Best Way to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Without a Credit Card. 

Best Way to Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Safely with a Credit Card. 

Could Litecoin Be a Better Investment Than Bitcoin? – Investopedia


Could Litecoin Be a Better Investment Than Bitcoin?
Litecoin is often compared to Bitcoin, and for good reason: the two digital currencies are closely related, with Litecoin having been heavily influenced by its older peer when it was developed in 2011. Both share a deflationary nature, with the supply
Bitcoin Boom! Prices Explode $500 In Hours To Post Historic GrowthBitcoinist
What’s the deal with Cryptocurrencies?LeapRate
Cryptocurrency is a Must Have Alternative (press release)
The Market Mogul
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Obtain Bitcoin ATM MACHINE Visa Debit Card That Functions Worldwide is registered company in the USA, having business to providing the Visa Bitcoin BANK CARD along with Master Bitcoin ATM Card. These Both card accepted around the world to take out Bitcoin from any type of neighborhood Bank in the world. Visa Bitcoin BANK CARD works like a normal card for on the internet shopping and also ATM MACHINE Cashout. You will withdraw your Bitcoin via this card and also get cash from the local device. You could use this for on the internet buying anywhere in the world. is among the earliest business in the debt card market. We have actually been functioning because 2009. We are based in the United States. You can get your card currently, it is your option, you want to obtain visa card or master card. You could select any of them. A Card will certainly be supplied to your address through specific shipping within 3 days, At some point it might occupy to 5 days.

Bear in mind, You will obtain complete internet based control panel to handle this card. You could examine credit reports online, you could re-set the password or PIN online, you can see and also download your declaration, you can manage your spending etc. These all jobs are cost free. There is no cost for them.
Visa Bitcoin BANK CARD is totally anonymous. There is no name on the card. You can utilize any type of name while you are investing cash online. It will certainly deal with your real name as well as any phony name. This is the most effective card if you do not desire to reveal your identity. Without offering any files you could obtain this card and also you can invest any kind of quantity of loan without being observed anywhere.

The Cost of the card is 50$, This covers actual cost as well as delivery cost to your address. Yes, We Ship this card to The U.S.A., Canada, India, Africa, Asia, Middle Esast and all other countries of the world. This card perfect word all over the world. As soon as you purchase this card, As soon as you paid cost, you will certainly get tracking id to receive your card. This is just one of the most incredible products for bitcoin area.

Ripple is Altcoins’ King in Second Quarter, Up Almost 4,000% – CoinTelegraph


Ripple is Altcoins’ King in Second Quarter, Up Almost 4,000%
Neither Bitcoin or Ethereum have been able to keep up with the growth of Ripple in the first half of 2017 with the digital currency up almost 4000 percent.
Ripple’s XRP digital currency rose 3,977% in the first half of 2017CNBC
Ripple’s XRP Decoupled from Ethereum and Traded in Correlation …Finance Magnates
XRP Q2 Report Shows Ripple is Doing Quite Well Where it MattersLive Bitcoin News

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Ethereum’s SuperDAO On-boards Ex-Google as well as Uber Developers, Sets New Timeline for Decentralized Online poker and also New Dapp

Ethereum’s SuperDAO On-boards Ex-Google as well as Uber Developers, Sets New Timeline for Decentralized Online poker as well as New Dapp

SuperDAO [an Ethereum company consisted of expert Ethereum programmers and technologists] lately finished its 5 week training program to on-board extra advancement employees for inclusionary initiatives Meetup in Nigeria. In addition to new interns, the evolving decentralized autonomous company has actually also acquired leading rate designer skill that include graduates from Google, New york city Times, and also Uber to service a second dapp to be launched just around their brand-new Timeline. Remarkably, the new dapp will greatly incentivize passive as well as energetic payment from end users with tokens symmetrical to effort, instead of the normal route of an unneeded dapp token “ICO”, that naturally develops obstacle to access and adoption. The company has 12 software program designers dealing with the new dapp and also it’s prepared for launch indicates more advantages to both old and brand-new Superneum token holders, with the prospect of making use of Superneum to unlock even more benefits in the new dapp media platform.The new dapp will go

straight to the marketplace in a finished, safety hatch secured procedure after interior as well as outside testing, as well as at the very same time of the company crowdfunding and also administration shift. Although the group is tight-lipped around the details of the dapp, the dapp resolves issues connected with intermediaries, marketers as well as different restrictions in the multi-billion-dollar media market. The dapp will certainly be supplying a clear and instant value suggestion to customers and a reward to backers of the organization boosting the worth of SuperDAO’s software protocols symbols; Superneums. With the group’s background within the Ethereum neighborhood it has been very carefully constructing its human funding with support from a few current token holders, and also is now heavily equipped to execute as well as achieve its goals. From Oladapo [the company’s owner] in a post:”The break in development energy has actually been quite excruciating, yet it was needed. Currently we have the business power to supply on real working jobs that will drain the worth out of over inflated as well as newfangled ICO-only tasks.”

