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First Ethereum founded movie announces business deals 

Soon before starting to shoot the first Ethereum founded movie (The-Pitts-Circus) the crew announced several business deals they recently finalised. The cold-storage hardware production companies Ledger Wallet and Trezor Wallet sponsor the independent film and joined deals to place their products inside the movie. Also Ether Card and The Giant Squid Audio Lab Company closed a B2B cooperation with the movie producer. In Switzerland the project received financial support from bilinguisme.ch. They are still selling their limited amount of shares and are very close to sign more business deals.

The movie recently signed the swiss actors Matto Kämpf and Carlos Henriquez and announced that the production progress will be supported by Mera film, a swiss based digital cinema production company. In sum the Pitts Circus movie team is able to use financial resources, equipment and human labour time of more than 80’000 USD. The film which is going to be presented on film festivals and cinemas in 2018 will bring a long term benefit to the Ethereum eco-system to bring in new people into the crypto currency space. Investors will benefit from the 20 years dividends the movie pays out to the investors. Moreover Tony Caradonna, producer of the Pitts Circus movie and founder of the Ethereum Movie Venture announced that all smart-contract investors will also take benefits of the Ethereum Movie Coin launch.

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