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Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

Argentum v1.3 Mandatory Update

arg-logoThis is a Mandatory Update for all Argentum users.

All wallet QT and daemon customers should update before block 111,500. Please update ASAP.

Adjust log:
– Difficulty stepping additional refined to 25% in either path.
– Checkpoints updated.
– Further library improvements for even much more stability. Libraries are now compiled separately and can be shared with SRC and DGC consumers.
– Wallet and daemon no longer need any configuration to synchronize. Just download and run.
– Lowered quantity of memory utilized by a operating client.

Windows QT: http://argcurrency.org/download/ArgentumQT.zip
Github Repository: https://github.com/baritus/argentum

How to Update:
Replace your existing wallet files with the ones supplied in the download.


Blockchain.info Sponsors British Woman In Solo Row Across Pacific

In June 2014, Elsa Hammond will attempt to row across the pacific ocean, from Monterey Bay in California to Hawaii, a distance of more than 2,400 miles, as component of the  Great Pacific Race 2014.

Hammond expects to devote about three months at sea and she will row on average for 16 hours a day. Her goal is to beat the present record of 99 days and as part of her work she is raising income for the Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Blockchain Sponsorship and Pizza

Hammond reached out to the Bitcoin neighborhood in November, and Blockchain.information agreed to donate to the cause. Nicolas Carey from Blockchain says of the try:

&#8220I discovered about Elsa&#8217s solo attempt back in London and I was instantaneously inspired to assistance her efforts &#8211 even more so due to the fact she saw the advantage of accepting Bitcoin donations. I personally enjoy pushing my physical limits but what Elsa is attempting is really historic. It will take grit, persistence, and a sense of adventure &#8211 just like developing a Bitcoin enterprise.&#8221

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 21.10.40 (2)

He continued: &#8220There are plenty of amazing stories taking place in Bitcoin every single day but I was especially captivated by Elsa&#8217s. There are also few stories about women and Bitcoin right now. Blockchain.info is significant about supporting the Bitcoin neighborhood &#8211 and we&#8217re honored to support in any way we can&#8221.

Hammond is also supplying to purchase a pizza with bitcoin from the middle of the Atlantic ocean by means of satellite telephone for the greatest private bitcoin donor to support her record-breaking try. Donors who want to win the pizza nevertheless, can not be anonymous! To be in with a chance you must submit your name and address to Elsa along with the transaction ID of the donation created to 1HuocGmJzsSLUsYKy32ZjJT9Nux9Ko3uVG.

Record Attempt

Elsa Hammond Pacific Ocean race

Hammond will be the only female solo contestant from the UK in the race, which is the 1st ocean rowing race to attempt the Pacific. It spans 2,400 miles in total, but the actual route will mean negotiating hard winds and climate situations, which will make the final distance significantly longer. Of the 20 boats entered only five are soloists, and only a single other soloist is a female.

Hammond expects to undergo critical psychological and physiological pressures during the race, in which she is vanishingly unlikely to have any get in touch with with the other contestants. Currents, winds and weather, plus their choice of routes are most likely to separate all the contestants from the very first day.

In addition Elsa will have to cope with the psychological effects of isolation, self-reliance, and facing storms alone. She will have to keep herself alive by converting salt water into fresh water using an electric desalination device.

The Boat

Hammond&#8217s boat is becoming constructed by Justin Adkin of SeaSabre who has rowed the Atlantic Ocean himself, and she has, as of writing, paid the first instalment towards its completion.

She commented: &#8220It&#8217s a solo rowing boat that is about 22ft and about 6ft wide. There’s a modest cabin at every single end which can be closed off, and each cabin is about 7ft lengthy. The cabin I’ll be sleeping in is the stern cabin, that is where my living space is, where I can lie down, and I will have all my electrical gear: my GPS, battery, sat telephone, VHF radio, and AIS transponder which alerts me to other boats in the area. So at evening time, if I’m asleep it will alert me if I&#8217m in a shipping lane, for example.&#8221

Credit: New Ocean Wave

Specific donations to cover individual bits of kit needed for the journey can be created directly at her site in bitcoin (or by PayPal) at http://www.elsahammond.com/kit/ and basic donations can be made here.

The boat will have a modest cabin at each and every end, one for sleeping and communications equipment and one more for storing rations and will cost approximately £50,000. The expense of the race in total, however, will be as a lot as twice that at about £100,000 to cover the cost of communications, water-producing and safety gear, plus meals, transport, insurance coverage and race charges.

On her blog, Hammond notes that: &#8220The colour of the boat will be decided by early February, so any large company or donor hoping to gain title sponsorship has a month to stake their claim and choose the colour and name of the boat (as effectively as splash their branding all more than it). Now is the time to sponsor.&#8221

The Plastic Oceans Foundation:

Above and beyond the £100,000 she wants to raise for the race itself, Elsa aims to raise an added £20,000 for the Plastic Oceans Foundation whose perform is to combat the effects of plastic pollution in our oceans and to raise awareness about the great pacific garbage patch through which she will be rowing.

Of it Elsa says: &#8220It&#8217s &#8216like a thick soup of plastic particles which is really challenging to clean up. It&#8217s not merely bottles and plastic bags, but tiny particles which attract toxins, and get eaten and go into the food chain. The Plastic Oceans Foundation is a reasonably new charity which works with firms to uncover option supplies to disposable plastics, and lobbies governments so as to raise awareness and people’s understanding of the problem&#8220. 


