Buy bitcoins safely and securely with a credit or debit card. 

Buy bitcoins safely and securely with a credit or debit card. 

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Use the sgminer 5.6.0 Nicehash Fork for X11-Ghost (SIBCoin) Mining

You Should Use ccMiner Alexis-1.0 for Better X11-Ghost Hashrate

The recent addition of the X11-Ghost algorithm on NiceHash that is being used by SIBCoin(SIB)has actually raised the individual interest in the coin and the formula as expected. NiceHash has recommended the usage of the most recent release of ccMiner by tpruvot for X11-Ghost support on their web servers, but it seems that this is not the fastest service available to Nvidia miners as was aimed out to us. While ccminer v1.8.4 from tpruvot does about 8 MHs on a supply GTX 1070 GPU, but you can get faster rates on the exact same equipment by utilizing the newest ccMiner fork from alexis 78 ( resource). We have actually assembled a 64-bit Windows binary with Compute 5.x support as well as CUDA 7.5 for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs from the most recent resource for mining X11-Ghost (SIBCoin) as well as with it you could get regarding 10-11 MHs on a supply GTX 1070 GPU.

Do note that on mining gears with numerous GPUs you could require to boost the amount of virtual memory (SWAP documents) if you have much less system memory in order to have the ability to run the miner with the default high intensity. On a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs mining rig with 8GB RAM we have actually had to boost the virtual memory to 24GB in order to be able to run the miner correctly at the default intensity of 22 set for the X11-Ghost formula in the miner, otherwise the miner simply collapses… … 8GB RAM as well as 20GB SWAP data was not enough obviously.

– To download and install the most recent ccMiner Alexis 1.0 fork by alexis78 for Windows OS (64-bit)…

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Some Tips for the Latest Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.0

NiceHash Has Added Support for the X11-Gost Algorithm

You can currently begin marketing your hashrate or additionally acquiring such for the X11-Ghost formula used by SIBCoin (SIB) on NiceHash. SIBCoin is mainly supported by the Russian area, however in the last number of months it has actually been growing steadily and the enhancement from NiceHash might help in the coin obtaining even more rate of interest from the worldwide crypto neighborhood. The coin has a CPU miner, though not much helpful nowadays with the schedule of GPU miners. You can download and install the current release ccMiner by tpruvot for Nvidia CUDA support of SIB and NiceHash or the most up to date NiceHash sgminer fork for AMD OpenCL GPUs. The most up to date release of the NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.0 software likewise has integrated assistance for the new X11-Ghost formula used by SIB.

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Fake Extortion Emails Demanding Bitcoin For No Apparent Reason

You probably have found out about crypto infections that encrypt your data and demand a ransom money in Bitcoin to obtain your information back, though also if paying the demanded BTC you might still not get access back to the information. Well it seems that a new fad is individuals getting extortion emails demanding Bitcoin to be paid for no apparent factor, though they do seem to depend on “catching” beginner individuals off guard as well as terrifying them that a few of their “filthy tricks” may be dripped to their family, close friends or company. Obviously these are e-mails meant to frighten you and also are not based on actual threats, they are badly written in English and not personalized to the receiver pointing out any type of actual information or anything to appear more convincing. Consequently you could pretty a lot overlook them as nothing even more compared to SPAM, though we make sure that some people may in fact succumb to the method as well as also pay the demanded 1 Bitcoin ransom money. Do note nevertheless that even if the danger was real by paying just what is being demanded it does not imply that the guarantees would certainly be maintained, equally as in the case with crypto infections!

Below is a quoted instance of such an email:

i now have your information.i have also used your user account to locate your Facebook page, Using this i can currently message all of your loved ones members,

if you would love to prevent me from sharing this dust information with every one of your family and friends participants (and also probably also your employers too?) after that you have to send 1 bitcoin to the complying with BTC address

Provide Proofs Regarding i insult Some Persones Self-destruction Situatio After Leakage Details As well as notify Her GirlFriends/BoyFriends/Colegues/ Employ/AndMembersFamaly



You Obtain Extremely Negative Results As well as Lost Your Work As well as Your Reputation


“i would certainly lose service, agreements., i’m not also sure if my agreement with my company has a morality provision,”she told CNNMoney on Friday.”maybe extremely destructive.”

