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Aventus Live Stream AMA w/Alan and Annika

Aventus Live Stream AMA w/Alan and Annika

Source: Hacking the System

Purchase SALT Membership Tokens at Discount while Stocks Last

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SALT has a solid team behind it, including Erik Voorhees. In addition, the concept and technology behind the SALT membership based lending and borrowing network, that will make blockchain-backed loans possible, are as solid as it gets.

Do your own due diligence – and should you decide to get in – you might want to do so at a discount. Purchase SALT membership tokens during the presale at discount.


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Rivetz ICO: First Mover Cyber Security Solutions to Open Crowdsale Soon

Update: Rivetz Crowdsale Postponed: August 10, 2017

Rivetz Corp., a company founded in 2013, is about to launch their crowdsale for Rivetz Token (July 25, 2017) – a decentralized, mobile security token that will be used to access the cyber security solutions and other capabilities provided by this first mover.

What is the Greatest Threat to Companies today?

The survival of companies is threatened by various factors today. To name a few: lone wolf attacks, losing competitive advantage, changes in the regulatory environment, high costs associated with unconstrained hiring, lack of innovation, bad management, natural disasters and market instability.

The list certainly doesn’t stop there, but what can be deemed the greatest threat to every single company out there today?

In my opinion, cyber crime – the use of computers or the internet to commit and/or facilitate criminal activities – is the biggest threat faced by every single company today.  This is regardless of whether they like to admit it or not.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the problem we’re facing: The global economy lost in excess of $450 billion due to cyber crime in 2016 alone. According to Juniper Research, this figure is estimated to reach in excess of $2 trillion dollars by 2019. Others such as Cybersecurity Ventures places the figure much higher – in excess of $6 trillion by 2021!

If the above is not shocking enough, a survey that was done by specialist insurer, Hiscox, revealed that less than half of the businesses in Germany, the U.K. and U.S. are ready to deal with cyber crime.

Furthermore, many businesses who think they are prepared, are not really prepared. They spent millions of dollars on outdated solutions such as firewalls, passwords and virtual private networks – all cyber security solutions that are no longer effective in the prevention of cyber crime.

All of these solutions assume that “the edge of the network is the network perimeter. This makes it too easy for non-authenticated users to probe and hack systems” (Rivetz White Paper, June 29, 2017, p.4).

What can be done to effectively fight against this growing threat?

You’ve got to love the approach proposed by Rivetz when it comes to data protection and information assurance (IA). Break the dependence on legacy solutions when it comes to cyber security – such as a password as a last line of defense – by expanding “the edge of security to the screen of the device” (Rivetz White Paper, June 29, 2017, p.4). 

Accomplish this by utilizing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) –  a vault like hardware platform that is present in each device – to make changes that cannot be altered nor observed by the processor. Use this trusted execution environment, not only to secure and process sensitive data, but also to guarantee information assurance (IA), including transaction assurance.

Build a network in order to improve the data protection capabilities of the devices. The Global Attestation and Identity Network being built by Rivetz, which is fueled by the Rivetz Token (RvT), will constantly monitor, measure and record the state of the device in terms of its integrity and health.

Rivetz plans to fully integrate their model into the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains at the end of the day – a move that will decentralize the approach to cyber security and information assurance (IA). They have already prototyped the technological capability required to make it work, but some of the core capabilities still need to be rolled out. This will happen in step with the roll out of the mainstream blockchain roadmap.

Ultimately each Rivetz Token (RvT) will serve as a “key” to unlock the cyber security controls enabled by Rivetz.  

Why should you participate in the Rivetz ICO?

The Rivetz ICO or crowdsale kicks off on July 25, 2017. They are hoping to sell a maximum of 70 million RvT tokens (maximum $50,000,000) during the crowdsale – 35% of the total supply of 200 million RvT tokens.