Also in growth is the long waited for Pokereum. Pokereum is a provably reasonable decentralized poker dapp utilizing clever agreements as well as standard cryptography to resolve the mental casino poker problem. The remedy wased initially developed by SuperDAO’s creator Oladapo Ajayi in 2013 and also repurposed at the genesis of the Ethereum blockchain in a white paper currently branded Shadowpoker. Pokereum is coming to the Ethereum testnet– and in concerning a few weeks from now to Also, as the first and also most mature decentralized poker campaign on the Ethereum platform, and also with significant progression of the dapp, a number of unrevealed big-brands in today’s existing on the internet texas hold’em industry have actually revealed interest.

“We cannot name names because contracts as well as setups are not yet settled, however we are dealing with a handful of essential house-hold brand names in the existing texas hold’em area that have an interest in teaming up with us and also our shadow casino poker remedy once Pokereum is launched,”

States Oladapo.We’re told that the last major effort in SuperDAO’s pipeline is an useful decentralized administration organizational smart agreement system that will certainly be responsible for cumulative choice making within the whole company.”We intend to do things right and ensure we have a fair and reliable means to control without an irreversible reliance on abstract constructs. I desire SuperDAO to be a sign for any DAO that desires be truly fair and trustless.”When this item of the challenge comes the company will advance to a state they simply call “moneyed.”Consider the funded state as the key to open’ administration by all ‘via their existing core functioning group together with all backers. SuperDAO’s currently remarkable roster of inner core participants, working across on Superneum-linked dapps and associated governance code is presently at 25, a substantial sized group of talented and motivated engineers, online marketers, etc. Considering their approach and the proportion of devs on their group, SuperDAO seems to be extra concentrated on delivering products/services of value instead compared to attempting to take advantage of present market buzz.”Any kind of project significant regarding supplying easy to use, value-adding items will likewise appreciate

the influx of value from backers leaving gimmicky ICO tasks. We believe this will certainly be like the web bubble [of ’99], but on a much bigger scale.”More designers. New decentralized applications. A renewed vigor sustaining the vision of SuperDAO … These all represent brand-new interesting opportunities for existing and also future Superneum backers– no matter recent ETH token volatility. It holds true that SuperDAO’s timeline for its dapps and also company have seen numerous setbacks, the fresh enhancements to its team as well as their boosted spending plan give a great deal to be positive for. When asked about the timeline, Oladapo is understanding as well as lugs a tone of understanding, “Yes our timeline has seen troubles, however it is necessary to keep in mind that we’re functioning on some very cutting-edge solutions. R&D is hard and also time-consuming. You can’t understand exactly what you aren’t sure, as well as we have actually most definitely learned a lot over the previous few months. Our backers still count on the vision, and we continue to preserve their assistance as we double-down on the successes of our future. We’re functioning on a changed timeline that factors-in our existing difficulties, our new teammates ‘strong experience, as well as I have all the count on the globe in our group.”SuperDAO is now also directing to its seed based pre-sale token to onboard as many backers as feasible prior to the release of all the scheduled items in the pipe. The promissory token includes a 40%discount rate to the actual re-scheduled crowdfunding, at which time the administration code and also state change, the brand-new dapp and Pokereum demonstration are released and functional in numerous context, on the EthereumBlockchain. With all the growth and the new dapp launch, these< a href=”” target =”_ blank”rel=”noopener noreferrer”> promissory tokens represent an excellent chance for wise crypto-backers trying to find more compared to just an additional ICO. There is a great tutorial for early pre-crowdfunding participants right here Tutorial. Media Get in touch with Call: Charles Okaformbah|Media and Technical Project Supervisor Email: [email secured]

SuperDAO is the source of this material. Online currency is illegal tender, is not backed by the federal government, and also accounts and worth equilibriums are exempt to consumer defenses. This news release is for informative objectives just. The information does not comprise investment guidance or an offer to invest.About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin PR Buzz has been happily offering the Public Relations as well as marketing requirements of Bitcoin and also digital currency technology startups for over 5 years. Get your personal professional Bitcoin and also electronic money Press Release. Click right here for more details.