To Settle This Situations

You Must

1 BTC Sent!

Bitcoin address: 1timeDCzSQF6gW8bqLG8d4cs2xSman1Zr

i am component effect group and administrator php mysql hosting coding! proof in workshop! you obtain huge proublums! bumerang to you owner details regarding you this why you our target you need to pay 1 bitcoin i wait incoming transaction!

You could be asking yourself why must you as well as exactly what will certainly protect against other individuals from doing the same, in other words you now know to change your personal privacy setups in Facebook so no one can watch your friends/family list.So go in advance and also update that now (i have a duplicate if you do not pay) to stop any kind of future e-mails similar to this,

You could buy bitcoin using online exchanges conveniently. i know that you possibly do not have (bitcoin) BTC right now, so okay i giving you this moment to obtain BTC as well as pay 3 bit coin.

This guideline * if you need assistance situating a place to acquisition (BTC), use the internet site called localbitcoins, google it, if you have no idea concerning it.This site makes bitcoin really simple and quick to buy utilizing several methods.

To send BTC, you should utilize an online exchanger like Localbitcoins. com, Expresscoin. com, bitquick. carbon monoxide, cex. io, Clevercoin. com, Coincorner. com, Coincafe. com, Coinbase. com, Circle. com or a Bitcoin ATM device Coinatmradar. com and you should send 1 BTC to Addres System Bitcoin

On localbitcoins join and also select to purchase the bitcoin (BTC) with western union or loan gram cable, locate a seller of your option (localbitcoins is a “” like site with vendors with several sales and also a high rating being credible) pay with cash at western union or cash gram when you send out the wire to the seller as sellers do not accept payments made by bank card. After you send wire to vendor provide the vendor with a copy of the receipt when they validate they with send the bitcoins (have the seller send the bitcoin directly to the bitcoin address we supplied you with OR if they send the bitcoins to your localbitcoins wallet on site instead you will certainly need to log right into your localbitcoin pocketbook and also send out to the bitcoin address we provided you with). It will take less then and hr as well as a half for us to get the bitcoins when you wire the cash to a vendor on localbitcoins, the vendor will provide you a verification of repayment via site and also we will let you understand we got. You wil l get the information nee Present rate of 1 BTC is concerning 916 USD, so we are rather cheap, at the moment.But if you attempt disregard us, we will spoil your life i make your Problem As well as Noize Around You Continue or You Can Pay

i am learn about your sexual fantasias and i recognize this you!

if you have to speak to Email Give You > 1interest @ sigaint. org

you can don’t hesitate get in touch with me My Email > 1btc @ sigaint. org

you just require to pay as well as we will vanish i vow!
If the bitcoin is not paid within 6 days to you due date timer of then my system will instantly message every one of your friends as well as household members.The bitcoin address is unique to you!

Consider how costly a divorce lawyer is.if you are not in a dedicated relationship then think of exactly how this will affect your social standing among family and friends.What will your family and friends consider you?

Unfortunately it is things like these that do add to providing Bitcoin and crypto moneys a poor name, however when a great deal of loan is included there are all kinds of “bad” individuals attracted aiming to obtain them the simple way by disloyalty and also lying normal individuals that could even never ever head of Bitcoin. Inspecting the estimated Bitcoin address for the ransom money shows that nobody has yet sent any kind of BTC to it…

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NiceHash Currently Adding Support for PascalCoin (PASC)

Intriguing upgrade coming from NiceHash as they have introduced they are presently carrying out assistance for PascalCoin (PASC) on their market for users marketing and renting hashrate. There are presently 2 mining swimming pools offered for PASC from Nanopool as well as from Suprnova and it is being traded on Poloniex with an extremely major volume. Recently there was a more turbulene surrounding the coin thanks to unexpected fork of the blockchain complying with a wallet update, but it appears that the issue has been dealt with for the minute. We’ve had our uncertainties that PascalCoin could have a brief lived pump and Poloniex. It seems that we are past over that stage already with the customer interest staying as well as the assistance for PASC raising, so you may desire to keep an eye out for PascalCoin (PASC)if you have not been doing it already as of late … Crypto Mining Blog site