Here are reasons why you should participate:

Early Bird Bonus

Early birds will receive a 20% bonus. Why potentially pay more later when you can get in cheaper now, right?

Massive Market and Growth Potential

Given that for the most part, no provable security exists in terms of the end-point devices being used in the Internet of Things (IoT), Rivetz aims to change the status quo.

If Rivetz succeeds, IoT devices will leave the premises of manufacturers with security in the box so to speak. This means that the market targeted by Rivetz will include all Internet of Things devices, including mobile devices. This is a massive market!

The number of IoT devices is expected to hit the 20 billion mark this year (20 Billion Connected Internet of Things Devices in 2017, IHS Markit Says). This while it is estimated to reach 200 billion devices by 2020 (Intel Infographic) – an expected increase of 900% in about 3 years!

Can you imagine the perks of getting in at the ground floor in terms of this potential revenue growth?

Regulatory Compliance Data Protection Laws

The cyber security and information assurance solutions built by Rivetz should make it easier and more cost-effective than ever for businesses to comply with data protection laws, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and California S.B. 1386.

GDPR compliance will be compulsory from May 25, 2018 and forward. Love it or hate it – all signs are there that data protection laws are here to stay.

Get in during the Rivetz ICO – and chances are that your business might benefit from more than just discounted RvT tokens. If you ask nicely, they might throw in some promotional RvT tokens.

First Mover – Cyber Security Solutions – Blockchain Technology

Rivetz is a “first mover” in terms of cyber security solutions built by utilizing blockchain technologies. This provides them with a competitive advantage to at least some extent, especially considering that they have filed at least one patent to protect their intellectual property.

Experience and Leadership – Blockchain Technologies and Trusted Computing

Rivetz Corp. is a relatively young company (founded in 2013), but the Rivetz team is an established team made up of members who have decades of experience when it comes to blockchain technologies and trusted computing. The team includes among others, Steven and Michael Sprague (featured below).

Operational Technology

Non-blockchain capabilities currently offered by Rivetz include “multifactor authentication, embedded authentication, file encryption and secure messaging” (Rivetz White Paper, June 29, 2017, p.5). In addition, Rivetz currently has operational technology in place that is compatible with 500 million+ mobile phones.

Contracted Revenue, Other Revenue Streams and New Markets

The Rivetz team has managed to secure in excess of a million dollars in contracted revenue from the U.S. government. This is a drop in the bucket, but provides a “safety net” and the potential for more down the road.

Other revenue streams will include revenue generated from metered access to token-enabled services and other capabilities (see below) – something that should help to open new markets to serve the future $40bn Internet of Things market.

Token-Enabled Services

The Rivetz team is in the process of developing various token-enabled services. They are for one working on a means to provide support for secure micro-payment for these services and capabilities. All of these services will only be accessible via RvT tokens – the proverbial “keys” to start the “engine.”

General Purpose Use Cases

The Rivetz solution will provide general purpose use cases across the spectrum, including but not limited to: assured transaction instructions for e-commerce solutions, multisig wallets, assured instructions for cryptocurrency wallets (online and offline), multi-factor authentication with provable cybersecurity controls and token projection of client private keys and process. Details on this can be seen on pages 16-17 and 25-26 of the Rivetz White Paper.

Strategic Relationships

Rivetz’s strategic relationship with Trustonic, leaders in mobility and security, give access to more than a billion devices that are already in the field so to speak. Furthermore, the Rivetz team is hard at work to establish new strategic relationships. They have initiated discussions with Qualcomm – world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, Intel and others.

If successful, Rivetz will not only enjoy greater support for their commercial TEE solutions, but get access to even more devices.

Don’t be too surprised when Rivetz becomes the undisputed leader in trusted computing. The Rivetz ICO offers a golden opportunity to get in at the ground floor and  share in their potential failures and successes.


Viberate will enable musicians to charge for their performances in cryptocurrencies

Supported by the European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, additionally being advised by Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor / Pinterest Chief Scientist – Dr. Jure Leskovec, Viberate is bound to disrupt the global live music market.