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Newmont (NEM) to Report Q2 Earnings: What’s in the Cards? – Nasdaq

Newmont (NEM) to Report Q2 Earnings: What’s in the Cards?
Gold miner Newmont Mining CorporationNEM is scheduled to report second-quarter 2017 results before the opening bell on Jul 25. Last quarter, the company delivered a positive earnings surprise of 8.70%. Its adjusted earnings of 25 cents per share for

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Veritaseum — Revolutionizing Smart Contracts and Peer-to-Peer Capital Markets

In a world where every startup wants to disrupt their industry, Veritaseum Inc. has its eyes on a bigger goal than most. Founder Reggie Middleton has a very lofty aim — to decentralize financial markets around the world. He wants to democratize the way finance is done. He wants to transform it – and along with it the economy and global markets. And, he doesn’t want to stop there.

Driven by a desire and passion to revolutionize the way we transact; his company is utilizing blockchain technology and refining an already built “smart contracts engine” that enables peer-to-peer transactions without middlemen. The aim with this “engine” is to tie together financial value and an enforceable commitment that two parties make to each other — a “smart contract.”

His Veritas token (Ticker: VERI), a crypto token akin to a software license,  is the “key” required to start the “engine” and/or license required to unlock the utility value of the software.

Reggie Middleton – Founder of Veritaseum

Photo Credit: Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)

Let’s dig into what Veritaseum intends to accomplish, can do and look at real-world situations where the company intends to make a profound impact, including the provision of software that enables peer-to-peer capital markets.

The Current Problem with Financial Markets

Before we explore how Veritaseum, VERI tokens and the software can change things, we need to understand the underlying issue at hand. It’s a simple one:

By acting as middlemen, banks and financial institutions charge consumers fees and commissions that significantly reduce the value of their finances.

Banks don’t actually create much value. The way they make money is by levying fees and commissions on transactions they administer and manage.

For example, every asset they buy on a client’s behalf, ETF they invest in, loan they make, or currency transaction they manage has built-in fees, hidden and otherwise. By themselves, these fees don’t look like much — a few dollars here, a percent or two there. But in the aggregate, they are real wealth-destroyers.

In fact, over 20 or 30 years, these fees can almost wipe out much of your capital gains or appreciation. Veritaseum aims to change this by going into direct competition with legacy systems.

They want to cut out the middleman – remove unnecessary layers of cost by providing software that enables peer-to-peer, trustless and bankless transactions with zero counterparty risk.

The Secret of Veritaseum — Tying Currency and Contracts Together

The real power of Veritaseum is the way it uses blockchain technology to link contracts to the money that changes hands to enable those contracts. The details and value of any transaction are automatically stored using blockchain technology and shared ledgers — in effect, a decentralized, secure way of recording and verifying what two parties have agreed to.

Veritas.PanCarib: What the Euro Would Look Like If It Actually Worked?

This is essential to creating peer-to-peer capital markets — there has to be a trusted system (smart contracts) in place. Although that’s a significant technical challenge, Veritaseum is solving it.

“Veritaseum enables software-driven P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges.”

In fact, Reggie and his team already created and launched a beta version of their OTC value trading platform as early as 2013 – the first P2P capital markets solution to make use of smart contracts technology. Contrary to the wishes of their competition, including the likes of Goldman Sachs, Veritaseum was the first company to file for patent protection of this groundbreaking, revolutionary software solution.

A regulatory grey area prompted them to move it away from the Bitcoin blockchain on which it was initially based. It is now by large based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. However, it is important to mention that it is blockchain agnostic – meaning that when serious problems arise, Veritaseum has the option – although no easy feat – to move it again.

One participant, who made use of this peer-to-peer asset trading platform in 2013 (or around that time), describes it as “incredibly smooth in operation and quite advanced” (VERITASEUM DISCUSSION THREAD, Bitcointalk, June 2, 2017).

Just imagine what the new platform will be like once it goes live later this year.

How Veritaseum Could Empower Your Finances

So, even though Veritaseum aims to change the world, how could the blockchain-based peer-to-peer software they develop help you?

Simply put, by firstly, allowing you to directly exchange exposure to money, assets and more with another party, secondly, without having to pay ridiculous high fees, and thirdly, without having exposure to counterparty risk. It is important to notice that Veritaseum only provides the software that makes this possible.

