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Intergalactic gambling experience with Endorphina´s ISS slot

It’s time to lift off into space with Endorphina’s new space-themed slot.

With this new slot, Endorphina focuses on celebrating the first international human space flight, which took place on April 12th 1961. Not only did this day pave the way for humanity’s space exploration, but it also inspired the development and contribution of space science and technology. Endorphina has perfectly timed the released of its new slot to commemorate this historical event on April 12th, 2017. 

Endorphina invites all players for an intergalactic gambling experience, where one can encounter futuristic technologies, witness extraordinary sights, and take on the challenge of seeing what it’s like to live out of this world through its engaging space-themed slot. Some of the symbols are also meshed with the gambling culture (dice, roulette, slots, cards/poker, and bingo) to still give you a feel for home back on Earth.

If the sky is the limit, how big will you allow yourself to win in outer space? Challenge yourself and make sure you have all your gear to win big and claim unfamiliar territory, play with new technology, fight gravity, and discover a way of life on a space station.

Cuckoo slot from Endorphina has arrived

Endorphina is continuing to spice up its game selection by adding a new flavor into its portfolio mix. By introducing its newest Cuckoo slot right after everyone is back from Easter, Endorphina chose to focus on the mesmerizing art of Gzhel crafts and linked it up to the delicacy of egg-painting. The art of Gzhel originally started in Russia and can easily be recognized by its distinctive hand-painted blue designs on a solid white background – a beautiful combination that can be spotted on ceramics and porcelain crafts.

This Cuckoo slot is here to impress you with its elegance and fascinating blue designs that will surely charm you with its tradition and history. Admire its symbols of 3 hand-painted eggs, stylish cards, and original Gzhel clocks that can help you win big. Watch the hands of time turn on the ancient clocks. If you’re lucky, they may even offer you a bonus game.

Are you ready to check the time?

About Endorphina

Endorphina is a B2B software provider used by some of the most successful platforms and operators in the iGaming industry. Their software is known for its high-end graphics and exciting game features. Endorphina’s captivating games are loved by the players across the globe. The attention to detail, professional business approach and a personalized service makes Endorphina the winner’s choice. Endorphina software has been tested and certified by iTech Labs for its reliability and integrity.

For more information, please reach the team at or +420 222 564 222.


For our company, 2016 was a very successful year –– a lot of new team members, new projects and of course, new game releases. Our portfolio is known for its fine selection of themes for our games. We always bring the newest and the most attractive topics to the game industry, something that no one has done before.

The last release of the year, the Māori slot, was one of the games that we worked on for over a year. This one-of-a-kind game with beautiful 3D animations of the Haka dance, authentic symbols and accurately portrayed face tattoos of the Māori people was released in the end of 2016. The game was available on our website and in our partner casinos. It was warmly welcomed worldwide and received very positive response from players.

The Maori slot game was officially introduced as the celebration of the cultural heritage of New Zealand. This remarkable culture, traditions and symbols were shaped over hundreds of years in complete isolation and we intended to pay tribute to it. After months of research and weeks of finalizing the finest details, the project resulted in a visually attractive and culturally on-point game that soon gained a lot of attention.

Despite globalization and their successes and achievements in certain areas, there are still many countries where people haven’t yet heard about Māori. We wanted and also managed to change that and raise awareness about this outstanding culture and its people.

Unfortunately, the game was not received well by everyone. Some New Zealanders and the authorities of certain tribes were distressed by the theme of the game and the fact that their culture and symbols were depicted in such detail in an international online game without prior notice. Hāpai Te Hauora, the Māori public health agency, demanded the withdrawal of the Maori slot from the game portfolio as well with our official apology.

Our main intention with the Māori game and with any other culture-oriented game is always to broaden the cultural knowledge, open-mindedness and understanding among people. Our games are made to entertain people and we want to give them an option to get on a journey to different worlds and realities without the need of leaving their homes. Also, we try to convey the experience of exploring and discovering new countries to a wide audience worldwide as not everyone is lucky enough to be given the privilege to travel and see the world himself.