Unlike many music-related projects on the Ethereum platform, Viberate does not operate in the recorded music sector. Instead, the founders are focusing on the live music market, an industry they have been living and breathing for the past 15 years. They are a group of music executives and creatives, including one of world’s biggest techno DJs and producers, UMEK. Their goal is to solve problems the live music market has been dealing with for decades.

Viberate’s end game is to offer any musician on the planet the opportunity to open a profile for free and start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, or their very own Vibe.

The service is already live as some kind of “IMDb for musicians,” with over 120 thousand profiles of artists from all genres. Musicians can add their profiles or claim an existing one. Among those who claimed their official profiles are Robbie Williams and Linkin Park, so the service has already received some recognition from big names.

Viberate will offer its Vibe token in a public crowdsale to fund the implementation of marketplace and blockchain features onto the existing platform. Tokens will then be used to reward those who will contribute to the growth of the service by adding new profiles or curating existing ones. Aside from trading, Vibe token holders will be able to book musicians for events via Viberate. The founders aim for the Vibe token to become the go-to digital currency for the live music industry.

More information about the crowdsale: www.viberate.io

Using Bitcoin as a cash backup when travelling

Author: George Basiladze

George is a finance guy with an in-depth knowledge of financial systems. Together with Dmitry they designed the concept of Cryptopay in May 2013 and started developing the system.

Using Bitcoin as a cash backup when travelling

Bitcoin is an incredibly flexible digital asset which isn’t restricted by location; except for a few areas which have outright bans or limits on using the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is accessible pretty much anywhere you can access the internet. For this reason it can function as a very safe and secure backup to fiat cash when travelling. Tourists can often be hit with large fees for transactions outside their local banking zone at the best of times; this can be alleviated through the use of Bitcoin. Even the most careful of us will occasionally lose a card or wallet whilst abroad, such an event can be a disaster and ruin your travels. Using Bitcoin as a cash reserve has the potential to alleviate the headaches associated with having backup funds available whilst travelling. Admittedly, the infrastructure to make Bitcoin an entirely reliable cash backup on its own is yet to be established in some areas but the potential is definitely there. More traditional means of backup such as travellers cheque have associated costs, as such Bitcoin can be a great option for travel, both for tourists and business travellers. There are a number of ways to access your bitcoins, regardless of where you are in the world.

Bitcoin ATMs

The number of Bitcoin ATMs internationally is growing continuously, thanks to the ongoing hard work of a handful of companies which manufacture and manage the systems. They can provide users with incredibly easy access to exchange services, allowing them to redeem their bitcoins in exchange for the local currency. There are a number of sites which provide comprehensive maps of all known active ATMs.

Bitcoin-friendly retailers

There is a rapidly growing list of Bitcoin friendly retailers who will accept payment for goods and services in the cryptocurrency. Be sure to do some research to find out where you can spend bitcoins where you’re visiting!

Trade bitcoin for fiat with Local Bitcoin or similar services

Local Bitcoin connects buyers and sellers of bitcoin. This website – amongst others – provides a fantastic interface for peer-to-peer trading of Bitcoin; this can provide a very straightforward way to get your hands on emergency cash using your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit card solutions are becoming very powerful; they could provide a perfect way to access emergency cash abroad, provided you can find an ATM which will accept the card. Luckily most card providers work with many of the big payment providing services (VISA, Mastercard etc).

Make sure you plan ahead; buy some bitcoins plenty of time before your holiday and make sure they’re in a wallet you can access easily. If you need to access emergency funds whilst you’re abroad at any time, simply find an internet cafe or wifi hotspot and exchange Bitcoin for local currency! As extra services become more available such as Bitcoin debit cards, using Bitcoin as a backup will become even more straightforward. Currently available crypto-debit cards come as either prepaid cards or cards which automatically load themselves with fiat money, by directly exchanging bitcoins from your wallet.