Minebox – A Personal Cloud Storage and Cryptocurrency “Miner”

The Minebox job has actually been announced a while ago as a fascinating solution that incorporates a NAS device for saving your personal data with a blockchain powered cryptocurrency for saving various other customer’s information on your totally free and extra area and generating income for doing that. Minebox depends on budget-friendly Venture quality hardware from HP, namely the HP MicroServer that we’ve covered prior to as an interesting option in regards to utilize with SiaCoin and Storj for example. So we were not surprised that this task has actually determined to opt for the specific equipment from HP as well as expand the base NAS capability with assistance for SiaCoin (SC) “mining” by renting your presently unused area. It is certainly an intriguing concept, getting equipment that you could use for file storage as well as at the exact same time it might also spend for itself thanks to renting out the extra resources such as complimentary hard disk room gradually.

If Minebox gets a great deal os user passion as well as we believe that it has the possible to do so, after that it may trigger the passion in other firms that are specializing already in more feature abundant NAS remedies to incorporate blockchain-powered solutions as well as a part of their portfolio. We are discussing companies such as Asustor, Qnap, Synology and also others that may make a decision to add assistance for their items to rent unused room and allow the proprietors of the equipment to obtain paid for that thanks to sustain for SiaCoin or Storj or perhaps something else…

… Minebox has revealed that it will start a presale of the MineBox NAS equipment beginning following week – – February 6th, evidently using ShapeShift as a companion for the repayment with Bitcoin as well as other altcoins. Though very little details concerning the presale or when the real gadgets will begin to ship is yet available, hopefully it will certainly be quickly. It interests see if there will additionally be a software application just service additionally available for advanced individuals that may want building their very own devices or adding it on existing HP Proliant Microservers they might own. Up until now it is most likely tha Minebox will certainly be staying with supplying users with the complete remedy of hardware and also software program with each other, though you ought to still be able to update your preliminary hardware such as adding extra difficult drives for example.

Minebox 8TB Specifications:
– – HP Model: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T
– – HP Model version: 819185-001
– – Processor: Intel Celeron G1610T 2.4 GHz
– – Cpu cores: 2 cores
– – Cache Memory: 2MB( 1x2MB )L3 cache
– – Memory: 4GB( 1x4GB )PC3L-128000E DDR3 UDIMM
– – Network controller: HPE Ethernet 1Gb 2-port 332i Adapter
– – Storage controller: HPE Dynamic Smart Variety B129i Controller
– – Disk drive: 8TB (2x4TB) Western Digital Delicacy Red
– – Inner storage space: 4 LFF NHP-SATA HDD CAGE
– – PCI-Express ports: 1 criterion (1-Low Account) PCIe 2.0
– – Power supply: 150W
– – Fans: One (1) Non-redundant system follower ships conventional
– – Running System: xOS 1.0
– – Form aspect: Ultra Micro Tower
– – Guarantee: 1-year components
– – Size: 23.8 x 45.6 x 47.9 centimeters

– You could obtain even more information concerning the Minebox task on its main website right here…

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New PascalCoin (PASC) Pool with Stratum Support and AMD/Nvidia Sgminer

An additional PascalCoin (PASC) pool, one brought by Suprnova, seems to be now open for beta testing, though evidently not completely useful. The brand-new swimming pool brings a lot far better assistance and also performance as compared with the initial readily available swimming pool from Nanopool, so you could desire to inspect it out.The PASC Suprnova swimming pool supplies Stratum support and also has the acquainted sgminer with assistance for mining PascalCoin on both AMD and also Nvidia GPUs, though apparently a variation of ccMiner will additionally soon be readily available for Nvidia miners … there is likewise a Windows and Linux miner readily available. The pool has not yet discovered its first block and also the payment component does not seem to be fully useful yet, but you can still try the miner and also point some hashrate in order to help in screening points out. The swimming pool charge is 1 %as well as you need to have the ability to do hand-operated payment and also not have a minimal payout limit, likewise statistics is working a lot far better and reported hashrate is fairly precise on miner/poolside, the stratum support additionally need to guarantee far better effectiveness. We have provided a shot of the Windows miner and have noticed it does have the tendency to have a pretty high CPU as well as memory use, however it does still seem to work well. – You could take a look at the new PascalCoin (PASC) mining swimming pool at Suprnova right here…
… – Here is a 64-bit Windows binary of the sgminer fork with PascalCoin assistance for the pool…