Creating a culture-related game, we do not intend to specifically target people that are related to this culture. We want to attract foreign players and give them an exclusive insight to different cultures, those that exist nowadays as well as those who don´t, like our Urartu slot. This game was appreciated worldwide but the positive feedback also came from Armenia and local players. When we receive positive feedback from the country the game was designed after, it is the most valuable recognition we can ask for as developers.

Edgar Mkrtchyan, Casino Manager at BetConstruct stated:Players in Armenia were truly delighted when we started offering Endorphina’s slot Urartu to our partner So far it has been the top performing Endorphina slot available in this market. It is exciting that Endorphina has created a game about the Armenian culture and the Kingdom of Urartu with a 3000-year history. With this, they gained in favor with local players.”

Endorphina’s team is whole-heartedly sorry for this unfortunate situation and our official apology has already been sent to Māori authorities. It was never our intention to insult Māoris or to cause any kind of cultural misinterpretation.

After the negative feedback, the Māori game was temporarily withdrawn from our game portfolio and necessary changes in the design are being made to remove all elements that could evoke any connection to Māori people and their culture.

Robert Novak, Head of Development at Endorphina: “It’s truly regrettable that the game couldn’t have stayed in its original design as it was one of our most detailed and elaborate games. The whole team and me especially, feel very sorry. I visited New Zealand myself, travelled 7000 km all around the country and spent there several weeks and fell in love with the country. The people, nature and the country itself will be in my memories forever and in fact, those are the greatest memories of my life. I wanted to create the Maori game purely out of love to reflect all the warm emotions it evokes in me.

About Endorphina

Endorphina, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, is a B2B software provider used by some of the most successful platforms and operators in the igaming industry. Their highly skilled specialists are an assurance of success and professional approach for their business partners. Endorphina succeeds at uniting the best online gaming experience with cutting-edge technology to create games that attract players with not only its beautiful design and authentic atmosphere, but also with the real thrill of gambling. Endorphina aims to always bring the unique themes of the games to its players and that’s why their games are loved by the players across the globe. The attention to detail, professional business approach and a personalized service makes Endorphina the winner’s choice.

About BetConstruct

BetConstruct is an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based betting and gaming solutions. BetConstruct’s innovative offerings include a huge range of products – Sportsbook, eSports, Sports Data Solutions, Retail Betting Shop Solutions, RNG Casino Suite, Live Dealer Casino, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports and more.

Endorphina´s big plans for ICE 2017

For the 4th time in a row, Endorphina will be part of the biggest event in the gambling industry, the ICE Totally gaming. The event takes place in London, 7-9 February and the top players from the igaming business will be there and Endorphina can´t be missed.

Visit the stand nr. N6-230 and experience the buzz around Endorphina´s project for current ICE exhibition: First ever slot game about vaping.

Endorphina team will be happy to meet all current and prospective business partners at their stand nr. N6-230. Schedule your meeting today and get a chance to experience the finest slot games on the market.

Your golden ticket to big wins: Chunjie slot by Endorphina

Celebrations of the Chinese New Year, also called Chunjie or Spring Festival, is a colourful and joyful time of the year when millions across the world celebrate the upcoming new year.

Endorphina contributes to the joyful time of the year with their newest release named simply Chunjie. The slot game is abundant of colors and traditional chinese symbols with deep spiritual meaning. Players can enjoy the firecrackers, wild symbol that adds a multiplier to each winning spin, golden yuanbao, lucky tangerines or traditional coins spinning on the reels.

To see the highlight of the game, players should wait for at least three Dragon head symbols to appear on the reals as it makes the golden Dragon leave his den and fly graciously on the screen.

The Golden dragon is player´s ticket for winning big as he triggers up to 20 free games. The game leaves a strategic decision up to the players allowing them to opt for only 3 free games but having the chance to have the win multiplied by 18 or 88 in case a wild appears on the winning payline. Or to choose more free spins but smaller Multiplier.

Dive in the festive atmosphere and let the year of the Rooster be your lucky one with the  Chunjie slot by Endorphina!

Endorphina introduced a first ever slot about vaping for ICE!

