisors, legal counsel and analysts have meticulously studied the average crypto investors’ investment patterns and difficulties. Lack of diversification presents the main difficulty i.e. a ‘homemade’ crypto portfolio concentrates risk. This is time-consuming, costly and illiquid, in times of uncertainty. Hedge Token, has been creating the first buy-the-crypto-market-with-a-single-click-instruments, the Crypto Traded Indices™ for investors, speculators, crypto-traders and evangelists.

A real-time, fluid, rulebook based approach to conventional crypto portfolios is what the maturing crypto market needs. Having Crypto Traded Indices™ on the Hedge Token Platform guarantees liquidity in times of stress, cost-effectiveness, security, compliance with KYC trading standards and is as easy as email- all at your fingertips.

Strategic Partnerships – (XRL), a pioneer in arbitrage and market-making, has partnered with Hedge Token to provide direct access to crypto markets using its proprietary algorithms and competitive edge. Our complementary business models are the basis for mutually-beneficial cooperation, now and in the future.


Source of Information: Hedge Token

Veritaseum Update: Reggie Middleton’s Keynote Speech at Harvard, Dimon, Bitcoin, Frauds, Jamaica and Chinese Imperialism

Veritaseum Update: Reggie Middleton’s Keynote Speech at Harvard, Dimon, Bitcoin, Frauds, Jamaica and Chinese Imperialism

Source: Reggie Middleton

TenX Card Update – Important info For Non-Europeans

TenX Card Update – Important info For Non-Europeans

Source: Mike B

Deep Dive into OmiseGo – Omise: the Company Behind OmiseGo (OMG)

Deep Dive into OmiseGo – Omise: the Company Behind OmiseGo (OMG)

Source: Crypto Rich

Veritaseum Update: China, Crypto and Shifting Global Macro Values: Jamaica Cometh

Veritaseum Update: China, Crypto and Shifting Global Macro Values: Jamaica Cometh

Source: Reggie Middleton

Announcing EOS.IO Dawn v1.0

EOS.IO Dawn 1.0 is the first pre-release of the EOS.IO SDK (Software Development Kit).  The Dawn series of EOS.IO software releases represent early alpha-quality software suitable for use by those looking to get a head start on the EOS.IO ecosystem.

What’s in the Release?

For the full list of features included in this release check the Release Notes.  

This release includes all Phase 1 features, including documentation and guides for developers to build a private P2P network  to test smart contracts.

In addition, we were able to include some features from Phase 2 ahead of schedule, a full list of those can be found here in the Release Notes.  

For Developers with C++ and/or blockchain experience you can Get Started here.

Updated Website

We’ve also updated the EOS.IO website to better highlight all of the news, releases, and excitement about this software.  As well as the new homepage, we have an expanded resources page where we will be regularly adding new content related to EOS.IO, including announcements, development guides, videos, and community content. EOS Explorer will become the best single location to find out what’s new, though of course we will continue to share everything on Steemit and through our mailing list as well.

Looking Ahead

EOS.IO Dawn 2.0, the next major pre-release, will come by the end of the year. EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 will include several critical features that are not present in EOS.IO Dawn 1.0 including:

* Resource Rate Limiting (preventing spam / abuse)
* Merkle Tree Generation (for cross chain communication)
* Upgrade Management and Governance
* More robust SDK
* General Infrastructure improvements
* Example Snapshot from ERC20 tokens

The goal of EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 is to be functional enough that one could launch a live blockchain.

There’s still much to be done, but everyone working on the EOS.IO software is very excited to have reached the end of Phase 1 in such good shape.  We look forward to continuing to deliver on the promise of blockchain technology.


RIALTO.AI as a Designated Data Provider to the Hedge Project – RIALTO.AI Token Holder Compensation

RIALTO.AI data providing services were selected among competitors as the best on the market for the calculation purposes of Hedge Project professional crypto indices.

Advantages of Rialto.AI data providing solutions:

  • Full scope of exchanges and gateways
  • Responsiveness and real time calculation possibility
  • Reliability of the data stream

RIALTO.AI will be providing live datastream on the selected number of cryptocurrencies that are required for the calculation of the set of indices, including but not limited to the Official Bitcoin Price Index, Crypto30 Index, and Crypto Assets Index. Indices will be streamed to a variety of financial data vendors. Hedge Project plans to introduce several index-based products on their platform (e.g. purchase of any index replicated basket of cryptocurrencies), as well as hedging and short exposure products.