Let’s look at some real-world examples…

Source of Video: Reggie Middleton

Lending Money to Another Person

You could decide to borrow or lend money based on a predetermined interest rate. Once you’ve found a lender you could easily set up a smart contract to pay and receive money at a fraction above the base rate of interest. This gives you more capital to either repay a loan or invest into other lending opportunities, and since there is no middleman involved and zero counterparty risk – it is a win-win for both parties involved.

Investing Without the Fees

Investing into a mutual fund often comes with a hefty management charge — typically between 0.5% and 2% a year. Investing via the Veritaseum “engine” would remove that management charge, maximizing the value of your investment and ensuring you enjoy the full benefits of any returns.

Factoring in a Cost and Time Effective Manner

Factoring the traditional way is both a costly and time consuming exercise, mainly as a result of the middlemen and legacy systems involved.

As a business owner – the smart contract enabling software developed by Veritaseum – can be “fine-tuned” to provide you with the option to sell your accounts receivable (e.g. invoices) to a third party or factor at a discount without the participation of a middleman. This while enjoying zero counterparty risk.

Just imagine the positive impact this will have on the cash flow of your business (not even to speak of your stress levels). Why pay middlemen to facilitate such a transaction when you can do it yourself from the golf course at your leisure?

Foreign Currency Exchange

Banks make an enormous amount of money through levying fees and offering less than ideal currency exchange rates.

The power of the VERI “engine” could allow you to find someone in the country you want to exchange currency with, agree a fair exchange rate, and make / receive payment, all without fees or middlemen.

With currency exchange and international travel being a burgeoning industry, there is plenty of money to be saved.

Paying for Goods and Services

Perhaps one of the most pervasive of all fees is the charge to accept debit or credit card payments. Typically, a credit card provider will charge between 2.5% and 3% of the value of a transaction as a processing fee. This really eats into the profits of businesses.

The solution offered by Veritaseum will reduce those costs to next to nothing — imagine earning more profit each year!

Redeeming VERI Tokens for Research Reports

Gnosis – Graphical Representation of EBITDA

VERI tokens can be redeemed for research, including forensic valuation reports. One such report, a forensic valuation of Gnosis (GNO), can be downloaded free of charge here. The latest reports, forensic analysis and valuation reports of Ripple (XRP) and Augur (REP), can be redeemed for VERI tokens.

Ripple Forensic Valuation

Augur Forensic Valuation

All of these solutions are driven by the development of blockchain-based software that enables peer-to-peer capital markets, and although it’s early days, Veritaseum’s revolutionary approach has enormous potential to massively disrupt, not only the financial industry, but many others – and gives us access to far more of our hard-earned money.

Even the likes of Uber can expect to be given a run for their money. Uber is most likely going to feel how traditional transport companies felt the day they burst onto the scene in a highly disruptive manner. 

If you want to get involved with Veritaseum, follow Reggie’s insightful blog. You might also want to pay a visit to their official website and follow Reggie on twitter – where he is frequently posting updates.

Bowhead Health ICO Investigation. 100% LEGIT

Bowhead Health ICO investigation by Crypto Jack. Verdict: 100% LEGIT

Source: Crypto Jack

Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – CoinTelegraph


Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Just as other cryptocurrencies, BTC was subject to the overwhelming correction. At one moment, BTC experienced a harsh fall with a clear $1,800 to $1,900 support zone. However, trading volumes were insufficiently high to settle, suggesting a fast
Will August 1st Be Litecoin’s Day to Shine As Bitcoin Trading will be Temporarily Halted?Live Bitcoin News
Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin Pops 15% After Bullish Goldman Sachs NoteMoney Morning
Crypto miners dump their GPUs on Ebay as Ethereum drops almost 50% in (press release)
DailyFX –Hacked –CryptoCoinsNews
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AICoin Launches Today Heralding the Next Generation of Innovation in ICO’S.