In the fall 2016, Endorphina surprised the igaming industry with their innovative EiG 2016 slot that brought the EiG team a Creative Sponsorship Campaign Award. Obviously, Endorphina didn´t stop there and continues setting the bar higher with a first ever slot game about vaping in the world.

Fascinated by the intense flavors and continuous popularity of fruit themed slots, the creative team came up with a fruit game with an unexpected twist. The DIAMOND VAPOR has a catching game mathematics and a fruit theme enriched with pleasant fruity vapor flavors and is the first ever slot game to bring the attractive theme of vaping to the players.

Endorphina team aims to extend the enjoyment from the online environment to the offline and they chose a very unusual and unique theme for the newest game and it is targeting your senses this time.

Endorphina´s creative team about the game: “Fruit slots, the most popular games of all time were now given a completely new dimension. Not only colors, graphics and pleasant sounds, this time we bring even the scents and amazing real prizes to win!”

The Diamond Vapor game is available from this day on website: There are plenty of cool gifts including custom Endorphina flavored liquid with the taste of pure happiness created by our partner, and much more.

All gifts will be collectable at Endorphina’s stand nr.N6-230 during the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, taking place in London, 7-9 February 2017.

Visit for detailed information.

В преддверии выставки ICE Endorphina представила первый в мире слот о Vape

Осенью 2016 года, компания Endorphina удивила igaming индустрию инновационным слотом EiG 2016, который принес команде выставки EiG премию лучшей креативной спонсорской кампании (Creative Sponsorship Campaign Award). Очевидно, что Endorphina и не собиралась останавливаться на достигнутом, и продолжает устанавливает планку все выше, на этот раз с первым в истории слотом про мир вейпинга.

Очарованная интенсивными ароматами и постоянной популярностью фруктовых слотов, творческая команда придумала фруктовую игру с неожиданным поворотом. DIAMOND VAPOR порадует захватывающей математикой и фруктовой темой, обогащенной приятными фруктовыми ароматами и тем фактом, что слот первым в мире представит привлекательную тему vaping игрокам.

Команда Endorphina стремится перенести восторг от онлайн игры и в реальный мир, и с этой целью была выбрана уникальная тема, ориентирована на ваши чувства обоняния.

Команда Endorphina об игре: “Фруктовым слотам, самым популярным играм всех времен, теперь дали совершенно новое измерение. Не только цвета, яркая графика и пленительная музыка, на этот раз мы дарим – ароматы и удивительные реальные призы!”

Игра доступна с сегодняшнего дня на сайте: Есть много классных подарков, включая эксклюзивные ароматизированные жидкости со вкусом чистого счастья, созданные нашим партнером и многое другое.

Все подарки можно будет получить на стенде компании Endorphina N6-230 во время выставки ICE Totally Gaming, которая пройдет в Лондоне, 7-9 февраля 2017 г.

Посетите для получения подробной информации.

Endorphina releases the MAORI slot before the end of the year

The December is a very fruitful time for the Endorphina and the players that prefer the game like no others. After a successful release of the Voodoo slot, the game provider continues in unveiling the non-christmas themed slots before the end of the year.

The next addition to the broad portfolio of Endorphina’s games is a polynesian themed slot MAORI, celebrating the traditional inhabitants of the New Zealand.

Known for their rich mythology, distinctive crafts and performing arts, the Maori people developed their culture during the centuries in a complete isolation. This interesting ethnic group inspired the creative team and the result is visually mastered slot that features full 3D modeled characters in HD that allows great immersion into the game and the culture of the people.

The slot promises unlimited free games and a huge opportunity for winning big and is available at casinos from the 26th December 2016.

Endorphina´s latest release: The Voodoo slot

Just in the time for Christmas, Endorphina is releasing a new slot game as an early Christmas gift for their players. Don´t expect a joyful, Holidays themed, bright colored slot and prepare yourself for dark and intense experience. The newest addition to Endorphina´s portfolio is the Voodoo game, inspired by the mysterious world of this old belief that has fascinated people for centuries, not only for its magical rituals, but also for the spells and obscure traditions of Voodoo practices.