Successful Businesses Using Bitcoin

Author: George is experienced professional with PE/VC and corporate finance background. Currently, has founded Bitcoin Wallet startup Cryptopay.me.

Successful Businesses Using Bitcoin

The last year has been an interesting time in the world of Bitcoin; less mainstream news appearances but a quiet perseverance within the existing community have led to significant background developments. There has also been noticeable interest from existing financial powers in blockchain technology, with some claiming that the technology could be used by central banks. More and more businesses of all shapes and sizes are now using Bitcoin in some form, so who are the success stories?

A major step towards more widespread Bitcoin usage will continue to be the services provided by companies which handle Bitcoin transactions for businesses and ensure currency can be exchanged near instantly. These Bitcoin intermediaries deal with all the cryptocurrency related confusion for businesses, allowing them the access to the Bitcoin network when a customer requests it but without needing keep a store of the volatile currency themselves. The risk is offset to the intermediary who provides the service, which is not necessarily the best for the overall network but will make accepting Bitcoin a significantly more realistic prospect for a great deal more businesses which is good news. Lots of businesses already accept Bitcoin, so what can you get with your bitcoins?


Feeling hungry?! UK bitcoin users can order food from local takeaway restaurants around the country and pay using Bitcoin.


An interesting cryptocurrency enterprise is shape shift which allows users to easily exchange digital currencies such as Bitcoin and a huge amount of altcoins. It is a relatively simple service, but fills an important gap in the cryptocurrency market.


Secondhand technology store CEX is one of the largest high street chains in the UK to accept payments in bitcoins. Whilst CEX are unlikely to hold onto the Bitcoins they receive for any extended period, it is businesses such as this accepting Bitcoin that is likely to help aid more significant uptake.

Bitmain Technologies

As one of leading developers and manufacturers of Bitcoin mining hardware, Bitmain are a hugely successful business entirely reliant on Bitcoin. Their complex ASIC-based hardware is incredibly high tech and its only function is to work on the algorithm for Bitcoin mining. With most hardware units costing in the region of 4 BTC or $1000, this is clearly a serious crypto-business.


The fact that Dell now accept Bitcoin payment is a great example of the level of acceptance and respect the currency is gaining across the world. You can now purchase a Dell PC online using Bitcoin. If more businesses accept Bitcoin, even without doing regular transactions in the currency, it can only be positive for the wider Bitcoin network.


Interested in magic tricks? Discount magic will let you buy top quality magic tricks, props and gimmicks at affordable prices and you can use Bitcoin for payment

After the initial excitement that Bitcoin generated when prices skyrocketed, many were skeptical of lower prices and the ongoing degree of volatility which have become the norm. This appears to have led to less direct investment in the currency and a great deal more interest in the related enterprises as well as significant interest in the blockchain technology which handles the Bitcoin network. It is still an exceptionally exciting time to be involved with Bitcoin and this looks set to continue into the future, provided regulators don’t cause too many issues. Bitcoin crowd funding and venture capital are one of the most notable more recent developments, providing a platform for the funding of future Bitcoin enterprise. Bitcoin capital has the potentially to revolutionize the funding of modern forward-thinking enterprise globally.

Due to the nature of Bitcoin, it is exceptionally to even estimate the total number of individual users on the network. Over 25 million unique addresses have been used, but this almost impossible to pin point to users. Only 2.5 million addresses are estimated to contain any Bitcoin at all, but there is no lack of willing and more importantly potential users. It is the visibility of Bitcoin that will help the currency moving forward; more businesses both online and offline need to get involved with Bitcoin and allow their customers to use this exciting alternative to bank controlled finance.

Crypto-Games.net – Catch the Winning spirit!