Be sure to read more at the source: Rialto.AI Medium

Rhea Token Review

Introducing Rhea Token

Rhea is a revolutionary crypto-equity hybrid token.

Our main mission is to create a clear synergy between the worlds of finance and cryptocurrencies. Through the Rhea Crypto20 – our capitalization weighted index, we will enable multiple ways of hedging, speculating and investing in the cryptocurrency market without holding any individual currency. The Rhea token will be used to buy and sell options on our platform or provide market liquidity for extra return.

Rhea aims to achieve a crypto-equity synergy by adopting the best features from both worlds. From financial markets we will take long-term value adding instruments, multiple ways of participation and dividends. From cryptocurrencies – bypassing burdensome regulations, fast and simple execution, as well as the opportunity to invest in exotic assets. Rhea is ERC-20 compliant and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the means by which options trading will be executed on the platform and dividends will be paid out.

Transparency and Accountability

We value transparency above all. Currently cryptomarkets are unregulated and ICOs are not obliged to provide any accountability or performance results to their investors. Although in the cryptocurrency world such regulations still do not exist, we still choose to integrate them in the core of our company by providing token holders multiple ways of tracking our performance through our accountability systems such as daily transaction volume on the entire platform and complete capital allocation breakdown.


In contrast to equity markets, the world of cryptocurrencies currently has 2 major flaws – fragmentation and specific knowledge. Traditional markets are well structured and covered by multiple indices, which give investors a clear view of how they are performing and what the overall state of the market is. Most investors cannot fully understand all cryptocurrencies and are uncertain which one is the best. Investing through the Crypto20 will enable participants to bet on a market direction or to hedge their portfolios

against volatility and unexpected risks. Our goal is for the Crypto20 index to become a benchmark of the cryptocurrency market. Options trading is how investors will take position on the index. Our goal is for the Crypto20 index to become a benchmark of the cryptocurrency market.

Dividend Payments

The platform launch is planned for 01.05.2018 and additional features will be introduced in the following 3 months. Post launch, Rhea will pay out quarterly dividends to all token holders. They will be based on transaction costs revenue from options trading, before the subtraction of any expenses, such as operational and maintenance costs. The dividend payout ratio will range from 20% to 40%, depending on the success of the ICO. Once the payout ratio has been established it will remain the same in perpetuity.

ICO Campaign

The token sale will commence on the 2nd October and conclude on 30th October. The campaign is divided into 5 rounds each with a different discount factor and we will be accepting only Ether contributions. The maximum available supply will be 50,000,000 tokens, of which 42,500,000 will be offered during the ICO at an initial price of 0.000814 ETH/RHEA or about 0.25$/RHEA. These funds will be used exclusively for developing the platform and all of its features.

Failure to raise 100% of the required capital would result in the permanent reduction of the total supply of Rhea tokens. The burn model will keep the distribution pro-rata to the individual contributions made. This way we avoid two issues: us having more than 15% of the total supply and giving contributors an abnormal amount of Rhea tokens.

Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign starts on September 11th and will stop one day before the ICO’s end – October 29th. 1% of the total contributions will be allocated for the bounty, or a maximum of 333,333.33 RHT – whichever is lower. There will be 5 sub-campaigns in descending order of importance – Bitcointalk, Twitter, Articles&Videos, Facebook and Translations.

Official Website:


Zero-day Safety – New Way of Fixing It

Nothing in the world could have one hundred percent safety from illegal Interference, especially when we speak about cyber security. However, this fact doesn’t mean that all such businesses should not try to reach the maximum available level of cyber safety. Among the most dangerous threats to modern IT companies, there are so-called zero-day vulnerabilities. The reason is that they could cause the most adverse damage to the businesses or their programs when they are found.

Big Game Hunting

Zero-day vulnerabilities are the composite name for the range of weak parts of the code. They are called zero-day because these weaknesses or holes are exploited by hackers before the moment when vendor acknowledges about them and hurries to fix. That’s why zero-day vulnerabilities are called in such a way – someone acknowledges about the weakness of code directly from the report of its abuse by the third person. In turn, bug fix issuing would certainly take some time, so the investigators of a vulnerability, so the initial investigators could abuse it at least for some time.