Gloomy atmosphere, enchanting sounds and the unmissable sorcerer character with the witch will create the perfect illusion of the deep forest where the natural spirits reign. Players will be hypnotized by the mighty Damballa, the serpent God that is said to have created the world and majestic raven, the symbol courage and wisdom.

When you get the reels spinning, you pray for the Voodoo man to appear on the reels and grant you with 10 free spins that can be won again during the feature. What more, during the feature any of the symbols at the winning combination will expand to cover the entire reel.

Enchanting Voodoo slot will get the players hooked not only before Christmas but for much longer time.


Endorphina and Clarion events unite to create a unique slot EiG 2016

You might have seen cool things so far, but certainly not something as ground-breaking as the project Endorphina and EiG are about to present.

For the first time in the history, there comes a custom slot developed exclusively for an EVENT! Everyone can enjoy the game on and even win some serious prizes such as AAA ICE 2017 Conference Pass, 2017 Slot Academy Pass, a 3 months free trial of Endorphina games, genuine space food and more.


This cutting edge idea comes from collaboration of Endorphina and Clarion events and is dedicated to the upcoming EiG 2016 expo in Berlin, Germany on the 18th-20th October. That is the leading iGaming industry event and estimating to welcome up to 2,000 iGaming professionals travelling from more than 83 countries to meet, network and share ideas. Bringing together decision makers from across the entire ecosystem, the event provides rare insights into the challenges and benefits present in today’s market.

Rory Credland, the Event Director for EiG from Clarion events, said this about the the collaboration: „EiG is all about innovation and we are looking for something new and unique. When Endorphina came up with this terrific idea, we just couldn‘t say no to it, it was bold, brilliant and challenging at the same time, something that nobody-has- ever-done- before kind of a thing.“

Endorphina‘s team had this to say about the collaboration: „We do what nobody else does. We always try to think out of the box and reinvent what has already been invented. So when this idea came to our minds we knew that we had to go for it and turn this vision in reality. EiG expo this year is about innovation and we always strive to push the industry forward and bring fresh cutting-edge ideas, so we chose this event for our courageous project. Clarion events leadership agreed and so a new milestone for igaming industry was set.“

Endorphina´s highly skilled professionals prepared a custom made online slot game designed exclusively for EiG expo this year. High volatility mathematics, beautiful space design and attractive prizes are some highlights of the new game. All this combined with the ultimate focus on the player, knowledge of player-psychology and player-game interaction that is undoubtedly Endorphina´s competitive advantage, will make this slot the sensation of the year.

We wish the best of luck to all players!

40,3 BTC win at mBit Casino

It has not been so long since we heard about the wonderful 25 BTC big win in Endorphina´s 4 Of a King slot at mBit Casino. Now it is time to celebrate again! Fortune stays strong with Endorphina games and it was Geisha slot that brought a dreamy win to a lucky player this time.

Geisha is a 5-reel, 25-line online video slot inspired by the famous Japanese artists. The game is obviously set in traditional Japan and you can expect blooming cherry trees, three beautiful geishas and their accessories spinning on the reels. This slot game is all about beauty, refinement and tranquility and it is no surprise that it´s very popular especially among women.

The big win happened during a Free games feature, Geisha slot offers this feature when 3 or more Scatters appear on the reels. This combination appeared in 116th spin and led to the wonderful 40,3 BTC win during 10 free spins.

The lucky player managed to score additional 9.15 BTC, 10.25 BTC and 15.95 BTC the very same day in Geisha slot, making it a 75.65 BTC in total winning.



Endorphina is a B2B software provider used by some of the most successful platforms and operators in the igaming industry. Our software is known for its high-end graphics and exciting game features.

Endorphina’s captivating games are loved by the players across the globe. The attention to detail, professional business approach and a personalized service makes Endorphina the winner’s choice.


Launched in 2014, mBit Casino is forward thinking bitcoin casino with the latest, most advanced Bitcoin games available. Joy of gambling is not the only thing mBit Casino focuses on, also privacy and security are among their top priorities.