If you are new to the world of online gambling then it is quite natural that you are not aware of cryptocurrency. The concept of cryptocurrency is not at all difficult; to put it in simple words, it can be described as digital currency. The help of this currency type is guaranteed to be really amazing as it changed the way we handle money, and at the same time use it for purchase on the web with conversion options to get you real cash (and vice versa).

So, if you are familiar with the names of BitCoin, Litecoin, DarkGold, GrimpCoin or DogeCoin then now you know that they are decentralized and used for online transactions which take place between two or more individuals. At website, Crypto-Games, you will get the chance to play with the help of these mentioned cryptocurrency.

But this is not the only reason, which makes the site this popular and a favourite of many of their players. There also many other advantages which one can get from this site and these all together helped it to reach where they are now.


Reason to choose to play games with Crypto-Games

They have for you exciting games before we discuss what types of games they have in stored for you, first let’s talk about why you should choose to play with them.

  • No need for downloading – Aren’t you tired of the space of your laptop or PC’s memory which your downloaded games take up. Well the time has come to say bye to all the problems related to downloadable games as at Crypto-Games there is no need to download any games which they have for you. All you have to do is visit website and have fun while you play online. This welcomed gaming experience is very much beneficial for all gamers without a doubt.
  • No need for registering – Another reason why they have gained such popularity will have to be the fact that there is no need to register with them if you want to play on the website. But this won’t mean that you will not have any sort of ID which proves that you are a part of the website. They make sure that each player gets an ID which will be unique. So, enjoy the benefits of having a private account but without having to register.
  • No need to worry about withdrawing – Not feeling comfortable? Withdraw any time you like without having to worry about money as they do not charge any fees for withdrawing. They want you to have the best gaming experience and thus they have made every advantage available for all their players.

The Referral Program

Do you know about their referral program? If you are looking for a great referral program then they have the best one for you. With them you are bound to get the advantage of our referral program which is 25%.

Yes! Receive 25% of the house edge of each bet by everyone your will refer the website too. This is a great way to earn as with them it does not matter if your referred players win or lose as you will still earn no matter what the outcome of their bet will be.

Types of Games found here

In Crypto-Games there are two games available for you. And for both of these games, there is the option of fast deposits which is again done just to make sure that the players have a great gaming experience with them. The two games which one will see and get to play in their browser are Dice game and Slot Machine.

  • Dice Game – The first game which they will present to you will be their Dice games. You can play this game with popular cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin, GripCoin, DogeCoin, BitCoin, DarkGold and many others like this. The game is provable fair and so you have nothing to worry about and with the option of Autobeting, a player is bound to have more fun. Here it is important to mention that the house edge is only 1%.
  • Slot Machine Game – The second game which they have for you is the slot machine game. Again like the dice game, you can play this game with any one of the popular crypocurrencies. They do have a fixed minimum bet amount as well as a maximum bet amount. In case of minimum you only have to bet 50 Credits (0.00005 BitCoin, 0.005 Litecoin, 50 DogeCoin) and the maximum bet amount on the other hand is 5000 Credits (0,005 BitCoin, 0.5 LiteCoin, 5000 DogeCoin). Again, it is important to mention that for this game the house edge is 2% only.

Security Features of website

They are here to make sure that their players and enjoying themselves and for that they are making sure that everything they do are done correctly and thus they made sure that they have one of the best security measures taken to ensure that each of their players  feels safe while playing with them.

So, they have taken some steps and the first thing which is to talk about will be the fact that all data is sent over Secure Socket Layer encrypted tunnels. If you do not know what Secure Socket Layer or SSL means, it is basically a standard security technology. The SSL is used for establishing a link, an encrypted link to be exact which is between a browser and a web server. And this very link ensures that all passed data remains private.

But this is not all, as besides this they have also taken another security measures which is also very important. Besides hot, online wallets they use offline wallets which store excess funds. They went the extra miles just to ensure that all their players are happy and they enjoy to the fullest with the website, Crypto-Games.

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