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The First PascalCoin (PASC) Mining Pool is Now Online

The fad bordering PascalCoin(PASC) continues, however apart from solo mining with a very high trouble that is practical only for extremely large miners, users with less GPUs as well as significantly smaller hashrate could now make use of the very first available PASC mining swimming pool from Nanopool. Do note that the Pascalcoin mining swimming pool does presently have some constraint such as the availability only of a 64-bit Windows miner and you require to make use of the particularly changed miner for the pool. Also the minimal payout is 1 PASC with block benefit confirmation after 110 blocks as well as the swimming pool utilizes PPLNS payment scheme where N is specified as all sent shares during the last 3 hrs.

Among the advantages is the reality that you don’t actually have to have a PascalCoin account to extract on the swimming pool (you have to locate a block on your own to obtain an account), rather you can straight extract to an exchange’s account such as Poloniex. You just have to make certain that apart from the exchange address that you will certainly be given you likewise established the appropriate one-of-a-kind payment-ID or haul in order to have the ability to get your settlements. It interests keep in mind that all of the leading miners in terms of hashrate are extracting directly to Poloniex addresses, obviously with the idea to trade the mined coins and not maintain them long-term. This might also imply that the existing high currency exchange rate could not be able to maintain the marketing pressure and also as soon as the first swimming pool payments struck it might begin dropping, so be careful of that as well.

Below is an example command line for running the miner on

PascalCoinMiner.exe -s pasc-eu1. -p 0 -d 0,1,2,3,4,5 -n 86646-64. ab4df757230f6366.480 s

In the above instance you the extremely important part is the one after the -n criterion, where initially you set the account address (86646-64 is for Poloniex), after that the second component after the factor is the distinct ID being produced from the exchange as well as afterwards you can establish the employee name such as 480s in the instance. The other criteria such as server address, the platform ID as well as gadget IDs that will certainly be made use of for mining are rather much the like for the miner available for solo mining apart from setting the swimming pool address certainly.

If you are seeking a mining calculator for PASC you can have a look at the one given by CryptoCompare below. Take care with the quotes the calculator is offering you as by the time you really extract some coins and also have them confirmed (it might take a number of hours) the numbers could be extremely various. Also make certain that you measure the power use of your mining gear(s) as the formula made use of by PascalCoin could be a lot more power hungry compared to just what you were recently utilized in terms of power usage by other preferred crypto coins such as Ethereum or Zcash for example.

– To download and install the PascalCoin Windows miner needed for PASC Nanopool … – To look into the PascalCoin (PASC) mining swimming pool currently offered from Nanopool…

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Open Frame GPU Mining Rig Made with Copper Tubes

Nowadays people are creating multi-GPU mining rigs for mining crypto currencies from a great deal of different components &#8211 plastic, wood, aluminum frames and whatever they have useful. Peter Selmeczy even so did go for an fascinating method with his GPU mining rig develop &#8211 he went on employing copper tubes to develop his mining rig. Moreover he has presented a comprehensive develop of his venture, so if you consider that the concept is great, you might want to get a seem on how he developed his rig. The 4 GPU mining rig he constructed was totally produced from copper tubes and aluminum joints for the tubes. It all goes together with 8 massive 140mm Noctua followers for greater airflow and the shade of these fans does go along extremely well with the copper tubes, so the total issue does without a doubt seem actually amazing.

Peter Selmeczy has began operating on the 2nd improved model of his developed that will have all of the GPUs cooled using the Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid III water cooling technique, 100% of the wiring passed through the copper tubes, the use of cable combs for the wires and have a substantially decreased size for the total issue. So you might want to preserve an eye out on the progress and how will model 2 of the open frame copper tube mining rig look like when it is finished.

&#8211 For far more particulars about twe open grame GPU mining rig from copper tubes&#8230

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