That is why zero-day vulnerabilities work as a red flag for all unethical hackers, people who make money with illegal activities. Often, the highest amount of money or information is stolen during zero-day attacks because a system or code isn’t prepared to them. To get the better understanding of the threat of zero-days for the cyber security industry, just refer to any loud cyber security scandals of the recent times.

For instance, in May 2017, Wikileaks published more than 8,5 thousands of leaked CIA documents with the code name “Vault 7”. The curiosity of the situation is that a concerning amount of the stolen information contained undisclosed zero-day vulnerabilities of computers, smartphones, and other devices. The agency uses them to compromise the devices and their users in case of necessity. Additionally, the irony is that all these documents were leaked to the web due to some zero-day vulnerabilities in CIA cyber security system. From this short and understandable example, the role of zero-day vulnerabilities and attacks could be easily understood.

Changing the Rules of the Game

The above information proves that zero-day vulnerabilities are top tier threats for the whole cyber security industry. So, could cause extremely adverse results. That’s why there is a strong necessity to come up with an answer to zero-day attacks. The nowadays cyber security community offers zero-day remuneration for those who would report them without abusing. Mainly, this message is targeted on white hat hackers, whose mission is to improve the safety of information in the world. These remunerations are designed to replace the expenses of the vendor in case of zero-day attack.

From this point, it’s crucial for the industry to have a sufficient number of white hat hackers who would be attracted in zero-day researches. The problem would never become less actual because new vendors enter various markets on a daily basis and become the new potential victims. Cyber security issues fixing is a hard and long-lasting process, which require huge efforts from a white hat hacker.

Collaboration is the Cure

It would sound peculiarly from the first sight, but the more people would be involved in a zero-day research project, the more successful would be results of it. Obviously, it’s crucial to control the members of the team, so there would be no black hackers there. However, one thing is undoubted – collaboration shows far better results. With these purposes, the cyber security industry reacted on the challenge of fixing zero-day vulnerabilities by offering remunerations for those white hat hackers, who would report on them.

These zero-day compensations are aimed to encourage the desire of white hat hackers in finding the vulnerabilities in the code. The biggest problem of zero-day researches is the fact that the majority of them are previously undisclosed and unrewarded. These characteristics lead to the point that it is not an easy task to find all of them. Therefore, the remunerations system is essential for the global overcoming of the zero-day threat.

Punishment for Assistance

Strangely, the history has some cases, when white hat hackers were accused of abusing zero-day vulnerabilities, even when they reported about them accordingly. The most widespread statement about zero-days on the Internet is that no one speaks about zero-days in any context. Otherwise, the person could be accused of abusing it, which leads to negative events in his or her life. This point of view and attitude is stated by multiple media of IT and cyber security industries in Europe and USA. To make the cyber security and zero-day threats less dangerous, it is necessary to change that stereotype and create mechanisms for reporting these vulnerabilities without being under the investigation of abusing them.

To support the argument, it would be proper to refer to some cases. The biggest Ukrainian bank, PrivatBank, sued a white hat hacker, who found a zero-day vulnerability in their program and managed to transfer a test amount of money to his account. After this, he reported to the bank administration about disclosed zero-day vulnerability and showed the proofs. He promised to return the funds and claimed to be a white hat hacker, who was willing to help and earn money by eliminating such vulnerabilities. However, PrivatBank sued him for cyber crimes and won the case.

Hacken Support White Hackers

Understanding the challenge of white hat hackers in disclosing zero-day vulnerabilities, it is crucial to mention that any single report is a possibility to be sued by the company. From this point of view, it is obvious why not all of the cyber security professionals are keen on working with zero-day reports. However, Hacken ecosystem and cryptocurrency of the same name is designed to solve the problem. Hacken Zero-Day Remunerations Platform is designed entirely for the needs of better zero-day vulnerabilities disclosing. The project would create a concerning fund from the token sale, which would be then rewarded to the zero-day reporters. The company even started activities in seeking of the best white hat hacker candidates for the platform. For these purposes, the company launched an annual cyber security competition HackIT.

White Hat Hackers would be granted with anonymity in their activity inside the described ecosystem because of Hacken cryptocurrency usage as the only reward method available. Clients of Zero-Day Remuneration Platform would be granted with the opportunity to work with the community of professionals. It’s based entirely on the principles of fair share, crowdtesting, and ethical concerns of the industry promoted by the platform.

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