AICoin Introduces Today Proclaiming the Next Generation of Technology in ICO’S

Bitcoin News release: AICoin Makes use of Disruptive Technology to Build Riches for Members of Investment Collective.July 20, 2017, Singapore– Today, Initial Global Credit rating, a blockchain resources market company that has been bringing investment chances to cryptocurrency owners because 2014, officially launches the AICoin Initial Coin Offering(ICO ).< a href=””target=” _ blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> AICoin token holders enter of a financial investment cumulative that benefits from a 2-stage investment technique. When the coin goes real-time after the ICO closes, 100% of the funding produced from the ICO will be made use of to trade the leading 7 cryptocurrency markets making use of choices generated by modern expert system trading models made to identify market possibilities and carry out professions 24 × 7 without the requirement for hand-operated intervention.As trading revenues accrue from A.I. guided trading they will certainly be assigned to a Financial investment Pool made use of to make routine investments in expert system as well as blockchain startups. Not only is the Investment Collective

structure special to AICoin, the Start-up Selection Process for this 2nd stage of investment is likewise one-of-a-kind. The token is designed as a Smart Contract which sustains ballot by token holders. So that this, integrated with our budget overlay which supplies a’ straightforward to utilize’electing interface enables token owners to review the investment proposals and also ballot which recommendation they would such as to select for final investment.The Chief Executive Officer of First Global Gavin Smith, who is likewise the driving force behind the advancement of AIcoin stated,”

The framework of the AICoin Investment Collective is a totally brand-new growth that would have been troublesome otherwise

difficult without the benefit of AICoin being constructed on the Ethereum protocol. For instance, the ability to allow clear and also clear voting with the Ether token will allow us to gain from the cumulative knowledge of the well informed, very technological userbase AICoin is most likely to bring in. “Proceeding even more, Smith stated,”Research study shows that better results can be accomplished by a group of people that bring varied point of views, abilities and also experience to the decision-making process instead of relying upon choices made by a little and also possibly prejudiced team. So, while the revenue potential of our A.I. owned cryptocurrency trading is quite exciting stuff, our company believe the larger opportunity originates from investment in blockchain and also expert system start-up companies; two of one of the most turbulent and as a result possibly world altering modern technologies to strike the market considering that the Net. “Jon Matonis, First Global Credit report Board Participant adds:”The AICoin model leverages off tried and tested synthetic intelligence models to guide market investment as well as coin allocation percentages. I also value the cutting-edge

market differentiator which links appreciation to more investments in industry startup business, which nobody has actually ever before done before.”AICoin officially launches on Monday, the 17th of July and also will run till the 28th of August or until the creators really feel an affordable quantity of trading resources has actually been achieved.Smith clarified the rationale behind the ICO schedule by stating, “There has been a fair quantity of

comment concerning that we are restricting the amount of capital the ICO will certainly approve. We have actually made this decision to ensure the trading funding does not overshadow the trading possibilities open up to the AI trading model. We want to leave substantial area for the trading swimming pool

to expand by itself and also not conflict with market habits because of position size.”For additional information or to purchase the ICO, browse through< a href=””target=”_ space “rel =”noopener noreferrer”> First Global Credit score First Global Credit history is the globe’s very first money business that brings the profit opportunities existing in a wide range, consisting of mainstream markets within

the reach of digital currency holders. With a visibility in Geneva, London and also Hong Kong, the firm serves as a market neutral broker agent and also NOT a CFD trading firm that

takes positions versus its customers. The firm has actually wased established with the purpose of offering services that accepts cryptocurrency as a beneficial possession that can be utilized to create a return. It provides these solutions with a concentrate on client treatment not usually located in digital money firms. First Global is dedicated to aiding our clients satisfy their financial goals for their electronic money portfolios. The business’s systems are built utilizing financial institution grade modern technology and also protection and are housed in Financial Grade Information Centres with failover ability. Also, the processes are designed to ensure the personal privacy of the customers together with the security of their assets.Learn more about AICoin at–!.?.!Learn extra concerning First Global Credit score at–< a href=””target= “_ blank”rel=” noopener noreferrer “> an account at–!.?.!Media Call Contact Name: Marcie D Terman Call Email:< a href= “ “target=”_ space” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> [e-mail shielded] Location: Singapore First Global Credit score is the source of this web content. Online currency is illegal tender, is not backedby the federal government, as well as accounts and value balances are exempt

to FDIC and also various other consumer protections. This news release is for educational functions only.About Bitcoin Public Relations Buzz: Bitcoin PR Buzz has been happily offering the Public Relations as well as advertising demands of Bitcoin as well as digital currency technology startups for over 5 years. Obtain your very own expert Bitcoin and also electronic money News release.
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Bitcoin Price Update – HOLY MOLY $2940! (July 21st 2017)

Bitcoin Price Update – HOLY MOLY $2940! (July 21st 2017)

Source: Joe in General