According to her blog: &#8220The North Pacific Ocean is property to the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch,’ a concentrated area of plastic pollution the size of Texas. This is not – as is typically thought – a floating island of  large pieces of plastic, but can alternatively be described as a sort of plastic ‘soup’ made up of billions of plastic particles of varying size. These particles absorb toxins, and are ingested by birds, fish and other marine life – more than 250 species are recognized to have ingested or turn into entangled in plastic. These are also typically the exact same fish that end up on our dinner plates!&#8221

Because the North Pacific is house to such a wide range of wildlife and since Elsa will be moving so gradually and quietly by means of the water she will have the opportunity to observe whales, dolphins, sharks, albatrosses, flying fish, tuna and pelicans close up, and as a outcome has provided to take component in some citizen science for institutions during her trip.

She will have to hold up to date with her navigation, make certain almost everything on the boat is in functioning order, eat sleep and tweet, all whilst blogging often and making podcasts.

How to Assistance the Cause

Credit: Satyadarshin

To help Elsa and find out more about her trip go to www.elsahammond.com exactly where you can verify out the brochure, donate to the lead to or order a T-Shirt. You can donate privately, fund distinct items of kit, or make contact with Elsa about PR and branding possibilities. There are also special rewards accessible for donors.

Elsa says though her boat will get lighter as she approaches the end of her journey, she will increasingly drop her ballast and will consequently have to flood the lockers with seawater, in case it capsizes.

Elsa reassures us that anytime on deck she&#8217ll be wearing a harness and that the boat is designed to be self-righting but &#8220it&#8217s unusual for boats to capsize for the duration of a voyage. In the occasion the boat capsizes, they’re made to come round again, unless you‘ve left the hatches open&#8220.

CoinDesk hopes this doesn&#8217t come about of course, and we want her the ideal of luck!

View Blockchain.information Sponsors British Lady In Solo Row Across Pacific on CoinDesk.


How-Know: Bitcoin – virtuálna mena

Juraj Bednár (Digmia &#8211 http://www.digmia.sk/) rozprával 18. januára v UPeCe o virtuálnej mene Bitcoin. O tom, ako to funguje, v čom je lepšia ako fiat peniaz&#8230

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Fun with Bitcoin for Beginners, Part 2

Mr. Mix is a typical commentator at Zero Hedge, an influential monetary site. He writes a blog on subjects of interest to him, not too long ago which includes Bitcoin, a controversial topic. As a beginner, he wanted to take a excellent appear at the Bitcoin ecosystem for himself with the aid of a couple of specialists, as effectively [&#8230]

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Bitcoin 1K Party Press Release

This is a press release from the folks organizing the 1k Bitcoin party. This has also been covered in the Wall Street Journal and get in touch with details can be discovered at the bottom. 

We proudly announce that the ticket ipo for the international “When Bitcoin reaches $ 1000“ Celebration event has launched.

Now everyone can be a element of the party in 2014 by sending 1 Bitcoin via our website to let the 1st crowdfunded Bitcoin event of the year happen.

This could be the event of our lives here! Folks could talk about it in boring history classes years later&#8230 We must strategy large&#8230.This may possibly be a component of history&#8230 specially if we make it!

The international “When Bitcoin reaches 1.000$ Party” is:

– the very first Bitcoin based crowdfunded ipo party.

– the very first time of official use of colored coins and multi signature technology in real life.

– the 1st time the Bitcoin neighborhood is going public.

How the ticket payment procedure functions

As you could heard that Bits of Proof will offer the ticket technologies for this event. BOP will deploy colored coin, multi signature, bopshop technologies mix to enable BTC1K Celebration ticket sales. https://t.co/PPziOpoW7L,


This is the code utilized to get Tickets for the http://btc1k.com party. It is a demonstration of the energy of the Bits of Proof&#8217s (BOP) Bitcoin technologies. We deploy the white label Bitcoin merchant remedy BopShop and advanced use of BOP Community Server and its client library.

The payment requests are generated and handled by BopShop. The callback points to the BopShopResource in this code. After a payment is received, it will be split into two parts:

• 1 mB goes to a paper Bitcoin the guest prints and will act as a ticket to the occasion.

• 999 mB (much less mining charge) goes to the Vault, that is a P2SH Address (starting with 3 alternatively of 1)

The P2SH Address can be controlled by two out of 3 keys. The GUI application btc1k-fx (also incorporated in this project) makes it possible for signature of multi-celebration transactions although the server approach only facilitates the exchange of half-signed transactions, it does not have the handle of the funds. Because the GUI reparses the transaction template, the server can not trick the GUI into paying for yet another address.

The above process ensures that:

• Celebration guest may possibly audit the protected storage and use of the funds on their own

• Funds can only be spent by a majority agreement amongst the organizers

• Decrease the risk of accidental loss by splitting the secret among a number of parties while a single may be lost without consequence

• Reduce the threat of theft by not storing all information needed to access the funds on any single personal computer

• Tickets to the event demonstrate that Bitcoin is viable to hold and transfer rights, not just payments

Note that BOP only supports the technology, it has no access to the funds following they were collected and moved into the vault it is also not accountable for the event.

BOP will extend this suite of applications with a mobile application to verify ticket validity at entry.

Join us, and celebrate this outstanding event!

Hope to see you quickly!

For more info pay a visit to the following hyperlinks:

Principal Site

– E-mail: information@btc1k.com

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/btc1k

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/btc1k-celebration/1415330078698271

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The post Bitcoin 1K Party Press Release appeared very first on Crypto News. Cryptocurrency News

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